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How to House Train an Older Dog

An older dog outside.

Older dogs offer many advantages, and from their perspective, there’s no substitute for a loving home. At the same time, you may encounter challenges stemming from old habits of the dog’s previous lifestyle. That especially applies when your older dog has issues going to the bathroom as is considered proper for your household. The good…

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Introducing a Dog to a New Baby

A man holds his dog and his new baby.

  Before the newborn arrives, you have a lot of prepping for them and your pre-existing child: the family furbaby. Dogs are smart, so they’ll catch on to the fact that something is changing in the home relatively quickly. Furniture moves, new things are brought in, and the biggest change of all is a whole…

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Can Dogs Get Sunburned?

A small dog runs in the sunshine.

Extreme heat and sun exposure aren’t good for humans and aren’t healthy for your furry friends. Dogs are at risk for sun damage and more serious related health concerns just like humans. Your dog can get heat stroke, heat rash, and yes, sunburn. All of these are major concerns and should be treated appropriately and…

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6 Tips for Boarding Your Dog While on Vacation

A dog with a flowery hat and lay at a beach day party.

Having a dog comes with a great deal of responsibility. Besides feeding it and taking it for walks, you always have to make sure they have a safe shelter, especially when you’re away traveling.  Fortunately, if you’re planning a vacation for yourself, you have many boarding options for your dog. One of the most reliable…

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How to Care For a Dog With Sensitive Skin

A brown dog with curly hair sits on the ground and stares at camera.

  Your dog can tell you a lot about the quality of their health just based on their skin and coat. Your dog’s skin is the largest organ throughout their entire body and is a vital part of their immune system, protecting them from the germs of the outside world. Because your dog’s skin is…

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What To Know About Crate Training Your Dog 

Happy dog in crate.

Crate training is always a topic of discussion among dog owners. Some owners see it as confining their dog, while others view the practice as a positive environment for their dog to rest and stay safe.  The fact of the matter is that most veterinarians and trainers recommend crate training, especially from a young age. …

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What You Should Know About Dog Park Safety

dogs smelling each other at the dog park

Dogs are social creatures, like many of us. It makes sense to want to take them places they can socialize with other canines. Dog parks are just one of the common places we can take our furry friends to romp with other dogs.  However, dog parks have disadvantages, and it’s essential to be prepared when…

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Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

vet scanning dog for a microchip

As a pet owner, you’ve likely heard about microchips before, but you might be on the fence about getting one for your cat or dog.  While ID tags and collars are crucial for your furry friends, a microchip can take safety and security to the next level. We never want our pets to get lost,…

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How to Help an Excited Dog Calm Down Around People and Other Animals

excited dog running around

If you struggle to keep your dog calm around people and other animals, you’re far from being alone. Hyperactivity in dogs, which can result from anxiety or lack of exercise, is quite common. And for many owners, keeping their excited dog calm can feel like an endless battle.  On the other hand, there are people…

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How to Properly Fit Your Dog With a Leash or Harness

chihuahua dog wearing a harness

If you’re looking for a safe, secure, and comfortable way to secure your dog’s leash or harness, these guidelines should help you get it right. Whether you’re attaching your leash to a collar or a harness, you want it properly secured so that your dog stays secure but doesn’t get uncomfortable.  So, what’s the difference…

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