The Role of Play in Dog Socialization

A black and white dog and a brown dog socializing at dog daycare.

When people picture their life with a puppy, they imagine sweet cuddles on the couch, long walks through the neighborhood, dog training sessions, and some play. However, though it may not be the most notable thing an owner thinks of when planning for their new furry family member, play with humans and other animals is…

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Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? Training Tips for Senior Dogs

An old dog with brown spots is outside at dog daycare learning new tricks.

Although owning a puppy gets a lot of good press, an older dog can offer positive benefits that you might not expect. Whether you have recently adopted a senior dog, or think your old friend needs a little bit more training, there are several keys to training an older dog that you should consider.  The…

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Group Vs. Private Training Camps: Which Option is Best for Your Dog?

Two happy dogs smile at the camera at dog daycare.

Adopting a new furry friend means they might have to sit in a few training classes before successfully transitioning to living with you. Dog owners often take their pets to see professional training when they are first adopted, and at times, they register their pets for a dog training camp. Commonly referred to as “board…

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How to Choose the Right Dog Training Camp

A white and black small dog sits on the ground in the sun at dog training camp.

Training your dog is essential because it gives your pet mental stimulation, behavioral conditioning, and the ability to stay safe when surroundings become too chaotic. In order to achieve the optimal results, the best option is to seek professional help training your dog. But, while dog training facilities are ideal for your dog to learn…

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What Are Some Effective Training Techniques for Fearful Dogs?

Coping with abnormal levels of fear in your dog can be a challenging journey for both you and your pup. Although you’ll likely never be able to change your dog’s personality entirely, the right training can make a world of difference in helping them feel more confident, comfortable, and at ease. Today we’ll discuss some…

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Positive Reinforcement: How to Use Rewards for Effective Dog Training

A dog waits for her treat after a training session at Greenlin.

Take a moment to think about what makes you motivated to do something, such as maintaining a healthy habit, doing chores, or working at your job. You’re likely getting some sort of reward from these actions, whether it be a boost of serotonin after a workout that makes you feel happy and relaxed or an…

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Tips for House Training a Newly Adopted Dog

An adopted black lab stares at the camera at his new house.

Helping a pup feel comfortable in a new environment can take a while, but house training is the most productive first step to take in order to help your dog feel adapted. Whether your newly adopted dog is young or old, there is a unique learning curve to house training that’s different for every pup.…

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How to Teach Your Dog to Stop Chasing Other Animals

A black dog chases a tan dog.

Ever wonder why your dog just won’t stop chasing everything that moves? You’re not alone. Dogs are natural hunters, and chasing prey is in their DNA. While adorable in puppies, this behavior can be downright dangerous as dogs get bigger and faster and can also create situations where your animal is outside your control. These…

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Choosing the Right Dog Trainer: Tips from Greenlin Dog and Puppy Training

A happy dog poses with his Greenlin trainer.

Dogs are lovable and dependable companions, but they can also sometimes be a challenge to live with. When their behaviors aren’t as in tune with how you want them to act, or they’re blatantly getting into things and causing other issues, the best solution is usually a dog trainer. The right kind of dog trainer…

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Overcoming Dogpark Fear and Anxiety

Two nervous looking dogs at a dog park.

It’s normal for your dog to feel anxious the first time they visit a dog park, but repeated anxiety can get in the way of what should be an enjoyable experience. Anxiety can manifest itself in a variety of undesirable behaviors, including aggression towards other dogs, destructive playing behaviors, or attempts to escape fended in…

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