Preventing and Treating Common Dog Parasites

A fluffy grey dog smiles at the camera.

Dangers are everywhere, and some are beyond what the eye can see.  Parasites are some of the most dangerous threats to a healthy dog’s well-being, and they can worsen the condition of a debilitated animal. There are many different kinds of parasites, and each requires specific treatments to rid the animal of the infection. A…

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Building a Dog-Friendly Garden

It may be frigid during this time of the year around Harrisburg and Central PA, but before long, the valleys will be once more teeming with life. Soon, that in-between sweet spot will be the perfect time to start planning, building, and landscaping your garden.  While you get ready to bring some color to your…

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Understanding and Managing Dog Allergies

A beautiful dog with long hair runs through a green field.

Just like humans, many dogs have to deal with allergies. Though we would love it if our pets didn’t have to deal with pesky allergy symptoms, unfortunately, many dogs will encounter allergens in their lives.  Allergies in dogs tend to be caused by environmental factors such as grass, dust, or even ingredients found in dog…

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Nutrition for Active Dogs: What to Feed Your Energetic Pup

An energetic small and white pup running at dog daycare.

Having an active dog can be a joy. Whether they are working hard to herd animals on a farm, participating in dog sports, hunting with you, or even just participating in your active lifestyle alongside you, your active companion can enrich your life in indescribable ways.  At the same time, if you have an active…

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Tips for Comfort and Mobility in Senior Dogs

A senior dog, brown and black, sits comfortably on a deck.

As dogs age, they may develop mobility issues that impact their comfort and range of motion. A healthy diet and regular exercise can counteract the effects of aging, but even the best care can’t fully prevent joint pain, arthritis, and other mobility problems in older dogs.  The good news is that there are many steps…

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Senior Dog Health Essentials: Common Conditions and Preventative Care

A senior golden retriever smiles at the camera in a park.

Many dog owners wish that their beloved pets could live forever. However, as with humans, age eventually starts to catch up with our pets. Dogs become “seniors” at different points depending on their size. For instance, small dogs usually enter old age between 11 and 12. Larger breeds enter this phase of life between seven…

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The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups for Your Dog’s Health

A dog smiles at the camera revealing a healthy mouth.

You know you need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and visit the dentist every six months. But what about your four-legged friend?  Dental care is just as important for your dog’s health and longevity. Neglecting your dog’s teeth can lead to pain, infection, and even tooth loss. In fact, dental problems…

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Common Health Problems in Dogs and How to Spot Them

Two puppies sleeping on a veterinarian's table while the vet and a nurse work on them.

As a devoted dog owner, your furry friend’s health and well-being are probably top of mind. But with so many potential health issues facing dogs, it can be tough to know what to watch out for or how often you should have your pup checked out by the vet.  To help, we’ll walk you through…

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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

A large tan dog runs excitedly through a large green field.

For dog owners, cracking the code on just how much exercise your dog actually needs can sometimes feel impossible. Whether they’re wound up at the end of the day or too tired to do much more than sleep day in and day out, the wrong amount of exercise can have a huge impact on their…

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Can Dogs Suffer Seasonal Allergies?

A black and white dog makes a silly face at the camera.

Just like their human companions, canines may experience seasonal allergies. Not all dogs will experience allergies, but when they do, it can be highly stressful for a dog parent to see their pup uncomfortable in this way. Allergy symptoms can be triggered by any number of allergens, including airborne pollen, which can irritate your dog’s…

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