Whether you take your dog to dog parks or doggie daycare, we applaud your recognition of your pets need to expend energy and their need to be well socialized with canines and their human counterparts alike to achieve well-balanced adulthood. Though simple – it’s true, routine exercise and socialization combined play a large role in the reduction of unruly behaviors and the creation of a well-balanced adult family dog. 

Whether you’ve recently purchased or adopted your new companion, consistent and continued socialization is important for a well-balanced adult family dog. And in knowing so, many pet parents flock to dog parks upon the purchase or adoption of their new family pet. After all, it’s free and there are a ton of dogs and people there to meet, right?! We recommend you think twice and consider a professional Doggie Daycare Center with a team of staff trained extensively in proper introductions, socialization, dog behavior, and communication. 

Puppy socializing


First and foremost, congratulations on your newest addition! As soon as a puppy has been fully vaccinated, it is important to expose them to as many new environments, people, and animals as soon as possible. Taking walks in the neighborhood does not suffice for meeting the socialization needs of a young puppy – it requires environmental diversity. Dogs communicate primarily via scent, sight, and sound. New environments should offer a new experience in all three. Even better if you can also offer the diversity of environments between both outdoors AND indoors. If you live in the country – consider a walk downtown in the city and vice versa. Instead of indoor pet stores, think outside the box, check out your local pet-friendly stores. Oftentimes; home improvement stores, sporting good stores…etc. 

Believe it or not, a large part of proper socialization needs to occur prior to 12 weeks of age, prior to full vaccination. As such, we recommend that early playdates occur with relatives or a friend’s dog whom you are certain are current on vaccines and parasite free. 

Equally as important, is your young puppy’s first introductions to other dogs. Initial introductions should be positive and welcoming in nature to encourage confidence and eagerness for the next adventure. Meeting a neighbor’s dog who may be barking and lunging uncontrollably while a pet parent screams are enough for a puppy to react fearfully or nervously during future introductions. 

While yes, Dog Parks are a free place we encourage you to consider the risk you may experience with; unregulated vaccinations and health conditions, parasite controls, and infection. Doggie Daycare Centers are an exceptional alternative – offering a highly trained team of caregivers with extensive knowledge and experience in the appropriate group play behaviors and dog communication styles. Doggie Daycare Centers have strict regulations requiring veterinary records and parasite preventative as well as temperament testing. 

Unlike unsupervised and/or ill- supervised interactions at dog parks, a quality Doggie Daycare offers experience in reading canine body language and is versed in keeping peace among a diverse group of dogs with varying temperaments. 

How to socialize a recently adopted-adolescent or adult dog


If you’ve just adopted a dog in need of a forever home, congratulations, you’ve done an absolutely wonderful thing! Many adopted dogs come from backgrounds that have cultivated limited “social skill” development and lack of leadership – harvesting adverse behaviors. Foster homes may have provided an opportunity to play with a foster sibling, though your new pet likely has limited experience romping a large yard or dog park full of diversity of human and canine types. Doing that for the first time, without the experience and knowledge may cause some early setbacks in rescue and rehabilitation progress. Maybe your new pet is exhibiting behaviors you are unsure of how to read and need further guidance. At a Doggie Daycare Center, the staff is well versed in reading dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Introductions don’t have to be one-size-fits-all, like visit the dog park. At Doggie Daycare we can integrate your pet slowly into a group play setting with purposeful strategy – letting your pet lead us into knowing when they are ready for the next step. 

Benefits of Doggie Daycare 

The benefits of Doggie Daycare are numerous, especially for families who are away from the home several hours of the day. A dog who lays at home day in and day out lives a depressing life typically full of disconnection from their family as misbehavior by the unfulfilled canine builds relationship frustrations and barriers. Allowing your pet the opportunity to develop a life outside of the home will help him/her acquire self-confidence in an environment where good behaviors will be reinforced and met with praise. A tired dog is a good dog. When you pick your dog up at the end of the day from doggie daycare, he/she is ready and in a good frame of mind for your evening adventures whether they include an adventurous outing or a date on the sofa with Netflix. 

At Greenlin Pet Resorts – we offer premier lodging and doggie daycare services. With a team of professional caregivers trained extensively in dog communication and body language – we speak their language. Our yards, games, and activities are purposefully designed to provide the physical AND mental stimulation your companion needs and craves. We offer 6 locations in Central Pennsylvania – East, West, Lambs Gap, Camp Hill, and Hershey. Enjoy the luxury of choosing which is the right for you and your pet with the benefit of a consistent brand and quality team meeting you at the front door wherever you go. Stop in and meet our team. Drop-in tours are welcome 7 days a weak from 11 am to 3 pm!