Puppy Nutrition 101: Building a Solid Foundation for Lifelong Health

A healthy white and brown puppy runs through grass on a sunny day.

If you are the proud owner of a new puppy, or you are thinking about getting one in the near future, recognize that one of your major responsibilities is managing your puppy’s early nutrition. Providing puppies with good nutrition acts as a major catalyst for a lifetime of healthy living. With a solid foundation of…

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Puppy Proofing Your Home

A guilty looking dachshund puppy has chewed through the bottom of a door.

When you have a new puppy (or a whole litter!), it can be overwhelming to keep track of them. Despite their small size, puppies have BIG levels of energy, and they can cause massive amounts of harm to themselves — or your home — if given total access to everything. What many people don’t know…

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Help Your Puppy Overcome Resource Guarding Issues

Resource guarding is a natural behavior in which a dog protects an item or area that he perceives as valuable. They instinctively want to protect their food, toys, and other belongings from others. However, this behavior can become a problem if not addressed early on. It creates a foundation of anxiety, insecurity, and aggression that…

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The Importance of Crate Training Your Puppy

A happy puppy lounges in his crate.

From the moment you bring your new puppy home, they are rapidly learning and growing. Just like with children, it is important to start teaching them good habits and behaviors early on. One of the best things you can do for your puppy (and yourself!) is to crate train them. Crate training has many benefits…

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Tips for Dealing With Chewing in Puppies

A cute puppy chews on his chew toy.

Puppies can be adorable, but they still have sharp teeth. They’ll put those teeth to good use when left to their own devices. In fact, chewing is one of the many ways a puppy keeps stimulated while learning more about the world around them.  If you and your puppy are going to get along well,…

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Leash Training Your Puppy: The Basics

A puppy pulls their owner on a leash in the park.

One important thing to remember when bringing a new puppy home is that they will need to be trained on how to walk properly on a leash. The process of getting your puppy to walk on a leash may seem daunting, but with a little patience and consistency you will have them trotting around like…

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Teach Your Puppy These Five Commands First

A puppy stares at the camera.

The first few days after you bring your new puppy home are some of the most exciting. They also happen to be some of the most important when it comes to teaching them new commands. Puppy brains are like sponges. They are constantly learning from the world around them and forming new ideas about how…

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How To Help a Teething Puppy

teething puppy chewing on a toy

Congratulations on your new puppy! Chances are great that there are dozens of things you will know how to do right for your new furry family member — and often just the same number of things you will have no clue how to handle, even if this is far from your first puppy. Relax! It’s…

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How to House Train a Puppy

owner house training a puppy

House-training, housebreaking, or potty training – no matter what you call it all pet parents want to teach their new puppy not to relieve themselves inside the home. Among the top reasons that pet parents give their pets up to shelters annually – is frustrations with recurring accidents in the home. Though tedious and time…

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