Camp Hill Puppy Daycare

We would love to welcome your young furry friend as a member of our family here at Greenlin Camp Hill. Our staff is well trained in the unique needs of young dogs, so give your pet a treat while giving yourself a break when you sign up for puppy daycare with us!

Quality Camp Hill Puppy Daycare

Every day brings new experiences to your puppy. They are using these experiences to learn about the world: from how to use the bathroom outside, to how to play safely with other dogs, and everything in between. When your puppy spends time with us here at Greenlin Camp Hill, they can have these new experiences in a safe and fun environment!

Greenlin Camp Hill offers games, safe group activities, an experienced and knowledgeable staff, and more! Whether you want to give yourself an afternoon off or need to have your pup stay with us regularly throughout the week, Greenlin Camp Hill offers quality puppy daycare for the Camp Hill and Harrisburg areas. To inquire about pricing, policies, or to schedule a visit to our facility, please contact us by calling (717) 388-2379 or by filling out our online contact form.

Conveniently Located Facility

Our Camp Hill facility is conveniently located and easily accessible no matter where you’re traveling from. Whether you are taking Interstate 581, Route 15 or Simpson Ferry Road, you should be able to arrive quickly and easily.

Providing Important Experiences for Your Puppy

Puppies are bundles of energy that are learning every day! Ensure that your puppy is learning in a safe, productive way when you send them to Greenlin Camp Hilly. With spacious facilities and optional activity packages, your puppy will receive all the stimulation it needs, leaving you with a happy, sleepy pup when you take it home.

making friends at greenlin camp hill puppy daycare

  • Supervised Play and Activities One of the biggest benefits of sending your puppy to Greenlin Camp Hill is that your puppy will be able to socialize safely under the watch of our experienced and well-trained staff members. Our staff ensures that your puppy will be able to play safely by dividing playgroups according to size, demeanor, and age.
  • Boredom Busting Puppies seem to have a never-ending supply of energy. Unfortunately for you and your home, if that energy isn’t expended in a productive way, it can be bad news. Puppies will find a way to release their energy, even if that means chewing on things they shouldn’t or other destructive activities. Sending your dog to puppy daycare ensures that your pup will have ample opportunity to get out their energy in safe, fun ways that everyone can feel good about.
  • Socialization Opportunities Dogs are capable of learning throughout their life. However, much of a dog’s personality and behavior are formed at a young age. Socializing your puppy, or giving your puppy a chance to encounter many different people, dogs, locations, and situations can help work toward ensuring that your puppy grows into a dog that is calm, confident, and well-behaved.

Why Choose Greenlin Camp Hill?

Greenlin facilities are well-equipped and designed with the safety and enjoyment of your pet in mind! Once you choose Greenlin, you and your dog will want to return over and over again!

Safe and Spacious Facilities

Our Greenlin Camp Hill location offers sprawling outdoor facilities, giving your young pup a chance to use all their energy running around our 4 acres. We offer outside areas with both grass and artificial turf. Additionally, you can rest assured that your dog is playing outside safely, as all of our outdoor areas are surrounded by a high double fence.

If your puppy loves to be outside but needs a break from the sun from time to time, we have plenty of shaded areas available so your pup can cool off and relax as needed and then jump back into the fun and games when they’re ready!

If the outdoors are not what your pup prefers, or if it’s too hot or cold to play, we also have spacious indoor areas for your pet. These areas are climate controlled by our state-of-the-art air filtration system, so your pup will be both comfortable and safe!playing outside at greenlin camp hill puppy daycare

Fun in the Sun (or Indoors!)

In addition to having ample room to run around and explore, Greenlin Camp Hill has all the toys and playground equipment that a pup could ever want! Our play areas have fun equipment such as stairs, tunnels, and ramps.

To ensure that your pup is playing safely, Greenlin always maintains a low staff-to-pet ratio, allowing your pet to be highly supervised and the trainer to maintain control over the group.

Water, Water, Everywhere!

We know that many dogs love water, and we ensure they have plenty of opportunities to play in it! On scorching hot days during the summer, your pup will love playing around in our sprinklers and splash pools. If your dog needs to take a plunge, we have specially designed pools created with dogs in mind.

Of course, if your puppy isn’t familiar with or experienced with water, Greenlin offers swimming lessons.! All you have to do is sign them up, and our experienced staff can give them their lesson while they’re staying with us for the day.


Safety Is Paramount

Of course, we want your puppy to have fun when they are with us, but we also highly value safety. We know that it’s a privilege to get to care for your pup, and we will do everything we can to ensure that their visit is a safe one. In fact, Greenlin is one of the cleanest and safest care choices for your young canine companion.

Here are some of the steps that we take to ensure the safety of your furry family member:

  • Over 20 Years of Experience Our company has over 20 years of experience in caring for pets. Local veterinarians and animal care experts frequently recommend Greenlin to their clients. In fact, we’ve been voted as “Simply the Best” by Harrisburg Magazine for the past ten years and counting!
  • Daily Sanitation Schedule We have a thorough cleaning and sanitation schedule that we follow daily. This protocol helps to ensure the health and wellness of our furry guests. In addition to the frequent cleaning of all common areas, play equipment, and toys, we also exclusively use cleaning products that have been tested and found to be safe for pets.Pro Pet Hero
  • Pet CPR & First Aid Our staff is trained in both pet CPR & First-Aid, allowing them to help your pet in an emergency. All the practices employed at Greenlin have been approved by vets to ensure their safety and effectiveness.
  • Super Supervision At Greenlin, your pets will be supervised closely at all times. We have practices in place to ensure that our staff members have a small group of pups to watch, allowing them to track your pup easily and maintain control over the group. Additionally, all pups are placed in groups after undergoing a comprehensive evaluation. We know that issues can arise when incompatible dogs are placed together, so we ensure that all dogs are grouped by size, temperament, and age.

Bring Your Puppy to Greenlin Camp Hill

Everyone loves sweet, precious puppies, and the staff at Greenlin Camp Hill are no different. We would also love to make your newest family member a part of our family. Whether you just need us for a few hours every once in a while or want your dog to be with us every day, we would love to meet you! outside play at greenlin camp hill puppy daycare

Our returning guests are always happy to meet new pups and make new friends, so choose Greenlin for all your puppy daycare needs.

Your puppy deserves quality, positive experiences as they grow and learn about the world around them. Greenlin can help with that! Not only do we offer puppy daycare services, but we also offer our Puppy Academy and Puppy Prep School, which will help your young pup become a well-trained dog in no time.

If Greenlin sounds like the right fit for your pup and your family, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to respond to any questions or concerns that you may have.

You can easily get in touch with us by calling (717) 388-2379 or by filling out our online contact form. Additionally, you are always welcome to stop by and see us at 925 Linda Ln, Camp Hill, PA. We look forward to welcoming you into our family!