How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called

A dog comes to his owner when called.

We have all seen — or sometimes are — that person in the park yelling at their dog to come back while they happily chase a butterfly. However, this doesn’t do anything to entice our dogs to come back to us and actually may have a negative impact.  Learning to come when called is an…

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How to House Train an Older Dog

An older dog outside.

Older dogs offer many advantages, and from their perspective, there’s no substitute for a loving home. At the same time, you may encounter challenges stemming from old habits of the dog’s previous lifestyle. That especially applies when your older dog has issues going to the bathroom as is considered proper for your household. The good…

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Introducing a Dog to a New Baby

A man holds his dog and his new baby.

  Before the newborn arrives, you have a lot of prepping for them and your pre-existing child: the family furbaby. Dogs are smart, so they’ll catch on to the fact that something is changing in the home relatively quickly. Furniture moves, new things are brought in, and the biggest change of all is a whole…

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What To Know About Crate Training Your Dog 

Happy dog in crate.

Crate training is always a topic of discussion among dog owners. Some owners see it as confining their dog, while others view the practice as a positive environment for their dog to rest and stay safe.  The fact of the matter is that most veterinarians and trainers recommend crate training, especially from a young age. …

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Why Is It Important To Train Your Dog?

owner training her dog

Training a dog is an essential part of integrating them into your family home and your life together. Dogs and humans may not speak the same language, but they still understand us enough through verbal cues, body language, and general situational context. Using these tools, along with consistent reinforcement, dogs can learn the expected behavior…

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The Importance of Continuing Training at Home

woman continuing dog training at home

We all love our dogs, but we know they’re not perfect. It stresses us out when they do things like steal food from countertops, jump on visitors, or ignore our commands out in public. Enrolling your beloved canine in dog training courses is an excellent answer to these undesired behaviors. However, there’s also a harsh…

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How to Boost the Confidence of a Fearful Dog

anxious dog with its owner

Most of the time, when we picture a dog in our minds, we imagine that the dog will be friendly and playful. This makes sense since many dogs do conform to that stereotype. However, much like humans, dogs have many different personality traits. And while some dogs are friendly and curious, others may be shy…

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How to Stop Your Dog From Excessive Barking

dog barking

Being around a constantly barking dog is no fun. Barking is an instinctual response for dogs in many situations, but sometimes dogs will over-rely on barks when they feel like barking is the only way to accomplish their goals. In these situations, owners can begin to address the problem by determining why their dog is…

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Returning to the Office? Here’s How You Can Help Your Dog Cope

lonely dog looking out the window

If there’s one demographic whose lives actually improved during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s got to be our pets. For the first time, they had us all to themselves, all day! And while many businesses, restaurants, and recreational venues gradually opened up over the fall and winter of 2020, a good portion of us were still…

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