One positive side effect of everyone sheltering in place has been that families and households are spending more time together than ever. This can be great for pet owners, especially if they have a dog or cat who absolutely loves to soak up attention.

woman at home with her dog

But even though spending more time at home with your pets is a great thing, dog owners should realize that their pets can still benefit from going to doggy daycare during work-from-home days. 

Why? Well, there’s the obvious advantage to humans that they’ll have fewer distractions (and fewer chances for a Zoom call to be punctuated mid-sentence by barking), but pets need more stimulation than just extra hangout time at home. They may desire to go out and about during the day while you’re stuck at home. They may also need more exercise than a quick leash walk or backyard jaunt can provide.

Because of these benefits, bringing your pet to doggy daycare can offer them a better quality of life while helping you maintain a healthier work/life balance at the same time.

To illustrate this point more finely, here are five reasons you may still want to bring your dog to doggy daycare, even on days where you’re working from home.

Doggy Daycare Gets Them out of the House and Combats Boredom

We’ve all been struggling with boredom during the pandemic, and so have our pets. There’s nothing wrong with a few lazy afternoons spent sprawled on the couch (for either species), but after a few days in a row, it can naturally get kinda old.

Like us, dogs crave stimulation. Without it, they can become bored and destructive. Boredom can also lead to more subtle signs like lethargy, increased anxiety, or small behavioral changes.

To combat boredom and improve your dog’s quality of life, offer it opportunities to encounter new situations, and interact with other dogs.

“Socialization isn’t just for puppies,” notes the American Kennel Club. “Even adult dogs benefit from being exposed to new people and places.”

Pet Daycare Provides Much-Needed Exercise

Dogs need lots of exercise, especially if they’re a traditional working breed. Backyard play and a walk around the block can supply some physical activity, but it may not be enough. You may also be too tired after a long day of work to walk several miles or work up a sweat playing in the back yard.

Rest assured that while your pet is at doggy daycare, they are getting plenty of physical exercises and mental stimulation to go along with it. Greenlin pet resorts in particular offer pet-appropriate activities tailored to the specific needs of each animal. We take care to avoid situations that might be stressful, such as a calm senior dog getting mobbed by a pack of hyperactive puppies. We also tailor activities to each pet’s health needs and personal preferences, so if your dog enjoys some light play with chew toys indoors instead of a few laps inside our pool, then we go out of our way to accommodate that.

The end result is that each dog gets the exercise and stimulation they need in a way that minimizes their stress and discomfort. This level of engagement is difficult to duplicate at home, particularly on days where you’re trying to be as productive as you would be at an office.

Dog Daycare Provides Active Opportunities That May Not Yet Be Available

Pennsylvania is gradually resuming regular business activities, but officials and business owners are going on a day-to-day basis. As a result, some of your favorite activities may still be unavailable or unrealistic. This limits options dog owners have for giving their pets enrichment, so they will have to look to opportunities elsewhere.

Doggie daycare is a great option for anyone who misses bringing their dog to their favorite patio restaurant, park, or public promenade. Their pup gets to enjoy activities they might be missing in their life, and their owners get a momentary break to focus on things they need to take care of during the day.

Doggie Daycare Prevents Animals From Getting Too Spoiled to You Being at Home, Reducing the Risk of Separation Anxiety

One final — and pretty big — reason to take your pet to doggie daycare is to give them a more-normal routine that’s not so disrupted by current societal changes. If your pet spends every day at home, then they may get a bit settled in and used to having you around. 

This may not be a bad thing, but certain pups may react by setting unreasonable expectations that you’re going to be staying at home 24/7 now. As normal activities resume, then your dog may be surprised to find their new routine shattered, and it can stress them out majorly. This is of particular concern if your dog is prone to separation anxiety or anxiety in general.

Sending your dog off to doggie daycare for a few hours a week not only adds variety to your routine but communicates that “always home all the time,” is that the permanent new normal. Your animal gets used to time apart, and you face less risk of behavioral problems and emotional hardship when the time comes to go back to the office on a regular basis.

Doggie Daycare at Greenlin Can Mean Grooming, Training, and More!

Working at home can be great, but it doesn’t mean your dog wants every day to be spent at home together. They need variety, exercise, and social stimulation, and they can find all that at a doggie daycare in central Pennsylvania.

When you take your pet to a Greenlin Pet Resort, you also have the opportunity to double-dip their activities. They can attend dog training classes and then spend a few hours in daycare, or they can cap off their daycare day with an invigorating bath.

No matter how your dog spends time at Greenlin, they’re sure to come home happy! Find out why so many locals make us a part of their regular pet care routine when you call, email, or visit a dog daycare location in the Harrisburg area near you.