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Tips For Helping Your Dog And Cat Coexist In Peace At Home

cat and dog cuddling

You’re a cat person. Your partner is a dog person. Or vice-versa. Or maybe you are just a person who loves all creatures. Dogs and cats cannot live in peace in the same household — or can they? The good news for you is that yes, they can! Millions of households across the country have…

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How to Help Your Pet Keep Healthy Teeth

dog holding a toothbrush in its mouth

Dental care is one of the absolute most important aspects of pet ownership. Unfortunately, dental health can also be something that escapes undetected, unless the owner knows how to keep an eye on it. While problems with a pet’s skin and coat can be obvious, for example, dental issues can hide obvious symptoms, leading to…

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Tips for Helping Your Children Learn to Live Safely with Pets

little girl and her dog

Are you thinking about adding a pet to your family? Congrats! Owning a pet can be a wonderful and fulfilling addition to your household. There are many benefits to owning a pet, especially if you have children. The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry says that among other things, owning a pet can raise…

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Common Dog Injuries From Outside Play

injured dog having its leg bandaged

It’s a beautiful day outside; the sun is shining, there’s a light breeze, and your dog has been cooped up in the house all day. Like any pet owner, you want to take good care of your dog and offer them many opportunities to enjoy themselves and get out their excess energy in a productive,…

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Common Toxic Plants Your Pet May Be Exposed To

cat looking at a plant

Your green thumb may be the envy of friends and family, but did you know that it can be dangerous to your pet? Plants bring life indoors and beautify outdoor gardens to be sure, but some also post a very real health risk to cats and dogs. It’s not to say that you have to…

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How to Stop Your Dog From Excessive Barking

dog barking

Being around a constantly barking dog is no fun. Barking is an instinctual response for dogs in many situations, but sometimes dogs will over-rely on barks when they feel like barking is the only way to accomplish their goals. In these situations, owners can begin to address the problem by determining why their dog is…

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Safe Summer Activities You and Your Dog Can Enjoy

dog playing outside in the grass

The weather is warming up, and the days are getting longer — summer is here! As a dog owner, you may be looking for some new ideas for activities to do with your pet, and who can blame you? Summer is the perfect time to get outside and find some fun activities to do with…

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Returning to the Office? Here’s How You Can Help Your Dog Cope

lonely dog looking out the window

If there’s one demographic whose lives actually improved during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s got to be our pets. For the first time, they had us all to themselves, all day! And while many businesses, restaurants, and recreational venues gradually opened up over the fall and winter of 2020, a good portion of us were still…

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Should You Take Your Dog With You On Vacation?

dog at the beach

You’ve been fantasizing and planning for it for months, and now it’s finally here — your vacation! With much of the country returning to normal and many people antsy to shake up their routine, travel is surging across the United States.  Whether you’re going on a road trip, exploring a new country, or flying to…

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