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Leash Training Your Puppy: The Basics

A puppy pulls their owner on a leash in the park.

One important thing to remember when bringing a new puppy home is that they will need to be trained on how to walk properly on a leash. The process of getting your puppy to walk on a leash may seem daunting, but with a little patience and consistency you will have them trotting around like…

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Teach Your Puppy These Five Commands First

A puppy stares at the camera.

The first few days after you bring your new puppy home are some of the most exciting. They also happen to be some of the most important when it comes to teaching them new commands. Puppy brains are like sponges. They are constantly learning from the world around them and forming new ideas about how…

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Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Kicked Out of Daycare

A dog at dog daycare stands in the grass.

People love their dogs like they love their kids, but the fact remains that every dog deserves to be safe and have a good time at dog daycare. When one dog is difficult to control or otherwise shows behaviors that are extremely concerning, the daycare facility is obligated to act in line with their policies…

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Teaching Your Kids to Care For Your Pets

A small child hugs her dog.

Bringing home a new pet or a new baby are both happy and life-altering experiences. With your family expanding, it is important to teach your kids to respect and care for the pets in your home, from avoiding tail-pulling to properly bathing and feeding your pets. Understanding how to respect your pet’s personal space is…

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10 Dog-Friendly Veggies to Prepare for Your Dog

A dog runs with a carrot in his mouth.

Do you worry about your dog getting sick of eating the same food every day? You can always add supplements, liquid broths, or even veggies! Brighten up their bowls with produce that you may be able to find in your fridge already.  However, before starting your culinary journey, be aware that some fruits and vegetables…

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Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

A dog plays with a pool toy on vacation.

When planning your next vacation, you might also want to include your four-legged family members. You might be used to the scramble of finding a sitter or an available dog boarding service near you, but you also have a third option. There are beautiful destinations all over the U.S that will welcome not only you…

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How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called

A dog comes to his owner when called.

We have all seen — or sometimes are — that person in the park yelling at their dog to come back while they happily chase a butterfly. However, this doesn’t do anything to entice our dogs to come back to us and actually may have a negative impact.  Learning to come when called is an…

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How to House Train an Older Dog

An older dog outside.

Older dogs offer many advantages, and from their perspective, there’s no substitute for a loving home. At the same time, you may encounter challenges stemming from old habits of the dog’s previous lifestyle. That especially applies when your older dog has issues going to the bathroom as is considered proper for your household. The good…

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Introducing a Dog to a New Baby

A man holds his dog and his new baby.

  Before the newborn arrives, you have a lot of prepping for them and your pre-existing child: the family furbaby. Dogs are smart, so they’ll catch on to the fact that something is changing in the home relatively quickly. Furniture moves, new things are brought in, and the biggest change of all is a whole…

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Can Dogs Get Sunburned?

A small dog runs in the sunshine.

Extreme heat and sun exposure aren’t good for humans and aren’t healthy for your furry friends. Dogs are at risk for sun damage and more serious related health concerns just like humans. Your dog can get heat stroke, heat rash, and yes, sunburn. All of these are major concerns and should be treated appropriately and…

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