Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Kicked Out of Daycare

A dog at dog daycare stands in the grass.

People love their dogs like they love their kids, but the fact remains that every dog deserves to be safe and have a good time at dog daycare. When one dog is difficult to control or otherwise shows behaviors that are extremely concerning, the daycare facility is obligated to act in line with their policies…

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How to Help an Excited Dog Calm Down Around People and Other Animals

excited dog running around

If you struggle to keep your dog calm around people and other animals, you’re far from being alone. Hyperactivity in dogs, which can result from anxiety or lack of exercise, is quite common. And for many owners, keeping their excited dog calm can feel like an endless battle.  On the other hand, there are people…

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What To Do About A Destructive Dog Or Cat

destructive cat clawing at furniture

Pillow fluff everywhere, scratched-up furniture, broken lamps, and knick-knacks, it looks like a crime scene! Your pets must have thrown a party while you were gone.  A destructive dog or cat can make the state of your home unpredictable and oftentimes messier than a person can keep up with. You may feel helpless and as…

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Socialization, and Why It Is Important for Dogs

dogs socializing at day care

Whether you’ve got a newborn puppy on your hands or have a long-time companion, socialization is one of the most important training steps for your dog’s development.  All dogs need to socialize in various situations with different communities of animals and people. This essential training will help your dog feel more confident in their day-to-day…

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How To Stop Your Dog From Excessive Licking

dog excessively licking its paw

Licking is normal behavior for all dogs, but when they form an extreme habit out of it, should dog parents be concerned?  It can be worrisome to see your dog constantly licking one spot or chewing at its legs, particularly when you aren’t exactly sure what’s wrong. The following information can help you better understand…

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

dog eating grass

If you have taken your dog outside to use the restroom or go on a walk, you may have noticed that your dog might stop and begin snacking on some grass. Your dog may try to chew it up and swallow it, or maybe they just nom on it for a while and then spit…

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What Can I Do To Help My Dog With Storm-Caused Anxiety?

dog hiding from storms

As a pet owner, you may have witnessed your dog transform from its normal, playful self into an entirely different animal when confronted with thunder and lightning. The signs of storm anxiety in dogs can range from mild to severe. For instance, some dogs may show mild discomfort by increased paw licking or pacing. Other…

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How to Stop Your Cat From Jumping on the Counter

cat sitting on kitchen counter

Even though cats may have a reputation for being anti-social, many cat owners have found the opposite to be true. Often, cats are very social with their owners and will go out of their way to be in the same room as the people who love and care for them. Though this is heartwarming and…

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Five Ways to Play With Your Pets Indoors

woman playing with her dog indoors

When the weather is nice, the decision to play with your pet outside is an easy one. However, no one wants to go outside when it is brutally cold, snowy, or rainy.  Though pets may not be as weather-aware as their human companions, they still may find it uncomfortable to be outside during inclement weather.…

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What To Do If Your Dog Is Afraid of Fireworks

hiding dog afraid of fireworks

Though holidays can be an exciting time for humans, they can be extra stressful times for our furry friends. Our pets can get thrown off for many reasons — new people, changes in schedule, and extra traveling, just to name a few.  However, for some dogs, holidays such as New Year’s Eve and the Fourth…

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