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Puppy Nutrition 101: Building a Solid Foundation for Lifelong Health

A healthy white and brown puppy runs through grass on a sunny day.

If you are the proud owner of a new puppy, or you are thinking about getting one in the near future, recognize that one of your major responsibilities is managing your puppy’s early nutrition. Providing puppies with good nutrition acts as a major catalyst for a lifetime of healthy living. With a solid foundation of…

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How Pet Boarding Can Improve Your Dog’s Social Skills

Three small dogs play together in the grass at a pet boarding facility.

If you’re a first-time dog boarder, you may feel apprehensive about leaving your pet on its own. This is especially true for dogs that haven’t had many opportunities to meet or play with other animals and humans. Thankfully, dog boarding has many benefits, including socialization.  Many dogs only have human companionship, and as a result,…

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When a Fur Friend Passes: How to Help Other Pets Cope With Loss

A sad tan dog lies on a sofa.

Pets can form strong emotional bonds with other animals in their household, especially if they grew up together or spent a large chunk of their lives in each other’s company. When a pet loses their companion, oftentimes the owner will witness a change in habits and behavior as they are processing the change. Grief is…

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Benefits of Pet Boarding: Why Your Dog Will Love Their Staycation

A happy tan and white dog with his tongue hanging out smiles at the camera during a bubble party at the dog boarding facility.

Dogs are naturally very social, and leaving them alone for long periods of the day or even overnight can come with some unforeseen consequences. A pet boarding facility can keep your dog safe while you are away. These canine care centers are specially designed with a pup’s paradise in mind, allowing your dog to explore…

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Does Breed Influence Behavior?

A happy chocolate lab sticks his tongue out.

Let’s cut to the chase: most people — including a significant portion of those who handle animals for a living, such as vets and groomers — will agree with the statement that certain dog breeds tend to carry certain personality traits. Labradors, are thought of as a loyal family dog. Dachshunds are always on alert.…

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Tips for House Training a Newly Adopted Dog

An adopted black lab stares at the camera at his new house.

Helping a pup feel comfortable in a new environment can take a while, but house training is the most productive first step to take in order to help your dog feel adapted. Whether your newly adopted dog is young or old, there is a unique learning curve to house training that’s different for every pup.…

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How to Teach Your Dog to Stop Chasing Other Animals

A black dog chases a tan dog.

Ever wonder why your dog just won’t stop chasing everything that moves? You’re not alone. Dogs are natural hunters, and chasing prey is in their DNA. While adorable in puppies, this behavior can be downright dangerous as dogs get bigger and faster and can also create situations where your animal is outside your control. These…

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The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups for Your Dog’s Health

A dog smiles at the camera revealing a healthy mouth.

You know you need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and visit the dentist every six months. But what about your four-legged friend?  Dental care is just as important for your dog’s health and longevity. Neglecting your dog’s teeth can lead to pain, infection, and even tooth loss. In fact, dental problems…

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The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Dogs with Anxiety

A happy small dog runs toward the camera.

Dogs can struggle with anxiety from puppyhood or develop it gradually throughout their life. Stress and anxiety look different in all canines, but the effects will be overwhelming all the same.  There are many ways to go about treating anxiety in dogs, including medication, diet adjustments, and lifestyle changes. So what’s the best way for…

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Choosing the Right Dog Trainer: Tips from Greenlin Dog and Puppy Training

A happy dog poses with his Greenlin trainer.

Dogs are lovable and dependable companions, but they can also sometimes be a challenge to live with. When their behaviors aren’t as in tune with how you want them to act, or they’re blatantly getting into things and causing other issues, the best solution is usually a dog trainer. The right kind of dog trainer…

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