How to Keep Your Yard Safe for Your Dog

dog playing in the yard

Ah, the dog days of summer! School is out, and it’s time to play in the yard with the sprinkler on. Fresh air, sunshine, and room to run are important aspects of dog health and wellness, but there are some considerations dog owners should make to keep yards a safe space to play for years…

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How to Anticipate and Break Up a Dog Fight

dog fight

When you first pictured yourself having a dog, you probably imagined doing fun, social activities with your canine friend, such as going on walks, enjoying the park, and going on trips. These are all enjoyable ways to spend time with your pup, but whenever you leave the house with your dog, you need to anticipate…

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Does My Dog Need a Sweater or Jacket During Cold Weather?

dog in a sweater

As the weather starts to get colder, you may be wondering about how to allow your furry friend to still have fun outdoors. Protecting them from the dangers of extreme winter weather is a priority, and their fur may not always provide the level of insulation they need.  You may have considered purchasing a jacket…

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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet by Airplane

dog sitting in a carrier at an airport

As the holidays are coming up, you may be traveling more than normal. Since your pet is a valued member of your family, it makes sense that you might be considering bringing it along with you on your travels.  However, it is important to note that traveling with pets on airplanes has gotten considerably more…

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Are Holiday Decorations Dangerous For My Animals?

cat sitting in a christmas tree

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you are already thinking about how you will make the house look more festive. The possibilities are endless! It may even be getting to the point that you’re overwhelmed each time you walk into a big-box store. The decorations are out and calling your name! From clear to colorful,…

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How To Choose Safe and Engaging Toys For Dogs and Cats

dog with a toy

In a sense, anything can be a pet toy. Seeing your cat bat around a bread bag tie or your dog chew on a stick hammers that message home quite succinctly. But the truth is that not all pet toys are safe, nor do they automatically offer a level of stimulation that’s beneficial to your…

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Tips for Safely Camping and Hiking With Your Dog

dog on a hike

Nothing spells adventure quite like the big open wild! Camping is not only a great chance to “get away from it all,” but to also enjoy new experiences. With the promise of so much fun and excitement, why would you ever leave your dog behind? The answer is that many people don’t! A survey of…

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Safe Halloween Costumes for Dogs

dog in a skeleton costume

This year, Pittsburgh and Scranton are each throwing a “Howl-o-ween” event consisting of a pet parade and costume contest. Ligonier and Horsham are switching their puns out for a Halloween “Pawty”. The local scene near Harrisburg will see pet photo contests (with ice cream!) and even a “Pittie Party” at the area Humane Society, complete…

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Safe Summer Activities You and Your Dog Can Enjoy

dog playing outside in the grass

The weather is warming up, and the days are getting longer — summer is here! As a dog owner, you may be looking for some new ideas for activities to do with your pet, and who can blame you? Summer is the perfect time to get outside and find some fun activities to do with…

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Should You Take Your Dog With You On Vacation?

dog at the beach

You’ve been fantasizing and planning for it for months, and now it’s finally here — your vacation! With much of the country returning to normal and many people antsy to shake up their routine, travel is surging across the United States.  Whether you’re going on a road trip, exploring a new country, or flying to…

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