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Does My Dog Need a Sweater or Jacket During Cold Weather?

dog in a sweater

As the weather starts to get colder, you may be wondering about how to allow your furry friend to still have fun outdoors. Protecting them from the dangers of extreme winter weather is a priority, and their fur may not always provide the level of insulation they need.  You may have considered purchasing a jacket…

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Five Ways to Play With Your Pets Indoors

woman playing with her dog indoors

When the weather is nice, the decision to play with your pet outside is an easy one. However, no one wants to go outside when it is brutally cold, snowy, or rainy.  Though pets may not be as weather-aware as their human companions, they still may find it uncomfortable to be outside during inclement weather.…

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What To Do If Your Dog Is Afraid of Fireworks

hiding dog afraid of fireworks

Though holidays can be an exciting time for humans, they can be extra stressful times for our furry friends. Our pets can get thrown off for many reasons — new people, changes in schedule, and extra traveling, just to name a few.  However, for some dogs, holidays such as New Year’s Eve and the Fourth…

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How to Help Pet Motion Sickness Caused by Car Travel

dog riding in a car

With the holidays in full swing, you may be planning to travel to see family and friends in the not-so-distant future. Since your pet is part of your family, it makes sense that you would want to bring it along on your travels.  Traveling with pets by plane can be expensive and stressful, so choosing…

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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet by Airplane

dog sitting in a carrier at an airport

As the holidays are coming up, you may be traveling more than normal. Since your pet is a valued member of your family, it makes sense that you might be considering bringing it along with you on your travels.  However, it is important to note that traveling with pets on airplanes has gotten considerably more…

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Are Holiday Decorations Dangerous For My Animals?

cat sitting in a christmas tree

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you are already thinking about how you will make the house look more festive. The possibilities are endless! It may even be getting to the point that you’re overwhelmed each time you walk into a big-box store. The decorations are out and calling your name! From clear to colorful,…

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How to Prepare My Animals for House Guests

dog sitting near table with house guests

2021 will be marked by heartfelt reunions for millions of families who missed out on holiday gatherings last year. That may mean parties, or it might mean meeting that newborn relative you couldn’t until now. While the exuberance of seeing relatives and having gatherings is well-earned, remember also that the time around the holidays is…

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Here’s Why Boarding Your Cat While You Go on a Trip Is a Good Idea

boarded cat at greenlin

Going away for a while? Got a holiday trip planned, or just some “me” time? Whether it’s a day trip or a weeks’ long vacation (you deserve it!), you may be considering leaving your furry cat companion at home, where they might feel the safest and comfortable. While it may be true that some cats…

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How To Choose Safe and Engaging Toys For Dogs and Cats

dog with a toy

In a sense, anything can be a pet toy. Seeing your cat bat around a bread bag tie or your dog chew on a stick hammers that message home quite succinctly. But the truth is that not all pet toys are safe, nor do they automatically offer a level of stimulation that’s beneficial to your…

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Why Your Pet Should Visit Their Vet At Least Once Per Year

husky at the vet

You have a longtime companion who’s always been healthy. Or, let’s say you brought home a furry friend. Your new puppy is going to grow into an amazing family companion. Your new kitten is going to rule your house like a lion. You know about potty training, it’s important to you that your animal has…

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