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Springtime Health Hazards For Dogs

dog enjoying sunny spring weather

Springtime is almost here. The season brings with it a sense of newness and rebirth. We breathe more deeply and almost revel in what feels like an awakening of the world around us.  Unfortunately, spring doesn’t just mean finally getting out of the house and seeing the sun for a few more hours. Spring can…

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5 Basic Commands Your Dog Should Know

a dog during training

You’re bringing home your first puppy, but you’ve also been binge-watching dog shows on television. You’ve seen dogs that can open refrigerator doors, dogs that can count, and dogs that can save human lives. You are getting overwhelmed and are wondering what kind of dog training to start with — what’s the most important? The…

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Dogs And Separation Anxiety

two dogs at daycare

We bring pets into our homes because we want a new friend. We want someone to hang out on the couch and binge-watch our favorite shows with us. We want someone to take that five-mile hike by our side. Did you know, though, that spending every waking minute with the new four-legged love of your…

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How To Help Your Dog Cope With Seasonal Allergies

puppy with allergies scratching its head

Your eyes start to itch. Your nose starts to run. A dry, scratchy throat is keeping you up at night. You are coping with the same seasonal allergies that hit you every summer and fall. If you are dealing with these annoyances, you may be shocked to learn that your dog is fairing about the…

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How Time Changes Affect Your Dog’s Routine


Love it or hate it, most of us have to deal with the time change. Just when we feel like we’ve gotten used to gaining or losing an hour, we have to do it all over again. In the spring, we set the clocks ahead and lose a precious hour. In the fall, we dial…

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Living With Multiple Dogs In The Home

dogs with their owner

It’s estimated that nearly 40% of homes in America have at least one resident canine. Chances are good that you can count yourself among those households. Whether you have one pooch and are considering adding another or are thinking about adding a dog to your already growing pack, you are looking for tips on how…

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How to Interpret Your Dog’s Body Language

It’s known by both experts and everyday people that humans communicate extensively using body language. Watching the way a person stands, moves, gestures, and displays their emotions with their facial expressions all gives you as much information as any words coming out of their mouth. Studying this information is also a great way to learn…

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How to Include Your Dog in Your Fitness Routine

woman walking with her dog

Most dog owners already know that their fuzzy friends need plenty of activity to stay fit and healthy, which usually means ample walks and playtime. But that’s not the only way to make sure your pup stays in good shape! Your dog can also become a part of your own efforts to stay in shape,…

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Keeping Your Pets Safe During Winter Months

dog playing in the snow

After a warmer-than-average summer, most of the nation will be experiencing a warmer-than-average winter, while what the Mid-Atlantic sees should be very familiar. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Pennsylvania can look forward to a seasonably cold winter that will be nothing drastic but plenty of snow. After a slow start in December, an average…

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7 Tips For Holiday Car Travel With Pets

holiday car travel with the dog

Many people have made wishes for the holidays. One of those wishes for pet owners is that they can take their pets with them over the hill and through the woods to Grandmother’s house. If you are fortunate enough to have that wish come true and are traveling by car this holiday season, knowing how…

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