Grassy fields surrounded by tall fences and idyllic farmland sets the scene for your pets to live a life of luxury outside their home. Greenland Pet Resorts East offers lots of space for them to roam and a massive 3,000 sq. ft. indoor play area for all-weather, all-season fun.

  • Private rooms with comfortable bedding
  • 5-point comprehensive wellness checks by well-trained staff
  • Daily activities available to stimulate your pet’s mind
  • Indoor/outdoor play areas for dogs with supervised play
  • Multi-compartment private condos for cats, with toys, human attention, and group play available
  • Staff trained in CPR and first aid for both dogs and cats
  • Special accommodations available for older dogs, puppies, and animals with medical needs


It’s a dog’s life at Greenlin Pet Resorts East. We have multiple outdoor playfields with games and activities galore. If your pup likes to get his feet wet, our special in-ground pool is built just for dogs — and we even offer swimming lessons!

Packed days mean less time spent being bored or missing parents. At night, your dog is tucked in and read a bedtime story while they rest atop freshly-laundered, fluffy bedding.

Relief walks are offered at least three times daily, with more available for young pups and senior dogs.

Optional additions include gourmet dog treats, one-on-one or group play, training sessions, and more. We can also accommodate your pet’s medical needs.

Every visit to Greenlin Pet Resorts East is a good time!


You don’t have to be a farm cat to appreciate the peace and quiet of our Middletown, PA cat boarding facility. Cats are kept comfortably separate from dogs, and they’re given plenty of natural sunlight to bask in. Depending on your cat’s preferences, we offer one-on-one attention, toys and laser chases.


Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR Certified

Our health and safety practices go above and beyond. Facilities are sanitized daily using pet-safe products, and private quarters are cleaned multiple times a day. All indoor areas are supplied with fresh air courtesy of state-of-the-art climate control systems.

Community-trusted and vet-recommended, Greenlin makes it so you don’t have to worry. When you can’t be there for your pet, we’re here for you.

Driving Directions

Greenlin East is located at 600 Schoolhouse Rd in Middletown, PA.  We’re on the East Shore conveniently just off of Route 283 at the Toll House Road exit.

Historic Middletown, PA is the perfect place to raise a family, four-legged members included. Greenlin Pet Resorts East gives your furry family members the most comfortable possible place to spend time while you’re gone. With 40 acres of farmland and a 3,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled indoor play area, our Middletown pet boarding facility offers your pets an easygoing home away from home they’ll be excited to return to, time and time again.