Hampden Township Puppy Boarding

When you are away and can’t provide that attention yourself, you can trust Greenlin Pet Resorts at Lamb’s Gap to take good care of your pup. We’ll keep them clean, safe, and well-fed and make sure your furry little friend has plenty of opportunities to learn and explore. There’s a reason why we’ve been named “Simply the Best” for boarding pets by Harrisburg Magazine for over a decade!

The Best Puppy Boarding Is at Greenlin Pet Resorts in Lamb’s Gap

We understand that every puppy is unique, so we ask our pet owners for information about their pet’s habits, personality, and special needs. We encourage puppy owners to bring a supply of their pet’s usual food and treats, but we can provide our nutritious puppy food for a modest fee. Our trained staff provides regular five-point wellness checks of your pup’s health during the day.

We take in puppies starting at 6-8 weeks in age, about when they should have received their first DAP/DA2PP vaccination. Our guests should have up-to-date immunizations, including their rabies vaccination, by 16 weeks.

Find out more about how we can make your pup’s stay un-fur-gettable when you call (717) 297-6396, contact us online, or visit our location at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd. in Mechanicsburg.

Convenient Puppy Boarding Near Lamb’s Gap and Mechanicsburg

We’re about half a mile south of Wertzville Road and just minutes away from both I-81 and State Route 581, so we’re easy to reach from anywhere in the Hampden Township area.

Boarding a Puppy at Greenlin

At Greenlin, we have the best facilities for boarding puppies. Each of our guests has their own private room with plenty of space to move and stretch. Rooms are cleaned and sanitized for every guest, and bedding is laundered and refreshed daily. We provide plenty of fresh, clean water and refill it several times daily.

Our facility is designed with your pet’s health in mind. The air in our building is carefully filtered and temperature controlled, so it’s never too hot or too cold: just right. Your pet will be comfortable and breathe easily throughout its stay. Puppy Boarding at Greenlin’s Lambs Gap Location is all about providing a wholesome environment for your pup.

Puppies need extra attention, and we make sure they get it with extra potty breaks and health checks. We make a point of feeding puppies on their regular schedule. We play soothing classical music in their rooms: we find that it helps pups remain calm.

At Greenlin, We Know Puppy Care

Puppies are lovable, snuggable bursts of energy, but they also come with their own set of needs compared to an adult dog. At Greenlin, we don’t mind boarding younger dogs because our staff has been prepared with the training and experience to make their stay safe, pleasant, and enjoyable.

One way we help make puppies feel more at home is with more supervision and extra care in handling. Every moment during this formative period can have an impact on puppies, so our staff aim to create pleasant memories while helping them enjoy the experience of being exposed to new things.

Puppies are also given extra relief breaks throughout the day, especially after meals and before their nighttime snooze. With optional play packages, we always group puppies in groups of similar size and age so they always feel safe and in the company of like-minded friends.

Fun and Games

Puppies need attention and play, so we provide them with optional supervised activities. Greenlin Pet Resort in Lambs Gap has a large yard for puppies to run about in and toys and structures for them to explore. All playtime is conducted under the careful eyes of Greenlin’s staff, so your pet will have fun and be completely safe.

Your time away from home can be an excellent time for your puppy. It can even be a learning experience. Greenlin’s program will give your pet plenty of chances to explore new places, meet new people, and socialize with other dogs. These are all great experiences for a puppy to learn from.

Customized Boarding for Puppies

We also offer customizable experiences for puppies, so your pet can get the best experience — and maybe learn some skills it couldn’t learn at home.

Greenlin Pet Resort offers an indoor swimming pool so pups who like to swim can jump into the water and paddle their way around. We can give your puppy a swimming lesson if you think it might like to learn!

Greenlin Puppies Playing and Learning

We can also set your pet up with additional individual and group play, available through optional add-ons for their stay. Our staff can take your puppy out for a nice walk, play fetch, or let them enjoy themselves in our spacious yard or our indoor playroom with other puppies in their age and size range.

Just because you aren’t around doesn’t mean your pet can’t learn new tricks or commands. Greenlin offers professional puppy training so your little friend can learn to fetch, roll over, and come to you on your command with the best of them. Our puppy package allows your pup to learn while they board, combining a highly structured stay with rewarding exercises, games, and activities that help get them started on the right foot. Boarding for puppies at Greenlin is a chance for your pup to grow physically and mentally.

Nighty-Night Pups!

Bedtime is important for puppies: they have lots of energy, but they also need plenty of sleep. And if your little one needs a bit of encouragement to go to dreamland, we can provide a tuck-in service as an add-on to their stay, with lots of extra cuddling and kisses and tummy rubs. We can even read your pup a bedtime story to help it nod off.

Keeping Your Furry Little Friend Safe

Greenlin goes to great lengths to keep your pet safe the whole time it stays with us. We have fifteen years of experience caring for pets, and all our staff is trained in canine first aid and CPR. Our Lambs Gap location is just a short walk from an animal hospital in case your pup needs expert care in an unlikely emergency.

To prevent the spread of germs, we sanitize all rooms and indoor play areas daily using pet-safe cleaners. Our comprehensive check-in procedures help us spot dogs that need additional care and minimize the risk that an unhealthy dog will spread diseases to your pup.

Greenlin keeps playtimes safe, too. Along with grouping pets by age and size, our staff observes group play and evaluates pets for behavioral problems. We will quickly break things up if playtime gets too rough.

Greenlin Pet Resorts: The Best Place for Your Puppy to Stay While You’re Away

Greenlin Pet Resort at Lambs Gap provides a clean, safe environment for your puppy. We can give your pet plenty of opportunities for stimulating play, training, affection, and creature comforts to keep it happy. Our trained staff will take excellent care of your little friend while you are out of town. Greenlin is the best place for your pup!

Find out more about what your young pup could get up to and how much they will enjoy their stay by talking to a Greenlin associate. You are welcome to schedule a time to tour our facilities and see first-hand why it’s great to be a pup at Greenlin!

Schedule your puppy’s stay when you call (717) 610-4624, contact us online, or visit us at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd.