How Pets Help Reduce Stress

dogs at greenlin camp hill

Pet ownership is not always easy, but it is always a source of joy. That observation isn’t subjective, either. Multiple studies and surveys have all confirmed one thing: pets improve quality of life, and they help us deal with our daily stresses. Having a pet acts as a sort of “miracle cure” for stress in…

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What to Expect When You Adopt an Older Dog

two older golden retrievers

Whether you’re adopting your first dog or your tenth, adding a senior dog to the family can be a great choice. Older dogs tend to be extremely loyal companions, prone to affection, and have a calmer demeanor overall. Also, older dogs may not have many of the problems that can lead to stress when adopting…

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How to Get Dogs Comfortable With People Wearing Face Masks

dogs with humans in face masks

Whether or not they’re being required, masks have become a fact of life. As we go about our lives during the ongoing pandemic, you’re likely to encounter masked individuals. One unfortunate consequence is that it can be a new, scary change to your dog. Dogs have a remarkable capacity to read our facial expressions in…

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