About Us – Greenlin Lambs Gap Location in Mechanicsburg, PA

About Greenlin pet resorts

Doug and Steph Gellatly always had a love of pets. In early 2000, they found a local farm property that they saw as a perfect home for a high-quality pet resort.

Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR Certified

This 40-acre diamond in the rough could offer local pets and their families new experiences and lives enriched. Having owned pets of all kinds & personalities, the Gellatlys knew no two pets have the same needs in preferences. Their vision came to life in 2002, when Greenlin Pet Resorts opened its doors to the public.

Returning to the family business after college, their daughter Jenn rejoined the effort to turn Greenlin into a five-star pet hotel worthy of the furry family members she grew up with. Luxury suites, expansive play yards, and passionate staff became hallmarks of Greenlin Pet Resorts. Customized activities in stellar accommodations ensure a fulfilling experience beyond a typical stay. At all five locations, every furry guest gets exactly the right amounts of attention & exercise for the best in pet happiness!

Small dog posing for the camera