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Booking a Reservation Is Easier Than Ever Before!

A small white dog runs in front of a plastic play structure at doggie daycare.

In a world where our furry friends are cherished family members, finding a trustworthy and convenient pet care facility is crucial. Greenlin Pet Resorts, a leading doggie daycare and pet boarding facility, understands the significance of providing top-notch services not only for your pets but also for you, their owners. Exciting news for pet parents…

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Understanding Different Dog Breeds and Their Daycare Needs

A fluffy black and white dog jumps toward the camera.

The genetic lineage of your dog directly — and literally — shapes its development as it grows and interacts with the world around it. While every dog has its own unique personality and genomic expression, breed traits can instill certain physical, mental, or medical needs that should be accounted for when seeking optimal care. At…

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Canine Communication: Decoding Dog Barks and Body Language

Two shaggy dogs, one black and white, one tan, look up at the camera with mouths open.

Just like humans, dogs have needs and wants that they are compelled to express. Unlike humans, dogs are unable to speak any language, so they must rely on their body language and vocal expressions, such as barks, growls, and whines, to convey their needs. These signals are a dog’s way to communicate what they are…

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The Benefits of Routine for Dogs

A sitting brown and white dog smiles up at the camera.

All dogs can benefit from having a regular routine throughout their week. It doesn’t have to involve a strict schedule (outside of feedings), and not every activity has to be done every day, but a routine helps dogs mentally, physically, and medically. Every animal has its own type of routine in nature. Wild wolves, which…

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Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? Training Tips for Senior Dogs

An old dog with brown spots is outside at dog daycare learning new tricks.

Although owning a puppy gets a lot of good press, an older dog can offer positive benefits that you might not expect. Whether you have recently adopted a senior dog, or think your old friend needs a little bit more training, there are several keys to training an older dog that you should consider.  The…

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When a Fur Friend Passes: How to Help Them Cope With Loss and Change

A sad brown dog mourns the passing of a friend.

It goes without saying that pets are like four-legged family members, and animals that live in the same household are likely to bond over time. When a furry sibling friend passes, it can be difficult for the other pets in the house to understand what is truly happening.  Navigating loss can be overwhelming, for you…

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Is Doggie Daycare Right for My Senior Dog?

A senior german shepard at dog daycare.

As much as we love our furry friends and want them by our side, bringing them everywhere is impossible. To compensate for this, pet owners bring their dogs to doggie daycare instead of leaving them at home. For many pet owners, keeping older pets safe means to keep them under a watchful eye. In many…

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Group Vs. Private Training Camps: Which Option is Best for Your Dog?

Two happy dogs smile at the camera at dog daycare.

Adopting a new furry friend means they might have to sit in a few training classes before successfully transitioning to living with you. Dog owners often take their pets to see professional training when they are first adopted, and at times, they register their pets for a dog training camp. Commonly referred to as “board…

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How Dog Training Camps Tackle Problem Behaviors

A small dog chews on his owner's flip flop.

Biting, barking, indoor potting, and jumping on guests are just some examples of unwanted dog behaviors. Usually expected after adopting a new dog or puppy, these behaviors can be discouraged with time and training sessions with a certified professional. Coping with certain dog behaviors can be frustrating — even embarrassing, especially when it affects someone…

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