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Why Vaccines Are Important for Your Pet

dog getting a vaccine

It is absolutely critical to get your pet vaccinated to prevent them from suffering from highly contagious and deadly diseases. In fact, aside from providing your pet with food and water, keeping up with regular core vaccines is the most essential thing you can do for your pet. While we understand that every pet is…

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog’s Toys and Bedding?

dog sleeping on its bed

When it comes to cleaning, some habits may be well-established. It’s not uncommon for some people to run their dishwasher every night or wash their sheets every weekend.  However, when it comes to cleaning routines for our pet’s belongings, cleaning schedules may not be so clear. In fact, it can be easy to overlook these…

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Greenlin Celebrates 7th Annual Cupid’s Hay Play Hoedown Event

Ahhh…. l’amour! Can you feel the love in the air?  Valentine’s day 2022 may have come and gone, but looking at photos of our recent event in Greenlin, we can still say our hearts throb with the pitter-patter we all tend to feel when looking in the eyes of a cute lil doggo. No one…

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What Can I Do To Help My Dog With Storm-Caused Anxiety?

dog hiding from storms

As a pet owner, you may have witnessed your dog transform from its normal, playful self into an entirely different animal when confronted with thunder and lightning. The signs of storm anxiety in dogs can range from mild to severe. For instance, some dogs may show mild discomfort by increased paw licking or pacing. Other…

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Live With Pets? Take These Steps to Reduce the Risk of Anyone Getting Sick

clean pet bowl and toys

We’re still in the midst of a global public health event, and so people have proper sanitization and hygiene on their minds more than ever. Thanks to public health advisories, we now know the importance of washing our hands after coming home from a public outing and taking other steps to prevent the spread of…

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The Importance of Keeping Your Animal Hydrated

cat drinking water

When thinking of how to best take care of your pet, most pet owners put a lot of thought into which food will provide the best nutritional support for their furry friend. However, making sure your pet is well-hydrated is just as important as ensuring they are well-fed.  Water is the main component of the…

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How to Boost the Confidence of a Fearful Dog

anxious dog with its owner

Most of the time, when we picture a dog in our minds, we imagine that the dog will be friendly and playful. This makes sense since many dogs do conform to that stereotype. However, much like humans, dogs have many different personality traits. And while some dogs are friendly and curious, others may be shy…

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How to Stop Your Cat From Jumping on the Counter

cat sitting on kitchen counter

Even though cats may have a reputation for being anti-social, many cat owners have found the opposite to be true. Often, cats are very social with their owners and will go out of their way to be in the same room as the people who love and care for them. Though this is heartwarming and…

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How to Anticipate and Break Up a Dog Fight

dog fight

When you first pictured yourself having a dog, you probably imagined doing fun, social activities with your canine friend, such as going on walks, enjoying the park, and going on trips. These are all enjoyable ways to spend time with your pup, but whenever you leave the house with your dog, you need to anticipate…

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Does My Dog Need a Sweater or Jacket During Cold Weather?

dog in a sweater

As the weather starts to get colder, you may be wondering about how to allow your furry friend to still have fun outdoors. Protecting them from the dangers of extreme winter weather is a priority, and their fur may not always provide the level of insulation they need.  You may have considered purchasing a jacket…

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