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Keeping Your Pets Safe During Winter Months

dog playing in the snow

After a warmer-than-average summer, most of the nation will be experiencing a warmer-than-average winter, while what the Mid-Atlantic sees should be very familiar. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Pennsylvania can look forward to a seasonably cold winter that will be nothing drastic but plenty of snow. After a slow start in December, an average…

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7 Tips For Holiday Car Travel With Pets

holiday car travel with the dog

Many people have made wishes for the holidays. One of those wishes for pet owners is that they can take their pets with them over the hill and through the woods to Grandmother’s house. If you are fortunate enough to have that wish come true and are traveling by car this holiday season, knowing how…

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Snow Plan

All Greenlin Pet Resorts Locations will be Re-Opening today (12/17) at 12pm. All facilities will be closing at 2pm on Wednesday – reopening to be announced pending the severity of the storm. All overnight lodging guests will be transferred to our Lambs Gap facility as it is our personal residence and is equipped for emergency…

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Dangerous Holiday Foods for Pets


While world events have put a damper on most plans, many families are still feeling the Holiday spirit. That can mean gatherings and feasts — both big and small. No matter what size, though, the feeling of togetherness with our families and the food we share means a lot in a time where we could…

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How Pets Help Reduce Stress

dogs at greenlin camp hill

Pet ownership is not always easy, but it is always a source of joy. That observation isn’t subjective, either. Multiple studies and surveys have all confirmed one thing: pets improve quality of life, and they help us deal with our daily stresses. Having a pet acts as a sort of “miracle cure” for stress in…

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What to Expect When You Adopt an Older Dog

two older golden retrievers

Whether you’re adopting your first dog or your tenth, adding a senior dog to the family can be a great choice. Older dogs tend to be extremely loyal companions, prone to affection, and have a calmer demeanor overall. Also, older dogs may not have many of the problems that can lead to stress when adopting…

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Cats Need Fun Activities and Playtime Too!

cat playing at greenlin camp hill

A cat’s reputation for laziness is well-deserved. They might sleep anywhere between 12 and 16 hours a day, with plenty of time relaxing in their favorite sunny spots to top it off. They have a wonderful reputation as low-maintenance, easygoing pets, but that doesn’t mean sleep is the only thing they enjoy! These cat naps…

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Bodies of Water

dog swimming in Greenlin pool

No matter where you live, you have access to a body of water. It may be the ocean, the river, or even the backyard pool. Chances are that you want to share opportunities to swim and cool off with your four-legged friend.  Letting your dog enter bodies of water and swim can be a great…

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How to Get Dogs Comfortable With People Wearing Face Masks

dogs with humans in face masks

Whether or not they’re being required, masks have become a fact of life. As we go about our lives during the ongoing pandemic, you’re likely to encounter masked individuals. One unfortunate consequence is that it can be a new, scary change to your dog. Dogs have a remarkable capacity to read our facial expressions in…

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It’s HOT in PA: Here are 5 Tips to Keep Pets Safe in the Heat

two dogs playing outside

Fall is nearly here, but it’s hotter than ever in some parts of the country. While most of Pennsylvania is spared from unspeakable heat waves plaguing places like California, regions of the state have still reached triple digits in the past 30 days. This level of heat isn’t just tough on us; it’s also tough…

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