The first few months with a new puppy are crucial because they set the stage for a fulfilling, lifelong relationship. Every puppy is one of a kind; even experienced dog owners often need assistance in figuring out how their new family member learns best. 

puppy leash training

Greenlin Pet Resorts’ certified trainers are professionals capable of handling the unique temperaments of puppies of all types. Our central Pennsylvania puppy training program can help your family navigate this joyous (but often stressful!) stage of development in a way that works for everyone involved. 


At Greenlin, our training philosophy supports the full-spectrum wellbeing of every dog. What exactly that entails is different for each pup who comes through our doors. With a staff of professional trainers who are certified and experienced in a wide variety of techniques, we can find the training methods that best suit your puppy’s individual personality.

Every training program is customized to fit the unique needs of your family as well as your puppy. Our approach to puppy training is centered around 3 core objectives:

  • Achieving reliable responses to verbal queues, taught using positive reinforcement and tons of fun.
  • Getting the whole family on board with training and ready for life with a growing, learning puppy in the household.
  • Providing you with the confidence and skills you need to maintain your puppy’s training in the home environment, as well as through our continued support and guidance.  


Combine puppy training with lodging at our top-tier boarding facilities for a comprehensive obedience program that sends you home with a well-trained pup. 

obedient puppies

Puppies are in a constant state of learning, and it can be all too easy for them to pick up problem behaviors in those early days at home with their new family. When you send your puppy to our Prep School, you can rest easy knowing that they are not only having the time of their life in a safe environment filled with new friends but are also getting the structured attention and early socialization they need with our professional trainers and dog-loving staff.

When graduation day arrives and it’s time to pick up your puppy, we will go over everything your little one has learned as well as cover everything you need to know in order to keep them on track in the home environment.


We understand that there are unique challenges at every age and stage of development, and as such, you may need additional support while navigating new situations with your puppy. Our central Pennsylvania puppy trainers form a relationship with each dog who comes through our program, and nothing makes them happier than seeing their graduates succeed. We will set you up with everything you need in order to see lasting results, including extra perks like phone support from a certified trainer. 

We also offer adult dog training courses for families who want to take their dog’s obedience to the next level after mastering the puppy basics. When you work with Greenlin, both you and your puppy learn the techniques that plant the seeds for a happy, fulfilling life together to bloom.