10 Dog-Friendly Veggies to Prepare for Your Dog

A dog runs with a carrot in his mouth.

Do you worry about your dog getting sick of eating the same food every day? You can always add supplements, liquid broths, or even veggies! Brighten up their bowls with produce that you may be able to find in your fridge already.  However, before starting your culinary journey, be aware that some fruits and vegetables…

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Can Dogs Get Sunburned?

A small dog runs in the sunshine.

Extreme heat and sun exposure aren’t good for humans and aren’t healthy for your furry friends. Dogs are at risk for sun damage and more serious related health concerns just like humans. Your dog can get heat stroke, heat rash, and yes, sunburn. All of these are major concerns and should be treated appropriately and…

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How to Care For a Dog With Sensitive Skin

A brown dog with curly hair sits on the ground and stares at camera.

  Your dog can tell you a lot about the quality of their health just based on their skin and coat. Your dog’s skin is the largest organ throughout their entire body and is a vital part of their immune system, protecting them from the germs of the outside world. Because your dog’s skin is…

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What to Do If Your Pet Snacks on Socks (And Other Non-Food Items)

dog eating toilet paper

We all know that dogs love to chew, and puppies have a notorious reputation for destroying your favorite pairs of shoes. Many dogs grow out of it. But for some, eating inappropriate items can be a lifelong habit, one that can really cause problems. This is especially true if they don’t just chew on the…

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What to Do if Your Dog is a Picky Eater

dog is a picky eater

It can be very concerning if your dog, all of a sudden, loses interest in eating. While it could simply mean you have a picky canine in your household, their change in appetite could also indicate an underlying health problem that needs to be dealt with immediately, particularly in senior dogs, young puppies, or dogs…

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How Much Exercise Does Your Pet Actually Need Every Day?

dog exercising by playing

The level of intensity and duration of activity that your furry friend needs to live a well-rounded life generally depends on their breed, age, and current lifestyle. The way you play with a 3-week old puppy will be different than how you engage with an older, adult dog. Also, certain breeds like Golden Retrievers, Border…

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5 Tips to Make Walking Your Dog Easier

woman walking her dog

Medical studies have shown that dog owners, on average, live longer than people who don’t own dogs. Whether this is a correlation or causation thing (or both) isn’t completely clear yet, but what we do know is that dog owners tend to spend more time outside, which is beneficial to their mental, emotional, and physical…

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Things You Can Do To Prepare for Flea Season

dog scratching at fleas

Warmer weather spells more quality time in the great outdoors and less time cooped up in the house. But it also means your furry friends can end up bringing inside some unintended guests of their own. As the temperature rises in your area, so does the risk of your pet having to deal with fleas…

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Why Vaccines Are Important for Your Pet

dog getting a vaccine

It is absolutely critical to get your pet vaccinated to prevent them from suffering from highly contagious and deadly diseases. In fact, aside from providing your pet with food and water, keeping up with regular core vaccines is the most essential thing you can do for your pet. While we understand that every pet is…

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog’s Toys and Bedding?

dog sleeping on its bed

When it comes to cleaning, some habits may be well-established. It’s not uncommon for some people to run their dishwasher every night or wash their sheets every weekend.  However, when it comes to cleaning routines for our pet’s belongings, cleaning schedules may not be so clear. In fact, it can be easy to overlook these…

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