How Pet Boarding Can Improve Your Dog’s Social Skills

Three small dogs play together in the grass at a pet boarding facility.

If you’re a first-time dog boarder, you may feel apprehensive about leaving your pet on its own. This is especially true for dogs that haven’t had many opportunities to meet or play with other animals and humans. Thankfully, dog boarding has many benefits, including socialization.  Many dogs only have human companionship, and as a result,…

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Benefits of Pet Boarding: Why Your Dog Will Love Their Staycation

A happy tan and white dog with his tongue hanging out smiles at the camera during a bubble party at the dog boarding facility.

Dogs are naturally very social, and leaving them alone for long periods of the day or even overnight can come with some unforeseen consequences. A pet boarding facility can keep your dog safe while you are away. These canine care centers are specially designed with a pup’s paradise in mind, allowing your dog to explore…

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6 Tips for Boarding Your Dog While on Vacation

A dog with a flowery hat and lay at a beach day party.

Having a dog comes with a great deal of responsibility. Besides feeding it and taking it for walks, you always have to make sure they have a safe shelter, especially when you’re away traveling.  Fortunately, if you’re planning a vacation for yourself, you have many boarding options for your dog. One of the most reliable…

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Here’s Why Boarding Your Cat While You Go on a Trip Is a Good Idea

boarded cat at greenlin

Going away for a while? Got a holiday trip planned, or just some “me” time? Whether it’s a day trip or a weeks’ long vacation (you deserve it!), you may be considering leaving your furry cat companion at home, where they might feel the safest and comfortable. While it may be true that some cats…

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