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Puppy Proofing Your Home

A guilty looking dachshund puppy has chewed through the bottom of a door.

When you have a new puppy (or a whole litter!), it can be overwhelming to keep track of them. Despite their small size, puppies have BIG levels of energy, and they can cause massive amounts of harm to themselves — or your home — if given total access to everything. What many people don’t know…

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Training Your Pet to Be Comfortable With Grooming and Handling

A small brown dog is being washed by a groomer.

Grooming and handling are an important part of every pet’s life. Proper grooming can empower them to feel their best in any season, and it ensures that their skin and coat can be well-maintained and healthy.  A grooming routine should always center around optimizing and maintaining your dog’s health, so make sure to learn how…

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5 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Behavior On Walks

A happy dog waits for instructions on a walk.

Walks are an important part of every dog’s day-to-day. But what happens when their behavior tends to slide on every outdoor stroll?  The best way to make sure your dog is equipped to help you through the well-behaved walks of your dreams is to make sure that you train them right from the get-go. But…

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How to Use a Clicker to Train Your Dog

Dogs are incredibly smart creatures, and you can train your dog with a unique set of goals revolving around your lifestyle. Basic training commands and behaviors are necessary for practically all dogs, as standard training helps them fit into society with manners. Regardless of what you’re training your dog for, finding an efficient strategy is…

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Essential At-Home Grooming Tips and Tricks

A dog has his nails filed by his owner.

Grooming a dog at home can be a challenging task to take on, especially if your pup isn’t a fan of bath time for one reason or another. When you want to clean, dry, and trim your dog’s coat and nails, you may notice that finding an effective approach requires a patient trial-and-error process.  Not…

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Mental Stimulation Enrichment Activities For Dogs

A smart poodle poses for the camera.

Just like us, dogs benefit from ample, healthy mental stimulation.  Many breeders prioritize ‘early neurological stimulation’ when caring for newborn puppies. The American Kennel Club emphasizes that ‘the first three weeks of a puppy’s life are a crucial time’ because they’re just beginning to learn to see and hear. In fact, most pups do not…

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Can Dogs Suffer Seasonal Allergies?

A black and white dog makes a silly face at the camera.

Just like their human companions, canines may experience seasonal allergies. Not all dogs will experience allergies, but when they do, it can be highly stressful for a dog parent to see their pup uncomfortable in this way. Allergy symptoms can be triggered by any number of allergens, including airborne pollen, which can irritate your dog’s…

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Understanding Dog Body Language

Dogs communicate through body language, and it’s important for dog owners to be able to understand what their dog is trying to tell them.  Most dog owners would say they know their furry friend pretty well. But how well do you really know your dog? One way to get to know your canine better is…

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Help Your Puppy Overcome Resource Guarding Issues

Resource guarding is a natural behavior in which a dog protects an item or area that he perceives as valuable. They instinctively want to protect their food, toys, and other belongings from others. However, this behavior can become a problem if not addressed early on. It creates a foundation of anxiety, insecurity, and aggression that…

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Teaching Your Dog Hand Signals

Many dog owners are unaware of the benefits of teaching their dog hand signals. Hand signals are a form of non-verbal communication that can train your dog and cue them to perform certain behaviors without the need for clear audible instructions. Dogs are tuned into our body language and interpret our gestures and movement correctly…

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