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How to Keep Your Yard Safe for Your Dog

dog playing in the yard

Ah, the dog days of summer! School is out, and it’s time to play in the yard with the sprinkler on. Fresh air, sunshine, and room to run are important aspects of dog health and wellness, but there are some considerations dog owners should make to keep yards a safe space to play for years…

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How Much Exercise Does Your Pet Actually Need Every Day?

dog exercising by playing

The level of intensity and duration of activity that your furry friend needs to live a well-rounded life generally depends on their breed, age, and current lifestyle. The way you play with a 3-week old puppy will be different than how you engage with an older, adult dog. Also, certain breeds like Golden Retrievers, Border…

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What To Do About A Destructive Dog Or Cat

destructive cat clawing at furniture

Pillow fluff everywhere, scratched-up furniture, broken lamps, and knick-knacks, it looks like a crime scene! Your pets must have thrown a party while you were gone.  A destructive dog or cat can make the state of your home unpredictable and oftentimes messier than a person can keep up with. You may feel helpless and as…

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Socialization, and Why It Is Important for Dogs

dogs socializing at day care

Whether you’ve got a newborn puppy on your hands or have a long-time companion, socialization is one of the most important training steps for your dog’s development.  All dogs need to socialize in various situations with different communities of animals and people. This essential training will help your dog feel more confident in their day-to-day…

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Why Is It Important To Train Your Dog?

owner training her dog

Training a dog is an essential part of integrating them into your family home and your life together. Dogs and humans may not speak the same language, but they still understand us enough through verbal cues, body language, and general situational context. Using these tools, along with consistent reinforcement, dogs can learn the expected behavior…

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How To Stop Your Dog From Excessive Licking

dog excessively licking its paw

Licking is normal behavior for all dogs, but when they form an extreme habit out of it, should dog parents be concerned?  It can be worrisome to see your dog constantly licking one spot or chewing at its legs, particularly when you aren’t exactly sure what’s wrong. The following information can help you better understand…

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5 Tips to Make Walking Your Dog Easier

woman walking her dog

Medical studies have shown that dog owners, on average, live longer than people who don’t own dogs. Whether this is a correlation or causation thing (or both) isn’t completely clear yet, but what we do know is that dog owners tend to spend more time outside, which is beneficial to their mental, emotional, and physical…

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

dog eating grass

If you have taken your dog outside to use the restroom or go on a walk, you may have noticed that your dog might stop and begin snacking on some grass. Your dog may try to chew it up and swallow it, or maybe they just nom on it for a while and then spit…

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Things You Can Do To Prepare for Flea Season

dog scratching at fleas

Warmer weather spells more quality time in the great outdoors and less time cooped up in the house. But it also means your furry friends can end up bringing inside some unintended guests of their own. As the temperature rises in your area, so does the risk of your pet having to deal with fleas…

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The Importance of Continuing Training at Home

woman continuing dog training at home

We all love our dogs, but we know they’re not perfect. It stresses us out when they do things like steal food from countertops, jump on visitors, or ignore our commands out in public. Enrolling your beloved canine in dog training courses is an excellent answer to these undesired behaviors. However, there’s also a harsh…

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