Integrating Rescue Dogs Into Daycare Environments

Two rescue dogs playing at dog daycare.

Getting a new pet can be such a fun and exciting time. Knowing that you were able to rescue a dog and help provide a safe, happy, and healthy life for it can make that time feel even more exciting.  Adopting rescue dogs can be great and rewarding, but these pets may have different needs…

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What to Expect on the First Day of Dog Daycare

Three happy dogs smile at the camera while running in the grass at dog daycare.

Your pup’s first day at dog daycare can be an extremely exciting time, but it can also sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience for the owner. Rest assured that while this may be your dog’s first rodeo, figuratively speaking, it will not be the daycare’s; far from it! Most dog daycares have their own systems, procedures,…

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Understanding Different Dog Breeds and Their Daycare Needs

A fluffy black and white dog jumps toward the camera.

The genetic lineage of your dog directly — and literally — shapes its development as it grows and interacts with the world around it. While every dog has its own unique personality and genomic expression, breed traits can instill certain physical, mental, or medical needs that should be accounted for when seeking optimal care. At…

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Is Doggie Daycare Right for My Senior Dog?

A senior german shepard at dog daycare.

As much as we love our furry friends and want them by our side, bringing them everywhere is impossible. To compensate for this, pet owners bring their dogs to doggie daycare instead of leaving them at home. For many pet owners, keeping older pets safe means to keep them under a watchful eye. In many…

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Working From Home? Here’s Why Doggie Daycare Is Still Important

woman at home with her dog

One positive side effect of everyone sheltering in place has been that families and households are spending more time together than ever. This can be great for pet owners, especially if they have a dog or cat who absolutely loves to soak up attention. But even though spending more time at home with your pets…

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Dog Parks or Doggie Daycare? How to Socialize Your New Family Member


Whether you take your dog to dog parks or doggie daycare, we applaud your recognition of your pets need to expend energy and their need to be well socialized with canines and their human counterparts alike to achieve well-balanced adulthood. Though simple – it’s true, routine exercise and socialization combined play a large role in…

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