Camp Hill Day Play and Train

Give your dog an exciting day packed with activities and education. Drop them off in the morning, and pick up a dog that's not only been well-exercised but also has some new tricks up its sleeve!

Combine Dog Daycare and Training at Greenlin

Training your dog is an essential part of maintaining a strong, positive relationship throughout your life together. Dogs also crave socialization, activities, and the chance to play with some like-minded furry friends.

At Greenlin, we understand the need to pack as much as you can into your busy day, and that's why we offer our special combined dog training and daycare packages. Not only can you ensure that your dog is supervised and having a great time while you are gone, but you can also help build out their repertoire of commands, or you can address ongoing issues you've been having with behavior.

Greenlin's certified trainers will work closely with you to set achievable goals, and our daycare staff is highly experienced in making sure your precious pup has a fun, safe time during their stay. Find out more about how to make the most of your combined dog day play and train stay when you reach out to one of our six locations in the central PA area!

The Flexible Way to Stay, Learn, and Play

Greenlin's comprehensive dog training programs give your pup a leg up when it comes to being more acclimated to the world around them. They'll learn expected behaviors, as well as how to respond appropriately in certain situations. Through time and effort and repetition, they will come to achieve a greater understanding of what it means to be a valued member of the household.

Dog training at Greenlin is an enriching experience, but it is not an all-day affair. We understand that dog owners may need some extra time to themselves to work, run errands, or get on with their busy day. That's why we've combined our dog daycare with training services in order to provide a full-day experience that will leave your pup both satisfied and edified.

Whether your training session is held early in the morning, in the late afternoon, or at some point in between, you'll know that your dog is enjoying themselves during the remainder of their day. They can learn lessons and then get some play time in, or vice versa. You can even combine Play and Train with our dog spa services to take home a pup that's looking, feeling, and smelling great!

Dog Training at Greenlin Is Tailored to Your Unique Goals

Every household is different, and so is every dog. While we offer a range of set programs at Greenlin's dog training schools, such as our Canine Good Citizens Program certification, we typically customize instruction to the behavior of the dog and the goals of the owner.

Our ultimate aim is to help dogs and owners reach a new common understanding. By listening closely to your current challenges and where you hope to be someday, we chart a path from now to a future where you and your dog can be happier together.

Certified trainers at Greenlin dig deep to understand the roots of your dog's current motivators, and then we seek to work with — not against! — those motivators to encourage them to adopt new ways of approaching the world. With this learning philosophy, dog obedience training at Greenlin can be not only fun and stimulating for pets but also rewarding.

Dog Socialization Is an Important Part of Happiness and Wellness

Many problematic behaviors in the home setting can be attributed to one nefarious enemy of even the best-mannered pets: boredom. With the same routine every day, dogs may seek to find new ways to entertain or express themselves.

Getting opportunities to socialize can help your dog feel more confident and more satisfied. Just like a nice, long walk helps them stretch their muscles, an extended play session with canine friends helps stimulate their need for running in a pack. After a day of engaging their minds and bodies, they can go home feeling contented and ready to take a well-deserved rest.

By providing your pet with both dog daycare and training on the same day, you guarantee that your beloved animal has received all the engagement it needs in order to feel both challenged and rewarded. Come find out why so many of our loyal clients love our services — and why they can be even better when combined together!

A Careful Process of Introducing Dog Training That Sticks

While we never apply a cookie-cutter approach to training your dog, we do think carefully about each stage in the learning process. Whether your goal is to teach your dog new commands or to work on problem behaviors like jumping on people, it all starts with the basic building blocks of understanding.

The process is never truly over, either, as new skills and disciplines are continually put to the test thanks to owner instruction and training maintenance. Just like with people, learning never stops! It's all about introducing new ideas and then testing those ideas in a world that never stops changing.

Each Greenlin canine will undergo the following steps in training in order to ensure that goals can be met:

1. Evaluation — We always seek to meet the dog where they are at rather than expect them to grasp new concepts right off the bat. To understand your dog and better structure its learning curriculum, we begin the training process with a thorough behavioral evaluation and owner discussion. We listen to the challenges you've been experiencing and the ideal future state you would like to reach. We also observe the dog within the facility setting to see how they react to a highly stimulating environment.

2. Behavior Shaping — All animal behaviors are extremely complex. They involve a set of innate responses to the environment, which become coupled to certain strategies for interacting with the environment through a process of trial and error. A behavior-shaping approach to dog training starts this process from scratch. We break down complex interactions, like greeting a stranger politely, into basic building blocks. Our trainers then seek to work the dog through each step, so they can understand what is expected and how to later combine several actions or behaviors into one command.

3. Imprinting (Teaching Commands) — "Imprinting" is another word for learning by example and through repetition. The most commonly regarded type of imprinting instruction is the teaching of commands like "sit" or "leave it". However, behaviors instilled during imprinting can also be triggered by non-verbal cues, as well as situations like people coming in through the door.

4. Proofing — "Proofing" refers to the process of solidifying lessons learned early on. Many dogs can quickly be taught to perform certain actions on cue in an ideal setting, like the home or a quiet training room. To ensure these actions will be performed reliably in other settings, they are tested through proofing.The trainer will introduce distractions like noisy environments, distance, or increase the duration that the dog must hold the command to ensure that each command sticks.

5. Maintenance — The maintenance phase is performed at home or during follow-up visits to the dog trainer. Most maintenance involves retraining commands as environments or situations change, such as after the introduction of a new pet "sibling". Owners can also learn how to ensure reliable recall of imprinted behaviors at home and out in public.

Stellar Facilities and a Top-Notch Reputation

When enjoying dog daycare or training from our patient and certified professionals, your pet will feel as if all the stops have been pulled out so that they can relish their stay.

  • Spacious play and training facilities — Greenlin Pet Resorts locations feature multiple acres of outdoor play areas. These have been sectioned off for maximum safety and enjoyment for all animal groups reveling in the great outdoors.
  • Highly trained staff — All trainers have been verified and certified by Greenlin according to their knowledge and experience. Day camp supervisors similarly undergo training for safe group play and monitoring guests throughout their stay.
  • CPR and First-Aid Trained — All Greenlin staff are trained in pet-safe First-Aid and CPR techniques, allowing us to give life-saving treatment in the event of an emergency.
  • Climate-controlled indoor play and training areas — There's no shortage of room for activities and training at Greenlin! If the weather is bad or outdoor areas are in-use, all locations have climate-controlled indoor play gyms as well as multipurpose rooms perfect for training sessions.
  • Safe and sanitary — All equipment available during dog daycare has been evaluated for safety and efficacy. Our staff disinfects common areas daily using pet-safe products and CDC-recommended sanitization techniques.
  • Vet trusted and approved — In addition to being given Harrisburg Magazine's "Simply the Best Lifetime Achievement Award", Greenlin facilities are recommended by local vets.

Come Let Your Dog Stay, Learn, and Play the Day Away at Greenlin!

Play dates at Greenlin are always exciting, and our star pupper pupils love the one-on-one engagement (and tasty rewards!) they get during training sessions.

If you want your dog to enjoy a great learning session preceded or followed by hours of playtime, look no further than our combined dog training and daycare program. We offer great rates for combined activities, especially when you book multiple training sessions at once! So don't hesitate to reach out to one of our five Harrisburg-area locations to enroll your dog in the school where recess is one of the most important classes.