Puppy Obedience Training

When you become a puppy parent, it is important to ponder the life you envision for your new dog and help them successfully achieve these goals. The behavioral targets you set for your dog can only be reached through a lifestyle that promotes learning. Life is so much better when our dogs are a part of it, so integrate your dog into the unique parts of yours by setting them up with early-life puppy obedience training.

Growing Up With Greenlin

Give your pup the chance to explore with confidence! Puppyhood is a crucial stage of a dog’s development, and puppies exposed to socialization and behavior training at a young age are more likely to walk through new experiences with confidence instead of fear.

Greenlin has an outstanding record of helping puppy parents achieve their goals for their young canines. We love dogs and helping owners build strong life-long bonds with them, which is why we run a dedicated training facility. Our programs only offer the best in methodology, caregivers, and certifications. Inclusive training resources are made available for not only the puppy, but for you, the owner, as well. You’ll never have to feel alone when it comes to pet care because Greenlin’s got your back.


The Greenlin Method

Our training consists of a 5-point program that engrains key skills into your dog’s brain. Of course, training will not look the same for every dog, and the wonderful thing about our approach is how customizable it is to your dog’s personal needs.

Greenlin puppy trainers undergo pre-requisite training before meeting our four-legged friends, and each can adapt their teaching style to your dog’s learning style.

Young canines will complete the following steps to ensure that they have successfully retained the skills learned through their early-life training journey:

  1. Evaluation -– Before a pup can be accepted to puppy training classes, we must evaluate their current socialization skills and responsiveness to basic commands. This is an evaluation of their behavior used as a way of customizing their future training plan. Your dog will interact with one of our certified trainers, and you’ll be given an opportunity to share your concerns and goals with a caring professional.
  2. Behavior Shaping — Training is a large puzzle, and individual behavior responses are the pieces that help it come together. We break down tasks into small successes and mesh them together to meet a final goal. For example, if the goal is to teach “roll over,” we could start by getting the dog to lie on their stomach, side, and back. This process of patiently building off of small successes helps your dog successfully retain the information and complete the final goal, with fewer errors and more confidence.
  3. Imprinting (Teaching the command) — Another way to describe imprinting is the retention of skills through example and repetition. This process starts with basic verbal commands like “sit,” “drop it,” and “leave it,” but can easily progress to more advanced cues that can become situational non-verbal. The goal is to instill these cues and desired behaviors into your dog’s natural rhythm.
  4. Proofing — This stage of training involves solidifying what they’ve learned earlier in their training. Introducing distractions, commanding in different ways, and in different settings ensures the desired behaviors can be produced more reliably. By changing the environment (adding loud noise or distractions), distance from the dog, or duration in which they are expected to hold command, we are able to thoroughly test how well the dog has accepted a command into their natural rhythm. This process isn’t always a one-and-done type of assessment, either. Oftentimes, your trainer may notice aspects that can be tweaked or improved upon, and the “proofing” stage can be revisited after further training.
  5. Maintenance — This stage of training is conducted at home or in follow-up lessons at a Greenlin facility. Usually, maintenance involves retraining commands when the dog’s environment or lifestyle has changed. Through your young canine’s training with Greenlin, you will be given a supply of at-home resources and training activities, so maintenance becomes a natural part of their routine.

Lodge and Learn Packages

It is important that young puppies in training stay active and engaged with what they are learning. Puppies have a shorter memory and capacity for retention, so a few 1-hour training sessions per week usually won’t cut it if what you are looking for is rapid results.

With our puppy board and train program, puppies are given consistent care and proper attention for training and skill-building. Your pup will have an organized schedule of learning, playing, and replenishing time.

Puppy boarding and training is an effective strategy to see fast and efficient results. Help your puppy build skills fast when you send them to Greenlin’s boarding school.

We’re Certified Trainers of the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program

Our trainers are prepared with trusted methodologies and vast in-house resources. We utilize our environment and loving staff alongside the nationally recognized AKC S.T.A.R training program. This unique curriculum offers your pup an enriching learning journey that helps them build confidence and coveted mannerisms.

Your young canine will learn life-long skills, interact with other dogs, and can lodge with us for rapid results and consistent engagement. This program is an active step in preparing your dog for the Canine Good Citizens program and certification.

The S.T.A.R Puppy Program promotes wellness in pups by ensuring all certified S.T.A.R certified puppies have:

  • (S) Socialization skills
  • (T) Training
  • (A) Activity
  • (R) Responsible owners

This training program isn’t just about the puppy either. We want to help you learn to communicate with your pup in an effective way, so that you are equipped to continue training outside of the classroom. The AKC S.T.A.R certification is a spectacular achievement, but also the responsibility of the owners to maintain respectful and sociable behaviors in their pups through good habits of their own. Our facility can give you all the resources that you need to help your dog lead a fulfilling life.

What is The American Kennel Club?

The AKC, founded in 1884, is an established not-for-profit organization that has spent more than 130 years shaping the world of pet care through advocacy and community involvement. Based in New York, this organization has an influence on many of the most established training techniques. The foundation is responsible for protecting and furthering safe purebred canine accomplishment shows as modern entertainment. In 2017, the AKC became the leading content site for dogs. The AKC is a great resource for prospective and current puppy owners who wish to make informed decisions about raising their young canines.

At Greenlin, we offer multiple AKC-certified training programs, including the S.T.A.R. Puppy Program, which is a proactive first step in comprehensive dog training. The AKC-certified puppy training course that we offer can prepare your young pup for further advanced training as they grow. Many of the tasks that your dog is required to complete in order to receive their S.T.A.R certification act as prerequisite training for aspects of adult training tests. While puppy training has its customizations, advanced training brings the opportunity for unique customizations tailored to your goals as a pet parent.

How Can I Prepare for My Puppy’s Training Lessons?

The best way to ensure that your pup is ready for their Greenlin training experience is to prep them with a good meal, ample exercise, and a good night’s sleep the day before they arrive. We encourage owners not to disrupt their daily schedule too much, but some exercise and a full tummy are always good places to start.

If you have any questions about preparing your dog for their stay at Greenlin, feel free to contact a team member at one of our six central Pennsylvania locations to discuss the best plan of action for your unique furbaby.

The Complete Puppy Training Experience Available With Greenlin

Your young pup has so many new sights, smells, and sounds to explore in this giant world. Set them up for success by starting early-life training with Greenlin. We will work with you to personalize their training in order to achieve your final goals. Your pup is in “Simply the Best” hands according to Harrisburg Magazine, which named our facility the best in business.

Want to learn more about our facility, methodologies, or caregivers? You are welcome to contact us online or stop by one of our 6 locations to see how we make the magic happen!