Camp Hill Puppy Boarding

Introduce your new family member to our Greenlin Camp Hill family! Our trainers are knowledgeable and experienced in working with young puppies and are familiar with the unique needs of young dogs. We have customizable activity packages that you can add to your puppy’s stay to ensure they get the optimal exercise, care, and stimulation they need to thrive!

Camp Hill Boarding for Puppies


Puppies are so fun and cute, but they also demand attention and supervision! At Greenlin, we know that young dogs need extra special care. With over 15 years of experience in the Pennsylvania area, we know how to care for your puppy while you are busy. We board puppies beginning at 6-8 weeks of age (provided they have gotten their initial immunizations).

To keep your puppy safe, we have special precautions to make their stay fun and enjoyable! During optional play activities, we will group them with puppies of a similar age and size. They’ll also receive frequent potty breaks throughout the day.

Take your puppy on a beach vacation of their own at Greenlin Camp Hill! Our beach-themed pet resort was recently built and is the perfect place to board your puppy. Call us today to check availability, schedule a tour, or just ask any questions you may have. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can’t wait to hear from you! Reach us online, by calling (717) 904-3539, or by stopping by and visiting us at 925 Linda Ln, Camp Hill, PA.

Conveniently Located in Camp Hill

Our Greenlin Camp Hill facility is easily accessed from multiple points. Jump on Interstate 581, take Route 15, or travel on Simpson Ferry Road to reach us. We are convenient to many towns surrounding Camp Hill, such as Harrisburg, Wormlesyburg, Dillsburg, and more!

Why Board Your Puppy at Greenlin?

Our overnight guests jump for joy at the thought of staying with us at Greenlin! Families of our guests love our strict health and safety measures. Your young pup will love the fun activity packages, which contribute to an excellent overall experience for everyone involved. Some of the special amenities that we offer include:

happy puppy at greenlin camp hill puppy boarding

  • Private Rooms Your pup will have their very own space that has been thoroughly sanitized before they check in. They will also receive freshly-laundered bedding each day to ensure their comfort and safety. Additionally, they will also have access to fresh, filtered water, which is checked and replenished multiple times daily.
  • Daily Wellness Checks When your pup stays with us, we want to ensure that they are doing well. One way we do this is by having one of our highly-trained staff members complete a five-point wellness check every evening. Your pup will love the attention and you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing your puppy is being closely monitored and cared for.
  • Scheduled Feeding At Greenlin, we want your puppy to feel just as at home here as they do at your house. In order to do that, we are happy to feed your pup on the same schedule that you do at home, whether that means they receive measured portions at specific times or have continual access to food. Additionally, we would be glad to feed your dog the same food they eat at home, although for a small fee, we can feed your dog with our premium in-house dog food. We even offer fresh-baked treats delivered right to your puppy’s room!
  • Comfort and Care Away From Home During your puppy’s stay with us, we can start (or continue) their classical music education! This music helps to soothe and calm your young pup. If you think your pup would enjoy a little more stimulation than that, certain suites contain TVs that stream the most popular pet shows that your pup is sure to love!
  • Superb Supervision We know that puppies need extra attention, and we make sure that your furry friend is supervised closely. In addition to wellness checks and well-supervised activities, we also monitor all our guests by camera to ensure we meet any urgent needs that may arise.
  • Frequent Potty Breaks We know that puppies are still being potty trained and may not be able to wait. To accommodate their young and growing bodies, we take all puppies out for additional potty breaks throughout the day.
  • Splish, Splash! If your puppy loves water, they are in for a treat at our Greenlin Camp Hill resort! Our new facilities boast an in-ground swimming pool so that your energetic puppy can burn off some energy. If your dog isn’t sure about water or isn’t a confident swimmer yet, we even offer swimming lessons!
  • Endless Choices We have flexible discount packages that allow you to book special services for your furry friend, such as playtime, bedtime stories, tuck-ins, medical accommodations, freshly-baked treats, and more!

Safety is Our Top Priority

We have many routines and procedures to ensure that your pup stays safe when they board with us. We are committed to having a safe and fun environment for all of our furry guests.

  • Over 20 Years of Experience At Greenlin, we have over twenty years of experience caring for pets. We ensure that all our staff is trained in vet-approved health and safety measures. In fact, we are often recommended by local veterinarian offices and have won Harrisburg Magazine’s “Simply the Best!” award for over 10 years and counting!Pro Pet Hero
  • Pet CPR & First Aid All of our staff are thoroughly trained in pet CPR and first aid. Our preparation ensures that in the unlikely event of an emergency, your pet will be thoroughly cared for and in good hands until professional veterinary care is obtained. You can rest easy knowing that your pup is boarding with our experienced and well-trained staff members.
  • Air Purification Systems Our state-of-the-art air purification systems ensure fresh air is continuously pumped into our facilities. Additionally, our advanced air systems allow us to create the perfect climate-controlled setting for your pup, no matter the conditions outside. You will never have to worry about them overheating or getting too cold when they are boarding with us!
  • Daily Sanitation Schedule One way that we ensure the safety of our furry guests is by strictly adhering to a daily sanitation schedule. Our common areas are cleaned daily, only using cleaning products that have been proven to be pet-friendly. Each room is thoroughly and deeply cleaned between guests, and your pup’s bedding will be washed daily.
  • Behavioral Evaluations Your pup will always be closely monitored by our trained staff when participating in optional activities with other dogs. In addition to this close and constant monitoring, you can feel good boarding your dog with us because each dog will undergo a thorough behavior evaluation prior to being allowed to socialize in groups. Our experienced staff will group dogs depending on a variety of factors, such as size, age, and behavioral needs to ensure each guest has a safe and happy stay with us.
  • Medical Accommodations Your pup will receive a daily five-point wellness check from our trained staff to ensure that everything is going smoothly during their stay. In addition, our staff members are trained to handle various medical needs. They can administer medications and other supplements during your dog’s stay, though additional charges may apply.

Fun and Excitement Awaits at Greenlin Camp Hill

When you choose to board your pup with our Greenlin family, you are ensuring that your pup will have somewhere safe to stay while you’re away, and you can also ensure they get the fun and stimulation they need to be happy! There are a variety of activities that you can add to your puppy’s stay. These include high-energy play, swimming time in our in-ground swimming pools, daily bedtime stories and tuck-ins, and even spa services such as bathing and nail trims!

tired guest at greenlin camp hill puppy boarding

Puppy Academy

If you are working on training your pup and would like that to continue while your puppy is boarding with us, you can enroll your dog in our Puppy Academy. Our staff is highly trained in different techniques to ensure that all dogs can learn the tricks and skills necessary to have a happy, healthy, and safe life.

Academy classes are offered during daily puppy day camp and during overnight stays, as well. Visit our Puppy Academy page to learn more about the different options available to your dog and your family!

Give Your Puppy the Gift of Greenlin

Our Greenlin Camp Hill facility has it all: fun, excitement, love, and safety! Your pet will adore our experienced and knowledgeable staff and all the fun activities you can choose for them to do! You can feel comfortable leaving your pup with us, knowing their safety and happiness are our top concerns.

If you are ready to make a reservation for your pup, want to ask a few questions, or would like to tour our facility, please contact us. To get in touch, fill out a form online, call us at (717) 904-3539, or stop by and visit 925 Linda Ln, Camp Hill, PA. We can’t wait to meet you!