Whether you’re boarding a dog or a cat, they’ll have it made in Mechanicsburg at Greenlin West! Private rooms, freshly laundered bedding, and curated activities await them. We go all out to pamper your pet while assuring their comfort and safety. All of our staff are highly trained, and we cater to each individual animal’s needs and personality.

  • Private, spacious rooms with comfortable bedding
  • 5-point comprehensive wellness checks by highly trained staff
  • Daily activities available to keep your pet engaged and stimulated
  • Indoor/outdoor play areas for dogs supervised by trained staff
  • Multi-compartment cat condos, located safely away from dog facilities to keep kitties relaxed
  • Staff trained in first aid and CPR for both dogs and cats
  • We’ll happily accommodate your puppy, senior dog, or any animal with special medical needs


Every doggy stay at Greenlin West is an action-packed day where your pup can let their cares drift away. Our Mechanicsburg dog boarding facilities will leave your dog feeling comfortable and downright spoiled. There’s nary a bone to pick when they’re tucked in at night by our loving staff. All dogs are given at least three relief breaks a day, and more are available, especially for puppies and senior dogs.

Add-on fun packages for day camp visits, group activities, training, and more. Large outdoor fenced-in fields are perfect for roaming, and our indoor climate-controlled play gyms offer endless joy. All group play is supervised by our well-trained staff, and playgroups are divided by age, size, and temperament. There are even yummy treats available and delivered to your pup’s door for the full room service treatment!


We aim to exceed your cat’s deservedly high standards at Greenlin West. That’s why every guest gets their own private, multi-compartment condo with lots of natural sunlight for big stretches and even bigger naps. Most importantly, their litter always stays fresh, and it’s scooped daily.

Optional toys, games, and activities can ensure your cat never gets bored.


You won’t find another pet boarding facility more dedicated and more prepared to deliver a safe, comfortable experience for your furry family members. All of our staff are certified in first aid and CPR, and each team member is trained to apply best practices to the situation they are supervising. All group play participants undergo behavioral evaluations, for example, and supervised group play is broken off into categories based on your pet’s age, size, and demeanor.

Sanitation is another part of safety, one we take quite seriously. All of our facilities are thoroughly cleaned each day using only pet-safe products. Indoor air is fresh, clean, and crisp thanks to state-of-the-art air filtration systems.

You can rest assured when your pets stay at Greenlin that they are in a safe place with people who care!

Driving Directions

Greenlin West is located at 710 Eppley Rd in Mechanicsburg, PA.  We’re on the West Shore conveniently just off of Williams Grove Road, 3 miles off of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Nestled in the farmland of Cumberland Valley, Greenlin Pet Resorts West is a premier option for pet boarding in Mechanicsburg, PA. Located conveniently off the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Eppley Road, we have four acres of tranquil fields bounded by tall fences for your dog’s adventures. Indoor, climate-controlled play gyms and in-ground canine-sized swimming pools give them the chance to cool off.

Greenlin West goes all out for your pet’s enjoyment, which is why we’re community trusted, vet-approved, and voted one of Harrisburg Magazine’s “Simply the Best” for a decade and counting!