When we began Greenlin, we were excited to do our part to help the members of our community find a safe, nurturing place where their animals could live, play, and be loved. We proudly announce that we can now offer those services to a whole new community in the Hershey area — an announcement that made local news coverage on ABC27 and other area outlets.

greenlin pet resort hershey location

Families in the Hummelstown and Hershey areas can enjoy the convenience of a nearby location, and they can relax knowing their precious family members are in good hands. The new facility boasts 10,000 square feet of indoor play space, and it is surrounded by four acres of fenced yards, artificial turf, grass, and natural areas perfect for walks.

Greenlin Pet Resort Hershey is our fifth location, and it represents our shift towards larger facilities that can offer more amenities. At the same time, we promise to retain our focus on client-centered pet care — “clients” meaning both our human customers and their pets. We have no goals to maximize our capacity or grow beyond our means. Instead, we want to be able to know each pet by name, along with their personality, preferences, and any special care needs.

Our services also include pet training and socialization. These training sessions are perfect for new pups and adopted animals of all ages who are still getting acclimated to their new home. Engendering good habits during this time period is critically important, and it can help ensure that you and your animal have a long, happy life together that’s marked by trust and understanding rather than stress.

If you are interested in having a pet stay for day camp, overnight dog boarding, a training session, grooming, or any combination thereof, we are open in Hershey and ready to meet your animal with open arms. Call (717) 707-7900 or email us for more information on booking, the services we offer, and how we can accommodate your unique pet.

Pet Care and Stimulation Courtesy of Trained, Qualified Staff

One way Greenlin aims to separate ourselves from similar pet services providers is that we only work with employees who share our passion and our attention to detail. When you board or bring by your animal, you can trust that it is in a safe place where it gets to be its best self.

We train our staff in a variety of areas that are collectively designed to ensure wellness and minimize any possible risks to your pet’s health or safety. If you have a senior animal or one with special needs, we eagerly accommodate them, including administering medications and helping them with any mobility problems. 

Our activities are selected based upon the preferences of the animal and their own comfort levels. While some animals love nothing more than to jump into a pile of new friends, we know that others prefer solitude and calm companionship. 

Animals that are being boarded receive five-point wellness checks periodically and a minimum of three relief breaks a day.

Doggie daycare facilities include artificial turf play areas, natural play areas, and even in-ground pools for dogs that love to swim. If your animal is interested in swimming but doesn’t quite have the strokes down, we even offer swimming instruction!

Supervising staff is kept at a close-ratio to the number of dogs present, and all of them are trained in first aid and CPR as well as how to lead safe group play practices. 

Training That’s Perfect for Recently Adopted Pets

Another important service now being offered to Hershey area families is dog training. Because we know that every dog and dog/owner relationship is unique, the training services we offer encompass a range of philosophies and goals. 

Greenlin opening day

Your pet can learn obedience, behavior modification, general socialization, and more. We can also teach you on how to further the learning and engage in a positive, fulfilling relationship with your pet reinforced through healthy behaviors. You can collaborate with us on training you have already begun in the home, and we offer support to reinforce trained behaviors so that they stick.

Hershey, We Can’t Wait to Meet Your Pets!

The new Greenlin facility is an evolution of the philosophy that brought us together in the first place. We started this business with a desire to do something we’re passionate about while offering the level of quality of service that we would want for our own pets. With bigger facilities and more amenities yet a focus on keeping the small boarding numbers we’re known for, we can better serve you and ensure that you have a happy pet coming home with you — one who hopefully can’t wait to come back!


When interviewed by ABC27, our co-founder and owner Doug Gellatly emphasized that “we don’t want to be one of those places that can take care of 300 dogs at a time. We want to remain an upscale boutique where we know all the pets by their first name.’’

That’s a promise we can deliver on, and we think it can make a small but meaningful difference in the quality of life for you and your pet.

Learn more about our services and how we can help your dog stay active and engaged while you go to work or on vacation when you call (717) 707-7900 or email us today.