A happy tan and white dog with his tongue hanging out smiles at the camera during a bubble party at the dog boarding facility.

Dogs are naturally very social, and leaving them alone for long periods of the day or even overnight can come with some unforeseen consequences. A pet boarding facility can keep your dog safe while you are away. These canine care centers are specially designed with a pup’s paradise in mind, allowing your dog to explore and release pent-up energy in a controlled space. 

A pet’s well-being is always an owner’s top priority when putting their precious furry family member in the hands of another caregiver. At Greenlin Pet Resorts we invest in safety by ensuring that each caretaker is specially trained and certified before working with any beloved pet staying at one of our locations. Pet boarding services vary depending on the company, but Greenlin’s all-inclusive and customizable boarding packages can help you create a picture-perfect stay for your 4-legged best friend. 

A stay at Greenlin Pet Resorts dog boarding facility offers key benefits your dog can receive, in addition to having a safe place to stay while you are away.

What Is Pet Boarding?

There will be times when life’s obligations take you away from home: a business trip, vacation, family emergency, etc. In some instances, bringing your dog along isn’t a practical choice, or it may even be dangerous for them. Leaving them at home could be just as dangerous, so what can you do? Even dogs need a vacation once in a blue moon, so while you’re away, you can pamper your pup with a getaway of their own while ensuring that they are still being properly cared for. 

Pet boarding is an overnight housing service for canines! You can personalize a pup’s stay at Greenlin by choosing from our selection of luxurious ad-ons and highlighting stand-out amenities. By creating your dog’s perfect unique stay, you can travel with the peace of mind of knowing that they are being spoiled back home! 

Pet Boarding Promotes Healthy Socialization

Many dogs come from high-energy breeds, so spending time with caretakers and other pups can be a great way to alleviate much of the tension from being home alone. When a dog spends chaperoned time with other pups, they develop essential socialization skills that can help them feel more confident going out into new places with you! Dogs that spend a prolonged period of time alone tend to develop anxiety at higher rates, with a report finding that roughly 80% of canines have elevated stress hormones when left alone. This increase of stress hormones can lead to an array of physical health conditions or even psychological conditions like canine anxiety.  

Give Your Dog Acres of Space to Play

At Greenlin, pups are welcomed by over 4 acres of outdoor yards to run and roll around in, along with the spacious indoor play areas complete with enough toys and equipment to keep them entertained all day as part of our optional Stay and Play packages. 

When you leave your dog at home alone for an extended time, they are left to entertain themselves within the boundaries of their environment. When dogs feel claustrophobic or lonely, they may take it out on your most-loved possessions. This act can develop into a self-soothing habit over time, especially if you leave home for long periods regularly. The staff at Greenlin Pet Resorts can keep your dog’s mind active, which can even prevent such behaviors from forming.  

Is Leaving My Pet At Home While I Leave Safe?

Determining if your pet is safe at home alone is dependent on many factors such as socialization levels, past experience, and the canine’s habits. Generally speaking, leaving any animal home alone for an extended period of time without a human caregiver is not safe because unpredictable problems can seemingly appear out of nowhere when you leave. There may also be possible issues like a fire or exposure to hazardous chemicals. 

There is always the option to recruit a friend or family member to care for your beloved pet, but taking this action cannot deflate as much risk as a pet boarding center can. Not only are the caretakers professionally trained in canine health and safety, but they are able to monitor your pet in a safe, controlled environment. 

Boarding your dog at a canine care facility can help prevent many common behavioral and safety issues, including those listed below.


Dogs can develop general anxiety or anxiety triggers just like humans. Anxiety in dogs is displayed differently for every pup and usually presents itself as a combination of anxiety symptoms. Many of the most common signs of canine anxiety include aggression, urinating in inappropriate places, panting, destructive behavior, excessive barking, and compulsive compulsive behaviors. Dogs generally face symptoms of anxiety due to fears, separation from their human, or even aging. In fact, a recent report states that roughly 70% of dogs face canine anxiety. A boarding facility can help distract your dog’s mind from some triggers, and socialization is proven to decrease symptoms of pup anxiety.   


When dogs get lonely, there is no telling what they might get up to. Depending on your pup’s natural disposition, they may end up destroying your favorite throw pillow and TP’ing your living room — or they may develope a serious condition such as depression or anxiety. Because dogs are such social creatures, being left alone for too long means that they are left to entertain themselves. By bringing your pup to a canine daycare and boarding facility, you can offer them a safe space for their physical and mental health while you take care of other obligations.   

Getting Loose

One of the biggest concerns most pet parents have when they leave their dog with another caregiver is safety. When a dog’s owner leaves for an extended period of time, the pup’s personality may shift and alter, leaving them to do unexpected or unusual things, like attempt to escape the home. It may not be like your beloved family pup trying to run away from home, but remember that even dogs will act differently when they miss someone they love! Greenlin’s pet boarding facilities offer a double fencing system and multiple degrees of indoor access control. These measures are enough to stump even the most clever escape artists, ensuring that your pup is safe and secure while you’re away.  

Preventing Neglectful Care

No one can care for your pup as you do, but when you bring your dog to a boarding facility, they will be under constant supervision and enjoy the care of trained professionals who can not only monitor their general wellness but also spoil them with the love and comfort that they receive at home. 

Even if no harm was intended, many dog owners have regretful stories of leaving their pup with a trusted friend who was unable to provide the expected level of care. Dogs may be left without bathroom breaks or access to clean water for days at a time, in some situations. Some people, especially those with limited experience with animals, may underestimate how much work providing for a dog is, and can end up doing more harm than good in the long run.     

Dogs With Additional Care Requirements or Special Needs Can Have Higher Risks When Home Alone

A pet boarding facility like Greenlin Pet Resorts is equipped with comforting amenities and qualified staff for animals with special needs. Dogs that require extra attention around eating, extra potty breaks, or who require medication have higher risks of neglectful care when left at home with a sitter because there may not be the same level of surveillance or meticulous service going into their canine care. A trained care professional will have more experience and resources on hand to ensure that the dog is comfortable throughout their time away from their owner.      

Do Dogs Enjoy Boarding?

Every dog is different, so the response to being away from home is going to be unique based on the pup. While many dogs love spending time in canine play groups and receiving attention from many different people, some dogs are attached to specific humans and prefer to never be away from them. 

That being said, when you are unable to accommodate your pup, a facility like Greenlin Pet Resorts offers customizable staycations so you can give your dog a piece of home comforts while you’re away. Further, we focus on getting your dog into a routine, soothing their desire for home by giving them a schedule they can look forward to.

5-Star Service and Luxury Pup Amenities at Greenlin Pet Resorts

When dogs stay at Greenlin, they can enjoy a wide variety of special amenities and fun add-ons that make for a memorable staycation. You can add dog training and spa services to your pup’s visit so they enjoy the perfect balance of enrichment and relaxation. We want each guest to feel as comfortable as they are at home, which is why our boarding packages are customizable, and we require each pet parent to fill out a thorough questionnaire to help us understand how to best serve your pup. 

Greenlin Pet Resorts provides many pet boarding services designed to ensure the comfort of each guest, such as:

  • Scheduled wellness checks: Throughout the day, a caregiver will perform a 5-point wellness check to make sure that each guest’s general health is being cared for. 
  • Strict sanitization: To keep the facility squeaky clean, each area of the resort is cleaned on a strict timetable, and equipment is sanitized in between uses. 
  • Specially trained and certified caregivers: Before a staff member can work around any of our guests, they must be CPR and First-Aid certified, and complete our thorough pet handling training. 

When dogs stay at Greenlin, they’ll enjoy luxurious amenities that keep them comfortable while you are away, including:

  • Spacious private quarters
  • State-of-the-art air filtration
  • Soft, fresh bedding 

Don’t keep your dog locked up at home, give them a vacation of their own with the pet boarding services at Greenlin Pet Resorts! Find out more when you reach out to one of our 6 locations in the Central Pennsylvania area!