Camp Hill Puppy Obedience Training

If your family just got a new puppy, you are probably delighted with the cuddles but looking for guidance on the conduct. Greenlin Camp Hill has a multitude of training options to make the puppy training process as effective and convenient as possible.

Camp Hill Puppy Training

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We know that adding a sweet puppy to your family is such a fun and exciting time, but they can be a lot of work. Puppies are notorious for exploring by using their teeth and can pick up many bad habits in their first few months of life. If you are unsure how to start training your puppy or just want some help, look no further than Greenlin Camp Hill. We have many different training programs, so you are sure to find one that works for you and your family.

If you are ready to sign up today or if you just have some questions that you would like to discuss, please reach out to us by calling us at (717) 904-3539, filling out our online contact form, or coming to visit us at 925 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA. We look forward to meeting you and discussing all we have to offer!

Conveniently Located

No matter where you live around Camp Hill, our facility is easily accessible! You can find us by taking a variety of routes — either by taking Interstate 581, State Route 15, or Simpson Ferry Road. We are located on Linda Lane, which is just a short distance from the exits on the above mentioned roads.


What Puppy Training Options Does Greenlin Camp Hill Offer?

Just as we know that all puppies are different, we know that different training opportunities will work better for different families. That is why Greenlin Camp Hill offers a multitude of training options from which you can choose. 

AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Program

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One program that Greenlin offers its clients is a training class run through the American Kennel Club, or AKC. The AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program is designed for puppies one year of age or younger, and requires your puppy to be current on all vaccinations. This course consists of six sessions that are taught in a group setting. However, we make sure to maintain a small group size, so we can ensure that each puppy and family member can get the attention they deserve!

The S.T.A.R program has four main goals for the owner and their pup to achieve during their time with us. These prioritized goals include ensuring that the puppy has been provided opportunities for socialization and that they have a strong grasp on basic commands to set a solid foundation for further training. Additionally, the AKC wants to work with the owners of the puppies, teaching them about the appropriate amount of activity and exercise that their dog needs, as well as providing owners with tips and tricks on how to best take care of their new dog as responsible pet owners. 

Once you and your pup have completed a full course with the AKC and have graduated, you will receive a frameable certificate, a listing on our online database of AKC S.T.A.R program graduates, a handbook from the AKC about caring for your puppy, as well as many other perks.

Puppy Academy

Another training option that Greenlin Camp Hill offers is our Puppy Academy, which combines daycare with training for all pups under the age of 6 months, provided that they are up to date on all their vaccinations. 

Our Puppy Academy is structured just like a school day: we have a set schedule and clear routines that we follow, day after day, to best ensure that your pup learns the skills to make them a well-mannered member of your family. You can rest easy knowing that your pup is spending their days in an engaging and fun environment, while also learning the important skills that you want them to have.

Our goal at Puppy Academy is to assist families in training their new puppies. We know it can be a stressful and time-consuming obstacle to train your puppy properly. Our experienced and certified trainers would love to be able to help out your family! While your dog attends puppy academy, they will work on skills such as socialization, walking on a leash, appropriate behavior when being examined, appropriate group play, and a handle on basic commands. 

Day Play and Train

Our Day Play and Train option is an excellent option for families who were already planning to send their puppy to daycare while they are at work or otherwise busy during the day. Not only will your canine companion get all the benefits of being enrolled in daycare, such as the exercise and socialization opportunities offered, but they can also receive training, which is a good mental exercise to help balance out all the physical stimulation they are already getting.

Even if your pup has already been through a training program, training is a life-long habit. Puppies — and as they grow older, dogs — will need constant practice and refreshers to maintain and sharper existing skills. Some dogs, in particular, crave constant learning and mental stimulation to live a harmonious life with their families. 

No matter what skills your dog has or hasn’t learned yet, we will meet them where they are. We will evaluate each dog and work to create an individualized training plan that addresses the skills they need to learn. Additionally, we will look at what motivates your dog and use that information to help us create the training plan that will work best for your pup.

Lodge and Learn

If you are ready to get a jumpstart on your dog’s training, you may want to consider our overnight boot camps. Our certified trainers will work to find the methods and rewards your pup responds to best and create a training plan based on that as well as the skills you want your puppy to acquire. We are happy to work on obedience training, behavior modification, or socialization.

As with some of our other programs, any training level is accepted into this program, as we will look at each dog individually and work to create a plan that is best suited for them. Our ultimate goal is to help foster a rich relationship between you and your dog, one built on trust and respect.

How Do I Know Which Training Program Is Right for My Family?

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If you are unsure as to which program will best fit your family, reach out to Greenlin Camp Hill. We offer free evaluations so that you, your family, and your pup can meet one of our experienced and certified trainers. Our trainers will have a conversation with you and evaluate your pup in order to determine which of our programs will be the best fit for your family.

Bring Your Pup to Greenlin Pet Resorts in Camp Hill for Training!

We know you love your sweet new pup, and you can bet the friendly and caring staff at Greenlin Camp Hill will too. We are always looking for new friends and can’t wait to accept you and your pup into our Greenlin Family!

Training a puppy is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone! Let us help you shape your puppy into a happy, well-adjusted dog who lives peacefully with your family. 

If you’re ready to begin training, or want to sign up for your free evaluation, please reach out to us by calling us at (717) 904-3539, filling out our online contact form, or coming to visit us at 925 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA. We are looking forward to hearing from you!