A senior dog standing in a sunlight green field at dog daycare.

We all love our pets dearly, which means that we want the absolute best for them at all times, even when we aren’t able to be there. Pet boarding makes it so that we can give our dogs the best possible environment, outside of the safety and comfort of their own home. However, owners may be concerned about their dog’s unique care needs or whether they are able to achieve the level of comfort they are accustomed to. This is especially true of dogs that are on the younger or older ends of the age spectrum.

Rest assured that at Greenlin Pet Resorts, we pull out all of the stops to give each and every guest the best possible stay. We offer specialized care for senior dogs and puppies, and we are able to make accommodations for pets of all ages. When you choose to board with us, you will be presented with a range of available options. You can also make requests or let us know the special little ways that we can cater to your dog so that they can feel every bit as loved as they do at home.

If you are looking to place one of your precious pets in our care, or in the care of another facility in your area, here are some of the ways that pet boarding can be tailored to perfectly fit your dog’s needs at any age.

What Does Boarding a Pet Mean?

“Boarding” a pet refers to the act of placing them in the care of a professional pet lodging facility. Any time you are out of town or otherwise unable to supervise your pet, boarding provides a safer option than leaving the pet at home and having someone care for them there. Pets could encounter a medical or household-related emergency at any time, and without close supervision and monitoring, it may be hours before anyone can arrive to discover the emergency and provide them with aid. 

Further, pet boarding at Greenlin means that they have access to top-of-the-line facilities, including options for participating in our pet daycare, training during their stay, or enjoying a dog bath.

Pets can be boarded at any age once they have their full first series of required vaccinations. Greenlin boards everything from young puppies to “elder statesman” dogs, and we make special accommodations to ensure that every guest has their needs met.

Puppy Boarding: Special Considerations

Once weaned, puppies are able to quickly mature and adapt to their surroundings. They will be bundles of energy at this time, immensely curious about the world around them. They will also have a few medical considerations, especially when it comes to diet and bathroom breaks.

Greenlin Pet Resorts allows puppies of any age to board, provided that they have had their full series of required vaccinations. For the safety of all our canine guests, we require every dog to be current on their vaccinations for rabies, Bordetella, and distemper. Puppies younger than 16 weeks (4 months) may not be required to show proof of a rabies vaccination, but once they have reached this age they will have that requirement.

One of the biggest considerations for puppies is their level of stimulation. If left alone too long, they may become bored, restless, or resort to activities like chewing. Recognizing this, Greenlin pulls out all the stops to ensure your puppy won’t just be sitting in their crate during their stay! We offer extra bathroom breaks (3+ per day), and we’ll make sure they’re fed their at-home diet on their regular schedule.

Optional playtime, training, or dog daycare socialization gives them the opportunity to develop and improve their social habits. Taking advantage of our puppy academy, which combines training and boarding, is a particularly great idea because it offers a jumpstart on learning during the most crucial imprinting period of the pup’s life. After all that activity, they are sure to enjoy a good night’s rest!

Your puppy will also receive higher levels of attention throughout the day to ensure their comfort and safety. You can add on one-on-one playtime or snuggles — and even tuck-ins with a bedtime story! — so that your pup never feels like they are missing home too badly.

Best of all, all Greenlin staff are trained in pet CPR and first aid, ensuring that they will be able to provide assistance and help stabilize the puppy in the unlikely event that anything should happen.

When it comes to puppy, extra precaution, exercise, and TLC is the name of the game!

Boarding Senior Dogs and Dogs With Medical Needs

While senior dogs aren’t as apt to get into mischief as puppies are, they still need their own level of special attention. Many senior dogs have mobility issues, so Greenlin provides kennels that are easy to enter and exit. We also sort play groups by age and temperament, ensuring your well-wizened woofer isn’t troubled by rowdy young’uns or dogs that are too eager to enjoy their company.

When you board a senior dog or a dog with medical needs at Greenlin Pet Resorts, we make sure to gather as much information as we can about their care needs. Our staff is trained to watch out for sensitive areas, including for dogs with achy hips, allergies, immune system deficiencies, and other medical concerns. We can provide your dog with its regular regimen of medication and supplements as part of a package we provide to senior pets and those with special medical requirements.

Older dogs with bladder or bowel troubles are provided with extra bathroom breaks, and we are more than happy to check on them at an increased frequency if there are any medical concerns.

For older dogs that don’t wish to socialize with other canines, you can elect to have one-on-one attention or outdoor time so that they can get the stimulation and affection they are used to.

And, of course, all guests are able to enjoy their at-home diet (provided by their owner) according to their regular schedule, along with fresh, clean water replenished multiple times daily.

Pet Boarding Accommodations for Dogs of All Ages

For dogs that sit right in between the puppy and “elder statesman” eras of their life, Greenlin is set for their luxurious stay. We are able to provide extra relief breaks, exercise, one-on-one human time, nightly tuck-ins, and other services as an add-on to any stay package.

During business hours, every boarder is monitored regularly, and they receive multi-point checkups to ensure their wellness and that they are enjoying their stay. We ask that you provide emergency numbers and vet information in the rare chance that something goes amiss. As mentioned above, all staff are also trained in First-Aid and CPR, as well as techniques to recognize and address issues like seizures, toxic substance ingestion, or other emergency situations.

Lodge and Learn packages are available to add training to your dog’s stay — and we cannot emphasize enough how much our pups of all ages enjoy having a new routine that starts early in the morning and ends with a well-deserved rest at night. Boarders can also enjoy our dog daycare, which offers socialization, fun, activities, and exercise. There’s even a built-to-purpose dog pool at some of our locations!

All locations offer ample green space, with tall double fences for our guests’ safety. Boarders are disconnected from other areas and have access to their own purified and climate-controlled air. In addition, there are multiple doorways and check points in between them and any exit, ensuring we won’t have any recreations of Escape From Alcatraz on our watch!

Young or old — or somewhere in between — there’s a good reason why all dogs love Greenlin and why we’ve been named Simply the Best by Harrisburg Magazine for a decade and counting!

Bring Your Best Friend So We Can Give Them the Time of Their Life, at Any Age!

Greenlin sets the standard in pet care, providing them with a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home where you can know with confidence that they are getting the royal treatment they deserve.

Any pet boarding facility you choose should be reaching for this same standard, especially for puppies or older dogs. Both need a higher level of care and consideration, with extra check-ins and monitoring, additional bathroom breaks, and one-on-one attention so that they won’t feel anxious, lonely, bored, or confused.

When you are ready to see why our guests wag with admiration at our high level of service quality, call, message, or visit one of our six Harrisburg area locations to schedule a tour and consultation so that you can give your pet the best stay possible.