Hampden Township Cat Boarding

Your cat can enjoy all the luxuries of home while lounging away in a 5-star Pet Resort. When you leave, give your cat a vacation of their own with our completely customizable overnight stays at Greenlin!

A Purr-Fect Stay for Your Cat Awaits at Greenlin

It’s well known that cats are independent creatures, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t miss having attention and someone around when you leave town. When you board cats with Greenlin, they’ll never go a day without someone around to feed them right on schedule and give them any special attention they need to feel safe and content.

There are many different cat personality types, and whether you’ve got a socialite or a cuddly couch potato, their stay can be completely customized to fit their comfort zone. Before you bring your cat to stay with us, you’ll be able to tell us more about their routine, socialization skills, likes, and dislikes so that we can keep them content while you can’t be with them.

Leaving the house for a few days? Book one of our private condos for your cat at Greenlin! They’ll receive 5-star care from specially trained staff and enjoy various amenities to keep them cozy for your whole trip! Learn more about our facility when you call (717) 732-2255 or stop by to see the facility for yourself. We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.

Boarding Cats Enjoy Luxurious Amenities and Top of the Line Care

We want your cat to feel like they’re at home, so we’ve thought it out down to the finest detail. From ensuring that the cat suites have access to sunshine, to the spacious multi-compartment kitty condos they’ll enjoy, your cat will have everything they need to maintain their normal lifestyle and daily habits while you’re away.

  • Personalize Their Stay With Our Detailed Questionnaire. One of the most important resources we have to make sure your cat is receiving the care they need is the personalized questionnaire that you fill out before their stay. This list of questions will help us understand your cat’s personality and the best ways for us to keep them happy. We’ll ask you about their favorite toys, when they like to eat, how they like to be handled, their level of socialization, and more!
  • Spacious Multi-Compartment Suites for Every Guest. Cats love to lounge by nature, and the spacious multi-compartment suites at Greenlin give your cat the perfect safe space to enjoy their time and relax. This will be your cat’s personal space while they stay with us, and they’ll have a lot of time to settle in and make it their own! This space is big enough for the litter box to be far away enough from their feeding station and lounging area, so that they can feel comfortable and sanitary. You can even bring a blanket or a few toys for your cat to safely keep in their suite for the familiar smell of home. Litter boxes are consistently changed, and fresh filtered water is replenished constantly.
  • Meal Time on Your Cat’s Schedule. We know that your cat’s feeding schedule is one of the most important parts of their daily routine, and we wouldn’t want to change that. We recommend all pet parents bring a supply of their cat’s traditional food, along with feeding instructions, so we can ensure they are getting everything they need on schedule.
  • Chill Out in the Community Lounge. Your cat won’t spend all their time in their suite, as we have a large indoor community area for cats to stretch out and roam around. This is where we keep many toys and cat trees for your feline to enjoy.
  • We Can Accommodate Special Needs Cats. At Greenlin, all cats are welcome! Just because your pet requires a bit more special attention from our specially trained and trusted caregivers doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy a lavish vacation in a 5-star pet resort! Just let us know of your cat’s special needs before your stay, and we’ll have a caregiver explain how we can accommodate.

Greenlin Is the Safest Stay in Town

Boarding a cat can be a stressful situation for owners because putting your furbaby in the hands of another caregiver is a hard thing to do. We understand your reservations, but our facility has taken vast precautions, including substantial training for all staff, to ensure that we are the safest place for every loved pet!

You could leave them at home, but you bear the risk of many emergency scenarios playing out with no safety net in place. When you are gone, you deserve to focus on your plans, but without a quality pet resort like Greenlin, there is no one to soothe your worries about their wellbeing.

  • Staff Undergoes Extensive Training for Cat Boarding. All staff obtain considerable in-house training to prepare them for emergencies, common situations to be prepared for, and in-depth animal handling training. On top of this immense training, our pet handlers must be feline First-Aid and CPR certified before caring for cats like yours.
  • Daily Wellness Checks. Our 5-point comprehensive wellness check is one of the main ways we update you about your cat’s condition, and adjust our care if necessary. Your cat’s well-being is important to us, so every day we will check on their overall state and ensure that they are lounging comfortably in our facility.
  • Serious About Sanitization. We take every measure to ensure the cleanliness of our facility. All common areas, toys, and play equipment are disinfected and sanitized with pet-safe products daily, along with a strict suite cleaning schedule that includes general sanitizing, change in laundry, and thorough cleaning of the litter box and meal area.
  • Clean Air. We have also implemented a state-of-the-art air filtration system that removes dander and fur from the air so that our guests are only ever breathing in the clean, fresh air.

Boarding for Cats Is More Than a Suite: Check Out​ These Sweet Customizable Entertainment Packages

The best part about a vacation is the activities you enjoy while you’re there and the memories you keep for a lifetime. Give your feline friend a chance to make life-long memories with our customizable entertainment packages that can make both social butterflies and introverted kitties happy.

  • Private Laser and Toy Time. Playtime is very important for all domesticated animals because while they look adorable snuggling in the sun, an active kitty is a healthy kitty! You’ll have the option of giving your cat independent laser and toy time with one of our caregivers away from the rest of our guests. They can blow off some energy by running around chasing a laser or attacking plush and teaser toys. You can bring your own toys, but we also have a large selection for them to enjoy!
  • One-on-One Attention and Extra Snuggles! For cats who thrive on human attention, you can request extra one-on-one time with a caregiver, so they have someone to hang out with while they relax in the sun. For these special couch potatoes, we also have suites with television access so they can watch all their favorite networks.
  • Bedtime Stories Nightly. One of the best parts of every day is snuggling up with your cat and getting cozy in bed. This time is just as special to them, and without you there, it can be hard for a cat to feel comfortable enough to sleep as much as they’d like. Our loving caregivers can read your cat a bedtime story, offer affection, and give them a kiss before bed every night during their stay.

Traveling Soon? Cat Boarding With Greenlin Lambs Gap is the Way to Go!

Don’t leave your cat home alone without anyone to hang out with, snuggle with, or monitor their general health. Instead of expecting them to fend for themselves, our skilled and loving caregivers can give your furbaby all the comforts of home while ensuring their safety and well-being are protected.

When you go out of town, call (717) 275-9420 or come by and check out our spectacular amenities for yourself. We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, close to one of the top locally trusted veterinarian offices in the area.