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Breed Spotlight: Understanding and Caring For ‘Long Dogs’

Two brown dachshunds sit on the leash in a park.

You know what they say: when you want to live happy like they did on the homestead, that’s when it’s time to “get a long, little doggie!” Groan if you want, but jokes like that are emblematic of the adoration owners of long dog breeds hold for their precious pups.  Dogs with “long but low”…

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Emergency Preparedness: Keeping Your Dog Safe

A first person shot of dogs in a grassy yard gathered around the viewer.

  A disaster can strike anytime, and keeping your furry friend safe may be more complex than looking out for just yourself.  Our pets use different cues like body language to read a situation, so in an emergency, your dog may stress just as much as you. An anxious and overwhelmed animal is unpredictable, which…

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Adopting a Second Dog: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Two dogs meeting in an wide play yard for the first time.

So you’ve decided to adopt a second dog, and you’re worried about how your furry friend at home is going to react.  It’s true that some animals don’t respond well to a new addition to the family, but those negative responses are generally developed out of fear. Animals need consistency, and your pup has grown…

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Summer Safety: Keeping Dogs Cool and Hydrated 

A golden retriever holds a pink fish toy in its mouth.

With the summer months approaching, it is important to know how the change in weather may affect your furry friend. The heat can be extremely dangerous for a dog, but dogs are not likely to realize the dire state they are in while they’re running around having a good time. Instead, the signs of heat…

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Breed Spotlight: Understanding and Caring For Labs

A yellow lab runs through a field.

It’s true that, in many respects, every dog breed is a little bit different. They may have personality traits, diet preferences, and activity levels, all of which can be impacted by their breed lineage as well as their immediate family’s genealogy. Learning these unique traits about your dog can help you connect with them better…

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Creating a Safe and Stimulating Home Environment for Dogs

A border collie is running through a green yard on a nice day.

Your dog appreciates a warm and inviting space just like you do. It is important to build a well-rounded home base for your dog that provides for all of their canine needs. The goal should be to limit hazards and promote comfortability in the home. Dogs are curious by nature, and that can be dangerous…

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The Benefits Of Professional Grooming Services

Dogs prefer the feeling of being clean, just like people, but your furry friend will need your help to stay looking fresh. All dogs should have a consistent grooming schedule, whether that be once a month, bi-weekly, or even weekly. Depending on your dog’s breed, they’ll need more or less attention from a professional groomer. …

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Preventing and Treating Common Dog Parasites

A fluffy grey dog smiles at the camera.

Dangers are everywhere, and some are beyond what the eye can see.  Parasites are some of the most dangerous threats to a healthy dog’s well-being, and they can worsen the condition of a debilitated animal. There are many different kinds of parasites, and each requires specific treatments to rid the animal of the infection. A…

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Dog Training Myths Debunked

A dog seated before a white fence responds to "sit" from his trainer.

Sometimes, dog training can feel like the most difficult job in the world. Whether your dog just doesn’t seem to get your expectations, or they begin to ignore a command they’ve obeyed 10,000 times before, it can be frustrating and highly demanding of your patience. While all of this is true, what’s also true is…

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Dog First Aid: What Every Owner Should Know

A fluffy white dog stands before a lush green field.

Would you know what to do if your dog was choking? Can you think of some human foods that are dangerous to pups? And how far is your local vet?  No one wants to think about facing an emergency with their pet, but being prepared to offer first aid in their time of need can…

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