When a Fur Friend Passes: How to Help Other Pets Cope With Loss

A sad tan dog lies on a sofa.

Pets can form strong emotional bonds with other animals in their household, especially if they grew up together or spent a large chunk of their lives in each other’s company. When a pet loses their companion, oftentimes the owner will witness a change in habits and behavior as they are processing the change. Grief is…

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Does Breed Influence Behavior?

A happy chocolate lab sticks his tongue out.

Let’s cut to the chase: most people — including a significant portion of those who handle animals for a living, such as vets and groomers — will agree with the statement that certain dog breeds tend to carry certain personality traits. Labradors, are thought of as a loyal family dog. Dachshunds are always on alert.…

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The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Dogs with Anxiety

A happy small dog runs toward the camera.

Dogs can struggle with anxiety from puppyhood or develop it gradually throughout their life. Stress and anxiety look different in all canines, but the effects will be overwhelming all the same.  There are many ways to go about treating anxiety in dogs, including medication, diet adjustments, and lifestyle changes. So what’s the best way for…

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How to Keep Your Dog From Freaking Over Fireworks

A closeup of a pug staring calmly out a window at a nighttime fireworks display.

Fireworks displays, while exciting for humans, can be downright terrifying for our four-legged friends. The loud noises and bright flashes freak many dogs out, sending their anxiety into overdrive.  As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to know how to care for your dog before, during, and after fireworks. Here, we’ll teach you to spot…

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How to Socialize Your Dog With Other Dogs

Two medium sized dogs play together on a plaground.

Socializing your dog is one of the most important things you can do as an owner. It helps ensure your dog grows into a friendly, well-adjusted companion. But where do you start?  Socializing a dog takes time, patience, and consistency. The good news is, with the right approach, you’ll have your dog mingling with new…

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Dealing With Digging and Scratching

A large black and brown dog digs a hole in the backyard.

Doggone it if there isn’t another hole in the backyard! Finding holes can be frustrating, but digging is a natural part of the way dogs explore and become more familiar with their surroundings. Many dog lineages are actually predisposed to the act of digging. Likewise, scratching can be a natural way to interact with the…

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Understanding Dog Body Language

A small displays nervous body language.

Dogs communicate through body language, and it’s important for dog owners to be able to understand what their dog is trying to tell them.  Most dog owners would say they know their furry friend pretty well. But how well do you really know your dog? One way to get to know your canine better is…

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Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Kicked Out of Daycare

A dog at dog daycare stands in the grass.

People love their dogs like they love their kids, but the fact remains that every dog deserves to be safe and have a good time at dog daycare. When one dog is difficult to control or otherwise shows behaviors that are extremely concerning, the daycare facility is obligated to act in line with their policies…

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How to Help an Excited Dog Calm Down Around People and Other Animals

excited dog running around

If you struggle to keep your dog calm around people and other animals, you’re far from being alone. Hyperactivity in dogs, which can result from anxiety or lack of exercise, is quite common. And for many owners, keeping their excited dog calm can feel like an endless battle.  On the other hand, there are people…

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What To Do About A Destructive Dog Or Cat

destructive cat clawing at furniture

Pillow fluff everywhere, scratched-up furniture, broken lamps, and knick-knacks, it looks like a crime scene! Your pets must have thrown a party while you were gone.  A destructive dog or cat can make the state of your home unpredictable and oftentimes messier than a person can keep up with. You may feel helpless and as…

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