The level of intensity and duration of activity that your furry friend needs to live a well-rounded life generally depends on their breed, age, and current lifestyle. The way you play with a 3-week old puppy will be different than how you engage with an older, adult dog. Also, certain breeds like Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and German Shepherds have increased energy levels and need more attention throughout the day to work it off. 

dog exercising by playing

Aside from genetics, if your animal lives a fairly relaxed lifestyle, like most indoor cats or small lap dogs, you won’t see as much day-to-day energetic behavior. With this kind of routine, your pet may get the occasional burst of energy and run all around the house asking you to play with them. Don’t be alarmed when your furbaby does this’ it is a sign of a healthy, happy pet! 

The short answer is that every animal is different, and needs a unique routine that is right for their lifestyle. There are clues that you can look for in your animal’s behavior that are tell-tale signs of boredom and lethargy. 

Signs Your Dog Or Cat May Need More Exercise

If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise for their energy level, chances are, they’ll show you. 

A typical dog will need anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 full hours of exercise throughout each day, and if they aren’t getting what they need, there are some common signs that you may have already noticed. Increased barking and destructive behavior like chewing furniture or shoes, tearing up pillows, and breaking things may be your dog’s way of telling you that they don’t feel satisfied with the amount of exercise they get. 

A dog that becomes unusually aggressive toward other animals in the house, roughing them up harder than usual during play fights is another common sign of having too much built-up energy. If you have noticed your dog having trouble falling asleep, rapidly gaining weight, or looking sad/depressed, try incorporating more exercise into their daily routine.

If a cat feels too energetic for its own good, you’ll likely experience an increase in meowing and scratching at the furniture around the house. Cats are generally self-sufficient animals, so if they feel like you aren’t meeting their needs for exercise and playtime, they’ll usually take it upon themselves to run around and get the energy out themselves. 

However, some cats require a bit of encouragement to keep themselves stimulated — and out of trouble. Provide them with plenty of toys, including boxes to explore and cat towers to climb. Engage them in direct play a few times a week to improve your bonding together and to keep the cat actively interested in play, exercise, and satisfying their predator instincts.

Easy Ways To Incorporate More Exercise Into Your Indoor Cats Life

It may feel like a challenge to find ways to exercise with your cat without being able to take them outside for a walk or to something like a ‘cat park.’ While some cat owners have taken up leash training and outdoor adventures with their feline friends, the majority of cat owners have trained them to be strictly indoor or indoor/outdoor roaming. A cat that roams independently will get most of its exercise on their own, but may still enjoy playtime with its human. 

Strictly indoor cats will need more attention when it comes to meeting their daily exercise needs. In recent years there has been a surge of interactive cat toys to keep hyper felines entertained, including automatic laser toys, battery-powered mice and fish, and teaser toys that you hook to a high surface and will randomly move around when your cat is interested. 

Cats with feline siblings also have an easier time getting their necessary exercise in for the day. Multiple cats in the same household (at least, ones that tolerate each other) will play when they feel bored. This is not only a great way for your cats to exercise but also an amazing opportunity for your cats to bond with each other. Simply put, exercising with a cat is all about finding what they enjoy doing and encouraging them when they seem excited or hyper. 

Fun Ways To Keep Up With Your Dogs High Energy Level

If you have a high-energy dog breed, a couple of walks a day may not sustain their needs for daily activity. High-energy dog breeds require more vigorous exercise to keep their brains stimulated, and it can sometimes be hard for their owners to keep up. 

You don’t necessarily have to run alongside your leashed dog or chase them around the yard for half an hour to make sure your dog is living a healthy, active life. You can play fetch, go skating, or even use training as a way to exercise. 

Some dogs enjoy swimming or hiking, and some dogs simply prefer to play with other dogs instead of humans. If this is the boat that you’re in, dog sports have become increasingly popular within the last few years, and dog parks are always a fun way to spoil a well-behaved dog who loves to be social.

The Importance Of Exercising Safely

Not all animals can handle the same level of activity, so it is important to monitor your pet’s behavior during playtime and ensure that they aren’t straining themselves to continue. 

Especially if you have multiple pets in the same house, they may try to push themselves because they enjoy playing, but offering them a nice distraction like a drink of water or some calming affection is a safe way to deter their attention. 

Never exercise or play within an hour of feeding your animal, as that could lead to digestion issues or more serious injuries in larger dog breeds. Another safety precaution to consider is how the weather in your area could harm your pet. Extreme heat could result in burnt paws on walks or dehydration. 

Always remember to supervise your animal regardless of how they play or what they enjoy playing with, as choking hazards and bodily injuries are common when hyper animals lose control of their excitement.

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