Tips for House Training a Newly Adopted Dog

An adopted black lab stares at the camera at his new house.

Helping a pup feel comfortable in a new environment can take a while, but house training is the most productive first step to take in order to help your dog feel adapted. Whether your newly adopted dog is young or old, there is a unique learning curve to house training that’s different for every pup.…

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How to Teach Your Dog to Stop Chasing Other Animals

A black dog chases a tan dog.

Ever wonder why your dog just won’t stop chasing everything that moves? You’re not alone. Dogs are natural hunters, and chasing prey is in their DNA. While adorable in puppies, this behavior can be downright dangerous as dogs get bigger and faster and can also create situations where your animal is outside your control. These…

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Choosing the Right Dog Trainer: Tips from Greenlin Dog and Puppy Training

A happy dog poses with his Greenlin trainer.

Dogs are lovable and dependable companions, but they can also sometimes be a challenge to live with. When their behaviors aren’t as in tune with how you want them to act, or they’re blatantly getting into things and causing other issues, the best solution is usually a dog trainer. The right kind of dog trainer…

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Overcoming Dogpark Fear and Anxiety

Two nervous looking dogs at a dog park.

It’s normal for your dog to feel anxious the first time they visit a dog park, but repeated anxiety can get in the way of what should be an enjoyable experience. Anxiety can manifest itself in a variety of undesirable behaviors, including aggression towards other dogs, destructive playing behaviors, or attempts to escape fended in…

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5 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Behavior On Walks

A happy dog waits for instructions on a walk.

Walks are an important part of every dog’s day-to-day. But what happens when their behavior tends to slide on every outdoor stroll?  The best way to make sure your dog is equipped to help you through the well-behaved walks of your dreams is to make sure that you train them right from the get-go. But…

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How to Use a Clicker to Train Your Dog

Dogs are incredibly smart creatures, and you can train your dog with a unique set of goals revolving around your lifestyle. Basic training commands and behaviors are necessary for practically all dogs, as standard training helps them fit into society with manners. Regardless of what you’re training your dog for, finding an efficient strategy is…

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Mental Stimulation Enrichment Activities For Dogs

A smart poodle poses for the camera.

Just like us, dogs benefit from ample, healthy mental stimulation.  Many breeders prioritize ‘early neurological stimulation’ when caring for newborn puppies. The American Kennel Club emphasizes that ‘the first three weeks of a puppy’s life are a crucial time’ because they’re just beginning to learn to see and hear. In fact, most pups do not…

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Teaching Your Dog Hand Signals

Many dog owners are unaware of the benefits of teaching their dog hand signals. Hand signals are a form of non-verbal communication that can train your dog and cue them to perform certain behaviors without the need for clear audible instructions. Dogs are tuned into our body language and interpret our gestures and movement correctly…

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Off-Leash Training

Part of being a responsible dog owner is ensuring that your furry friend is well-trained. Traditional leash training is important for their safety and everyone else’s, but there may come a time when you want your dog to be able to roam free without a leash. This is where off-leash dog training comes in to…

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Teaching Your Kids to Care For Your Pets

A small child hugs her dog.

Bringing home a new pet or a new baby are both happy and life-altering experiences. With your family expanding, it is important to teach your kids to respect and care for the pets in your home, from avoiding tail-pulling to properly bathing and feeding your pets. Understanding how to respect your pet’s personal space is…

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