Tricks, Not Treats: Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

A black and white dog wears an orange witch hat in a wagon against an eerie background.

Halloween traditions are uniquely special to every family, and including the household pet can be an exciting way to amp up the celebration. Some pets thoroughly enjoy celebrating the holidays, while others may be uncomfortable with overwhelming sights and sounds.  To give your pet a spooktacular Halloween, you’ll need to cater some of the activities…

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Summer Activities

A white lab safely paddles through a clean, blue pool in the summer.

When your dog wants to go on a walk, but it’s too hot outside, they typically won’t understand why you’re saying no. Most dogs will need a mix of indoor and outdoor stimulation, and breaking their walk and potty routine may create symptoms of stress and anxiety. Summer is also the season of the best…

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Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

A dog plays with a pool toy on vacation.

When planning your next vacation, you might also want to include your four-legged family members. You might be used to the scramble of finding a sitter or an available dog boarding service near you, but you also have a third option. There are beautiful destinations all over the U.S that will welcome not only you…

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What You Should Know About Dog Park Safety

dogs smelling each other at the dog park

Dogs are social creatures, like many of us. It makes sense to want to take them places they can socialize with other canines. Dog parks are just one of the common places we can take our furry friends to romp with other dogs.  However, dog parks have disadvantages, and it’s essential to be prepared when…

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Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

vet scanning dog for a microchip

As a pet owner, you’ve likely heard about microchips before, but you might be on the fence about getting one for your cat or dog.  While ID tags and collars are crucial for your furry friends, a microchip can take safety and security to the next level. We never want our pets to get lost,…

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How to Properly Fit Your Dog With a Leash or Harness

chihuahua dog wearing a harness

If you’re looking for a safe, secure, and comfortable way to secure your dog’s leash or harness, these guidelines should help you get it right. Whether you’re attaching your leash to a collar or a harness, you want it properly secured so that your dog stays secure but doesn’t get uncomfortable.  So, what’s the difference…

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How to Make Moving Less Stressful for Your Pet

dog's owners preparing for a move

Moving can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, but it can be especially traumatic for pets. Dogs and cats are territorial animals, and they take comfort in familiar surroundings. Many don’t appreciate being confined during longer road trips and are usually not so comfortable while crated in planes, trains, and automobiles. The experience is…

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How to Keep Your Yard Safe for Your Dog

dog playing in the yard

Ah, the dog days of summer! School is out, and it’s time to play in the yard with the sprinkler on. Fresh air, sunshine, and room to run are important aspects of dog health and wellness, but there are some considerations dog owners should make to keep yards a safe space to play for years…

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How to Anticipate and Break Up a Dog Fight

dog fight

When you first pictured yourself having a dog, you probably imagined doing fun, social activities with your canine friend, such as going on walks, enjoying the park, and going on trips. These are all enjoyable ways to spend time with your pup, but whenever you leave the house with your dog, you need to anticipate…

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Does My Dog Need a Sweater or Jacket During Cold Weather?

dog in a sweater

As the weather starts to get colder, you may be wondering about how to allow your furry friend to still have fun outdoors. Protecting them from the dangers of extreme winter weather is a priority, and their fur may not always provide the level of insulation they need.  You may have considered purchasing a jacket…

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