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Having a new puppy can be a fun and exciting time for your family, but it can also be difficult! You want your puppy to grow up with good habits, and starting to train them can feel like an overwhelming task. Sending your puppy to our Greenlin Pet Resorts training facility in Camp Hill is a great way to ensure that your puppy gets the training they need from experienced professionals.

Greenlin Pet Resorts Camp Hill Puppy Academy

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Your new puppy is bound to be sweet and cute, but it can also be a handful! New puppies have a lot to learn. They can typically explore their world in ways that may be destructive. You will want to show your puppy boundaries and teach them what behavior is and isn’t acceptable, all while maintaining a positive relationship with them. 

If that sounds like a tall order: it is! However, there are resources that can help you and your family navigate this fun and exciting time. Sending your puppy to the Greenlin puppy training classes is a great way to make sure your puppy is learning what you want them to learn. You also get the opportunity to continue training at home with tips and activities tailored to your individual puppy.

Puppies (dogs who are six months of age or younger) can come to our puppy academy and learn the basics of training and obedience. Our trainers are experienced professionals who will teach your puppy in a highly structured and engaging setting.

With over 20 years of experience in working with pets, Greenlin is a popular choice for pups and their parents alike. If you are interested in learning more about our puppy training classes, contact us by calling (717) 388-2379, filling out our online contact form, or stopping by at 925 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA.

When Is the Best Time to Train My Puppy

When you imagine your life with a new puppy, you likely focus on the fun, good things, such as all the cute pictures you’ll get and the sweet cuddles you’ll have. While that is a big part of raising a puppy, it is also important to remember that your puppy is very impressionable in the first few months of its life. This is the ideal time to train your puppy.

Greenlin Camp Hill Puppy Academy is Here for You!

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When you bring your puppy to our puppy academy, it is just like sending your puppy to school! Our days are highly structured and scheduled, all planned for the sole purpose of being able to shape your puppy into the dog you want them to become.

We know that having a new puppy, especially those first few months, can be stressful and exhausting. Unfortunately, that time also coincides with the best time to start training your dog. By bringing your pup to Greenlin, you can take some of the stress and burden off of your shoulders. Know with confidence that your puppy is learning what it needs to learn, while giving you a much-deserved break. You will also get the opportunity to work with your puppy in a supervised, controlled setting. That way, you can feel fully confident in carrying over the training from Greenlin to your home.

While there are many things that you want your puppy to learn, we try to prioritize the most important skills to tackle first. Some of the things that your puppy will be working on include: leash training, interacting with others, and being calm in a variety of social settings, such as when playing with other dogs. We also cover basic obedience skills, and skills, such as appropriate behavior during grooming and handling.

Your Pup Will Love Being in Greenlin Puppy Training Classes

Our Puppy Academy includes full room and board for your puppy for either a 10 or 20-day stay. When you sign your puppy up for our Puppy Academy, your dog will have access to top-notch amenities to make their stay truly stellar.

  • Private Rooms – No double bunking here! Your pup will have their very own room with fresh bedding that is changed daily. 
  • Feedings on Your Schedule – You won’t have to worry about a change in your pup’s feeding routine when they start Puppy Academy. We are happy to follow the feeding schedule that works best for your dog, and we will feed them the food you use at home. Of course, if you would prefer, we can also provide our in-house premium dog food for a small additional cost.
  • Wellness Checks Daily – We know it can be scary to drop off your new pup, but you can rest assured that their health and wellness is being assessed regularly. Our highly-trained staff will perform daily 5-point health and wellness checks to ensure that your dog is having the time of their life when they are with us.
  • No Boredom Here! – When you sign your puppy up for our puppy academy, you can feel good knowing that your pup will be spending their days in a fun, highly stimulating environment. Their days will be filled with learning, socialization, positive reinforcement,  and fun!
  • Make Lifelong Friends – While at puppy academy, your pet will be able to meet new friends. Of course, safety is our top priority, so we will only introduce your furry family member to pups that match them in size, age, and temperament. Your puppy will get to play games and utilize our playscapes. They will have a ball!

Our Camp Hill Puppy Training Classes Meet Your Pup Where They Are

While there are many skills that we want all puppies to learn during their time with us, we also know that no two puppies are the same and may be in different places on their learning journey and also motivated by different things. Because of this, we do a thorough evaluation on all puppies before we begin training so that we can ensure their time with us is as productive and as enjoyable as possible.

All of our guests will work on learning basic behavioral and obedience training, and our trainers will be sure to work with your puppy in the way that’s best for them. 

A Solid Foundation for Your Puppy’s Training

We know that the first six months of your puppy’s life are some of the most crucial, as they are learning so much every day. However, it is easy for your pup to learn some bad habits, as well. That is one of the reasons why our Greenlin Puppy Academy can be so useful and effective for your family. 

Studies have shown that puppies that receive obedience training respond better to a variety of situations in their lives. Let Greenlin help you give your puppy the strong behavioral foundation you want for your pet!

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  • Evaluation – We will work with your puppy in a variety of situations to learn what skills we need to prioritize. We will also talk with the owners and come up with a comprehensive plan that will work to serve your pup and your family.
  • Behavior Shaping – Instead of immediately starting with teaching commands, we will first work on something called behavior shaping. As the name implies, this stage teaches basic behavioral expectations in a structured setting before we move on to commands. This training might include teaching your dog to stay calm and attentive or not to jump up on people. Our trainers do this by rewarding specific behaviors and working to redirect your puppy to those behaviors in a variety of different situations.
  • Imprinting (Commands) – We will work on reinforcing behaviors made on-command, also known as imprinting. We know that dogs can be highly motivated to imprint new behaviors because they are positively rewarded when they do. Our positive rewards include treats, praise, and adoration. Some of the basic commands that we will work on will teach your dog to sit, stay, come, as well as others. These basic commands lay a solid foundation for additional training for your dog later in life.
  • Proofing – Proofing is an important step of our process. Once dogs are able to accurately respond to commands in a quiet, controlled setting, we take it a step farther. We want to ensure that your puppy is able to listen to your commands no matter the setting, so we introduce them to situations that include distractions, distance, temptations, or other complicating factors.
  • Maintenance – Once your puppy is done with us, we will give you the tools you need to continue the learning at home. You will work with your dog to reinforce the skills that they learned with us, and day by day, these skills will grow even stronger. These tools will help your puppy navigate new people, animals, and other experiences in a way that is safe and acceptable to you.
  • It’s Your Turn! – The very last step before you take your puppy home is to get your family involved with the training. All members of your household will have an opportunity to see the skills that your puppy has learned during their time with us and receive important information and training tips to take home to keep the learning going.

Contact Greenlin Pet Resorts in Camp Hill Today

We can’t wait to add your new family member to our Greenlin family! We accept puppies into our training program year-round, so if you are interested in signing up for our puppy academy, there’s no reason to wait! 

If you are ready to sign up or simply have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and experienced staff members would love to chat with you or show you around our facilities. You can call us at (717) 388-2379, fill out our online contact form, or stop by and see us at 925 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA.