Meet Our Team

Morgan – Vice President of Operations

Morgan – Vice President of Operations

Morgan joined the Greenlin team in 2017, initially as a part-time worker on weekends. With love for the work done at Greenlin, she moved into two management positions before becoming the Vice President of Operations. She enjoys watching the dogs partake in their favorite activities, getting to know their families, and learning something new every day. Before working at Greenlin, she studied wildlife in college while obtaining a BS in Environmental Science and Geography. Morgan has over ten years of experience volunteering at dog rescues and currently helps at West Shore Wildlife Center as an animal care volunteer and board member.

Megan - Behavior Manager

Megan – Behavior Manager

Megan joined the Greenlin team in 2018. Motivated with a passion for enhancing the lives of every dog she meets and helping their families, she is our behavior manager and a lead trainer. While Megan enjoys all of her interactions at Greenlin, her favorite activity is working with a training dog from start to finish to see their progress. Megan cares for her boxer, Hunter, away from work and enjoys spending time with her children.


Madison - Sales and Service Manager

Madison – Sales and Service Manager

Madison became part of the Greenlin team in 2019. Before joining Greenlin, she worked in the Hospitality industry, working in all aspects of hotels: Laundry, Housekeeping, Housekeeping Supervisor, Breakfast Attendant, Front Desk, Front Desk Supervisor, Sales Coordinator, and finished as a Sales Manager. She then transitioned her hospitality skills and experience from hotels for people to hotels for pets! She genuinely enjoys getting to know our extensive community of pet parents and their pets through conversation on the telephone in our Reservations and Customer Service Department. She also loves that Greenlin is a family-oriented company that cares deeply about its staff members. Outside of work, Madison loves spending time with her husband, two kids, and two dogs (Rudy, a yellow lab, and Bear, a black lab/German shepherd mix). She and her family love to go hiking and spend time outdoors, as well as traveling.

Lisa Y Reservations

Lisa Y – Reservation Specialist

Lisa was the first team member hired by the Greenlin Family 20 years ago in their very humble beginning. She started as a pet care specialist in our resorts and switched to our Reservations and Customer Service Department in 2018. She continued her favorite Greenlin task; making pet parents happy. Lisa has five dogs of her own (two labs and three dachshunds) and seven cats (one haired cat and six hairless Sphynx cats). When Lisa is not at Greenlin, she enjoys spending time with her family, pets, and hiking.

Megan Reservations


Megan has enjoyed being a member of the Greenlin team since 2018. She has done extensive work in the animal care field, doing everything from management, animal shelter work, humane police officer, dog training, and is currently a Reservation Specialist. Her favorite part of this role is chatting with pet parents who are calling for the first time, hearing their responses to the questions about how great their pet is, and hearing how much happiness they bring to each other’s lives. Megan personally cares for her own seven dogs, two cats, goats, chickens, turkeys, two potbelly pigs, and a peacock. She enjoys kayaking and caring for her farm animals with her husband in her free time. Their family is excited to meet their first human baby on the way!

Stephanie Reservations

Stephanie – Reservation Specialist

Stephanie joined the team in 2021 and loves talking to pet parents about their pets. Stephanie graduated from YTI in 2009 for massage therapy and then worked at Borders book for twelve years. Stephanie has a Jack Russell mix named Dexter, a hound mix named Mar, two cats named Buddy and Freya, two catfish, and two betta fish. Stephanie’s favorite activities outside of work are hiking and camping with her daughter, gardening, reading, knitting, and crafting.

East Location

Lisa GM East

Lisa – General Manager

Lisa has been passionately greeting each guest that has come through our door with a smile since she joined our team in 2014. The highlight of her workday includes spending time with our guests, whether that be giving snuggles, spending time with them in the park, or relaxing in the living room. She also enjoys chatting with their owners when dropping off or picking up their pets. Before joining the Greenlin team, Lisa worked for nineteen years in retail and at the Harrisburg Humane Society for eight years. While she isn’t at work, she enjoys gardening, shopping, and caring for her own furry family. She has four dogs- Rolo (a Pomeranian), Little Foot (a Poodle Mix), Benson (a Shihtzu), Wesley (a Pitbull), and two cats named Goose and Chevy.

Ang East

Ang – Assistant Manager

Ang joined the Greenlin team in 2019 after attending the police academy to become a K9 unit handler. She was attracted to Greenlin for the opportunity to work with and train our canine guests. Since joining our team, she has found much fulfillment from working with our training guests. She loves seeing the excited faces of the guests as they come through the door, helping the shyer ones grow their confidence, working with a passionate team, and being part of a company that shares her compassion for each guest and their family. Ang has one dog of her own, Diamond, and a pond of goldfish. Outside of work, she enjoys exercising, outdoor activities, and spending time with her family.

Kirsten East

Kirsten – Assistant Manager

Kirsten first joined our team at just sixteen years old, working weekends, summers, and holiday breaks. She did this through high school and attending college at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. After graduating and spending a summer in Utah as a Wilderness Ranger with the U.S. Forest Service, Kirsten returned to Greenlin full time as an assistant manager. Having the opportunity to work with animals and provide them with the best experience possible and continuing her education in dog behavior is her favorite part of her role. Kirsten’s favorite activities include hiking, fishing, exercising, riding her motorcycle, and helping out on her boyfriend’s family farm.

West Location

Katie GM west

Katie – General Manager

Katie joined the Greenlin team in 2011, just a few days after she graduated high school. After balancing work with attending classes at Shippensburg University, Katie graduated in 2016 with a Bachelors’s degree in Social Work. Upon graduating, she worked as an adoption coordinator for private adoption placements and for the city of Philadelphia as a youth detention counselor at the juvenile justice services center. Over time her passion for her work at Greenlin drew her back to what she considers her second home, where she loves caring for the guests alongside a compassionate team. Katie keeps herself busy outside of working, caring for her animals- 3 dogs (Louie, Winnie, and Nova) and three cats (Dexter, Arlo, and Cetti). She also has approximately one hundred house plants that she enjoys caring for, collecting, and propagating. Most recently, Katie has taken up the hobby of metal stamping and makes custom dog tags, key chains, and jewelry.

Nikki West

Nikki – Assistant Manager

While obtaining a degree as a veterinary assistant, Nikki joined Greenlin in 2014. With a love of dogs that she has had her entire life, her favorite part of her role is interacting with the pets that visit and their families. In her free time, she enjoys going on hikes and spending time with her furry family: Tate and Oaklyn, both Dachshund mixes, and Sailor, a Corgi mix. She also loves a good Netflix show.

Desire West

Desire – Assistant Manager

Desire, or Dez, graduated with an Associate Degree in Arts in Business Management before joining our team in 2021. She loves seeing the regular and returning guests excitedly come to check in for some fun! Dez is very family-oriented and enjoys spending quality time with her mom, finding new recipes and cooking home-cooked meals, visiting her dad, watching scary movies, and spending quality time with her niece. She also cares for her domestic short-haired cat, Honeycomb, and is a Carlisle Area Anti-Heroin Coalition volunteer.

Lambs Gap Location

Madison LG

Madison – General Manager

Maddi joined our team in 2019, looking to work part-time while in college. While working at Greenlin, her genuine love and passion for providing the best pet care quickly grew, and she wanted to make the career change to the pet care industry. She loves that every day is a new learning opportunity and a chance to bond with a dog she hasn’t met before, as every dog is different and offers unique qualities that we can learn from. She also enjoys using her cultivated knowledge to teach others about dogs and advocate for them. Outside of school and working, Maddi enjoys hiking with her chocolate lab, Ace, reading, and knitting.

Allison Lambs Gap

Allison – Assistant Manager

Allison joined the Greenlin team in 2018 with an abundance of animal knowledge. She graduated from Bucknell University with a Bachelors’s Degree in Animal Behavior. She was the assistant curator at the Greenburgh Nature Center in Scarsdale, NY, and a zookeeper/educator at Clyde Peelings Reptiland. Allison also has volunteer experience from the Wisconsin Humane Society, National Animal Behavior Society, and a wildlife rehabilitation center. At Greenlin, her favorite part of the position is getting to know each dog and their families and watching the dogs have fun with their friends (especially when it snows – the dogs all get excited to play in the snow). Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and American Bulldog, Pippa. She likes to draw and paint in her free time, and she is truly an incredible artist!

Abbi Lambs Gap


Abbi’s motivation to join the mission of providing excellent pet care was greatly inspired by her grandma when she joined our team in 2020. Growing up, she spent countless hours around her grandma’s veterinary office observing and soaking in techniques to properly care for animals. She also grew up helping at a barn with horses and dogs and has always loved creating bonds and memories with every animal she has the pleasure of meeting. At Greenlin, she loves getting to know all dogs like they are her own. She cares for four dogs of her own, two of which are rescues from the same organization. Her free time is spent hiking and camping with her pack, riding horses, fishing, and reading.

Camp Hill Location

Tim GM Camp Hill

Tim – General Manager

Tim has avidly provided our guests with the best care at Greenlin since 2015. He grew up working for his family’s general contracting business and doing hotel/apartment maintenance for fourteen years. He has now enjoyed being in the pet care industry for over a decade, where he most enjoys interacting with the guests and their families and getting to know each dog’s personality. In addition to studying vocal music education at West Chester University, Tim has been very involved in marching band, drum corps, and color guard since he was in 7th grade. He has been a designer/instructor for almost forty years and has taught groups all over the country, many of which have won local, regional, national and international competitions. Tim still finds plenty of opportunities to spend time with his two miniature dachshunds, Bert and Ernie. He also cares for several freshwater fish tanks and many finches. He has quite the green thumb and enjoys growing and propagating several different gesneriads, including primulina, kohleria, African violets, and Streptocarpus.

Emily CH

Emily – Assistant Manager

Emily joined the Greenlin team in 2019 after searching for the perfect fit for her. Previously working at a horse sales barn, Emily came with plenty of knowledge and a love for animals. She has had many animals, including dogs, horses, cats, parakeets, guinea pigs, bunnies, chinchillas, and turtles. Currently, she has four dogs, a mini donkey, a mini horse, a pony, and a horse. Now at Greenlin, she loves interacting with and getting to know all of the guests and their families that come in for care. When she isn’t caring for animals, Emily enjoys horseback riding, disc golf, biking, hiking, dock diving, and disc dog.

Aby CH

Aby – Assistant Manager

Aby has been a part of our team since 2019. Her favorite activities at work are one-on-one time with the guests and interacting with their families. Aby is a graduate of Camp Hill High School and has over ten years in Customer Service. She has two Pitties named Zeke and Zelda and a heeler mix named Zen. In the future, she would love to adopt a few Greyhounds, which is her favorite breed. Aby enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, cooking, and reading outside of work.

Hershey Location

Ruby GM Hershey


Ruby graduated from West Chester University with a Major in Business Management and a Minor in Geographic Information Systems and Planning & a Minor in Dance in 2019. She explored different industries with a major in business management and landed in the pet care industry because of her love and interest in dogs when she joined our team in 2020. Her favorite part in her role is seeing the happiness and comfort we provide the guests in our care with, and through extension, their families as well. Ruby has two dogs, a 13-year-old Yellow Lab named Leo and a German Shorthair named Mabel. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance as a certified yoga instructor and enjoys knitting, roller skating, climbing, and trail running.

Trenton Hershey

Trenton – Assistant Manager

Trenton joined the team in 2020 and has most enjoyed caring for and training dogs. He graduated from Cedar Cliff Highschool in 2014 and attended Bloomsburg University as an Exercise Science major, but later decided to switch to pet care with a passion for dog training. He grew up with three German Shepherds and currently has one Dutch Shepherd/Pittie Mix named Loki. Trenton enjoys hiking, hunting, fishing, and learning new languages in his free time.