Camp Hill Dog Bathing & Spa

Who couldn’t use a spa day every once in a while? If your dog is looking ruff and needs some TLC, think Greenlin for all your dog bathing needs. Our knowledgeable staff are experts in gentle care. We're happy to provide your pup with some relaxing and luxurious spa sessions.

Camp Hill Dog Bathing

If your dog needs a good brushing, a blow-out, bath, or nail trim, bring your dog down to our Greenlin Camp Hill location! We offer the listed services, as well as other premium spa experiences. All can be purchased separately or added to a package when your dog stays for daycare or boards with us.

If you are curious to check out our Greenlin Camp Hill dog bathing stations, please do not hesitate to fill out our online communication form, call us at (717) 904-3539, or come visit us at 925 Linda Ln, Camp Hill, PA. We look forward to hearing from you!

Conveniently Located Dog Bathing in Camp Hillcute dog having a spa day at greenlin camp hill

Our Greenlin Camp Hill location is easy to access, no matter where you are traveling from! If you are traveling on Interstate 581, you can take Exit 5B, turn onto State Route 15, and then take the Lower Allen Drive exit to Gettysburg Rd. Once you’re on Gettysburg Road, you can follow it until you find us on Linda Lane!

If traveling on State Route 15, you can turn onto Lower Allen Drive. After about .2 miles, you’ll turn onto Gettysburg Road, which you can follow until you arrive at Linda Lane. You’ll see us there!

If Simpson Ferry Road is more convenient for you, you can just follow that road heading east. You’ll turn onto Linda Lane and see our location on your right.

No matter where you’re coming from, we are thrilled to be able to work with you and your family. For all of your pet bathing and spa needs, keep Greenlin Camp Hill at the front of your mind. You and your pet will be glad that you did!

Book a “Paw Spa” Treatment Today!

Our professional staff has the right tools and experience necessary to give your pup the royal spa treatment, regardless of their age or size. No matter if your pup just needs a quick splash in the tub or a more in-depth spa experience, Greenlin has the right services and packages for your family!

Our Services

Our number one goal when your dog visits our spa is to have a safe and happy experience with us. Our thoroughly trained staff members are gentle, caring, and patient when it comes to providing services to your canine companion. You can choose between a-la-carte and professional wash packages.

Our available services include:

  • Premium or basic bath
  • Nail Trim
  • Brush Out

Why is it Important to Regularly Wash Your Dog?

While it might sound superfluous to book a spa day for your dog, you are actually doing them a favor.

Regular cleaning of your dog, especially by a professional, is an excellent way to ensure that your pet is being monitored by a professional regularly. While dogs don’t need to bathe as regularly as humans do, it is recommended by the American Kennel Club that most dogs get a bath every 4 to 6 weeks.

dog getting a bath at greenlin camp hill

  • Odor Reducing No matter how much you love your dog, you probably don’t want to smell them all over your belongings! When too much dirt and oil build up on your dog’s fur, they can begin to develop a strong scent that can linger on your furniture, in your home, and in your car. A bath can help reduce the pungent smell your dog may have developed. Additionally, a strong scent can sometimes signal a health concern, so getting them checked over by a dog bathing professional can help ensure that your dog is, and stays, in tip-top shape!
  • Remove Built-Up Dirt and Oils Your dog’s furry coat is meant to help them regulate their body temperatures by providing insulation. However, if their coat is saturated with an excess of dirt and oil, those substances can interfere with your pup’s ability to maintain comfort when the temperature varies. Additionally, if dirt and/or oil are left in contact with the skin for too long, issues like inflammation, irritation, itching, and even infection could occur.
  • Coat Health If your dog is not bathed enough, it can cause their fur to begin to mat, or clump together. If this becomes severe enough, it can lead to other skin issues. Our bathers have experiences with all types and breeds of dogs. We can help to remove existing mats, as well as work to keep your pup's fur nice and smooth to prevent mats from forming in the future.
  • Reduce Shedding Many different breeds of dogs have more than one layer of fur which goes way beyond what you touch just by petting your dog. Our professionals have tools that are specifically designed to reach beyond your dog’s topcoat. This enables our staff members to loosen hair from all layers of your dog's fur, which, in turn, helps to reduce shedding. This has two benefits: your dog will be more comfortable due to the reduced amount of fur, and there will be less of it for them to lose!
  • Ensure Paw and Nail Health One interesting fact about dogs is that their nails are very similar to humans in that they never stop growing. However, this means they need to be regularly trimmed and cut in order to keep your dog comfortable. If your dog’s nails become too long, they can cause discomfort in your pooch. It can even cause changes to their natural posture, all of which negatively affect your dog’s paw health.
  • Health Screenings Every time your pup is bathed by one of our experienced, professional staff members, they are also given a check-up just to ensure that everything looks good with their coat, skin, and paws. Our staff is trained to look out for any signals that may suggest your dog has a more serious health concern. Catching issues earlier rather than later is paramount to good health outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about our dog spa services:

Does Greenlin Offer Dog Grooming?

dog bathing guest at greenlin camp hill

While our staff members are happy to bathe and brush your dog, we cannot trim or clip your dog’s fur. We do offer deshedding treatments and are happy to brush your dog, ensuring they have clean, healthy, and non-matted fur.

Does Greenlin Restrain Dogs During Bathing?

We may leash your dog during certain parts of their bath, such as when they are being sprayed off. If your dog is not confident and calm around water or has a history of behavioral incidents, our staff may choose to exercise their professional judgment in using additional restraints for the dog's own safety, as needed.

How Long Does a Bath Take?

Our typical bathing services take anywhere between 25 – 50 minutes to complete, though they can possibly take longer depending on the extent of the job, the size of the dog, and their cooperation. We recommend that you call to book a time slot for your pet, as our bathing services can be in high demand, resulting in a long wait time if you do not have a scheduled appointment.

A Visit to Greenlin Camp Hill Will Have Your Pup Feeling Clean and Healthy

When you pick up your pet from our spa services, you will be met with a happy, healthy, and clean pup! What better time to cuddle with your pup than right after they’ve had a day at the spa? Pet bathing and spa services are just a small part of what Greenlin Camp Hill can do for you and your family to make your lives happier and more convenient. Contact us for dog boarding and dog daycare.

If your dog is ready to take the plunge and enjoy our spa services, fill out our online communication form, call us at (717) 904-3539, or come visit us at 925 Linda Ln, Camp Hill, PA. We can’t wait to meet your pet and have them become a part of our Greelin family!