Hampden Township Puppy Academy

Puppyhood is a sea of adventures, and with the right training, you can set your puppy up for a life full of exciting experiences with you at their side. Our boarding and obedience training program can help your puppy quickly acquire essential skills they’ll carry into the rest of their lives.

A Trusted Methodology That Shapes Well-Rounded and Confident Pups

Just like in human children, the first few months of a dog’s life are crucial. This is when your dog begins to form lifelong habits, and it is also a period where they develop their confidence. Puppy training gives your dog the tools to confidently explore this new world with poise while keeping in sync with their owners, ensuring the first steps in a long and happy life together.

With Greenlin’s puppy academy, your young one will enjoy a highly stimulating boarding school-style environment. During their stay, they’ll learn basic commands, gain confidence, and have fun! These skills improve communication between dog and owner, which can help you to enjoy a safer and more fulfilling relationship together.

Pups who stay and train during our intensive puppy academy program learn rapidly and adjust quickly to the structure. Puppies need a foundation to navigate the world around them with poise and self-control, so help them reach a more focused state with Greenlin’s puppy school.

Want to learn more? Call (717) 732-2255 to speak with a team member about our facility, or stop by and see it yourself! We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, just minutes away from one of the area’s most trusted animal hospitals.

Greenlin Lambs Gap Puppy Training School is for All Young Learners

As a pet parent, you have individualized goals for your dog’s training journey. We know that every family lives differently and will want to instill different skills into their furry friends, so our caring puppy training instructors will take the time to assess your dog’s behavior, mannerisms, and also your personal objectives for training.

We encourage dog parents to enroll their young pups in training classes early because fully-trained dogs usually have more fulfilling lives with exciting experiences and privileges, so starting them off young gives you a head start!

Pups Learn Faster When They Attend Our Boarding School

When your dog boards with us, they’ll enjoy our lavish amenities, make new friends, and be exposed to our many controlled training environments. Boarding school gives your dog the chance to build relationships outside of the home and learn at an accelerated pace. This crucial exposure typically shapes more confident, composed dogs because they have been desensitized to many situations while building vital social skills.

To accommodate all sorts of pups, we have put together customizable packages to suit your dog’s unique personality and lifestyle.

Puppies Live in Luxury When They Stay At Greenlin

Dogs live like royalty when they stay with Greenlin. We have 5-star amenities, top-quality suites, and loving caregivers to help your dog feel comfortable and cozy while they stay with us.

Whether you have a social butterfly, a curious George, or a couch potato, we’ve got you covered. Everything your dog could need to lounge safely and comfortably is available at Greenlin courtesy of our trusted caregivers.

  • 5-Point Wellness Checks — One of our certified caregivers will conduct a 5-point wellness check to evaluate your dog’s general health each and every day of their visit. This diligence helps us ensure that their needs are met consistently, enabling them to focus on learning and having fun. Young guests at Greenlin also receive additional supervision for their safety and extra relief breaks for hygienic care.
  • Gourmet Meals Just How They Like It — Your dog’s diet is an important part of their life. We encourage all pet parents to bring an ample supply of their dog’s usual food, along with feeding instructions and any supplements they might take. We feed them on their schedule, and we can even offer gourmet treats made in-house at your request. A premium mealtime option is also available for a small additional charge.
  • Privacy Is Our Best Policy — No one wants an unexpected roommate when they go on vacation, and neither does your dog! Fortunately, they will receive their own spacious pod to relax in and call home for the duration of their stay. With a cozy lounging area and a separate feeding space, your dog can safely rest at night at the end of a long day in puppy school. Some suites have television viewing access, and classical music plays throughout the housing area to promote calmness in the guests.
  • All the Comforts of Home — We want your dog to feel as comfortable as they do at home, so we’ve thought out every detail and gathered a long list of customizable amenities for you, the pet parent, to build from. Energetic pups can be given more time to run around and burn off energy, snuggly pups can get extra attention and tv time, and your pup can even be tucked in for a bedtime story.
  • Tons of Room for Play and Learning — We have multiple indoor rooms suitable for training sessions, and our locations boast double-fenced play yards that offer plenty of green space. All play is fully supervised, and puppies are put on leashes during key training exercises and group interactions.

Your Pup’s Safety is Our Top Priority

The most important aspect of working with dogs is keeping them safe. We take safety seriously at Greenlin, and so we have established many rules, regulations, and practices to ensure the protection of all of our guests. Call us today to learn more about vaccination requirements, behavioral evaluations, and play groups.

  • Certified Instructors Trained In-House — Before our instructors can lead puppy training classes, they become canine First-Aid and CPR certified, on top of completing our vigorous in-house training programs. Our staff all have different backgrounds in pet care, but we share one thing in common: we are passionate about pets and their wellness.
  • Strict on Sanitization — Our sanitization practices run like clockwork to keep our facility clean for all guests and visitors. All common areas are disinfected daily, and training equipment and apparatuses go through multiple disinfecting periods a day depending on how many guests interact with them. Importantly, all of our cleaners are pet-safe! We have also invested in state-of-the-art purification system that filters dander and other debris out of the air.
  • Locally Trusted and Vet-Recommended — Our puppy academy is just one of our many services at Greenlin Pet Resorts. Over our years in business, we’ve built close relationships with the area’s pet pros and have become a go-to for locals. Named “Simply the Best” in business by Harrisburg Magazine, we strive to be constantly improving the lives of pets and pet parents alike.

What to Expect Out of Puppy Training Classes

There are many benefits to professional training, but what can you expect us to do for your pup that creates the benefits you see at home?

  • We’ll observe their current behaviors and set expectations and boundaries to help them learn proper behavior and responses.
  • We will help your dog recognize and develop the desired behaviors by rewarding them.
  • We can develop verbal cue response skills in an engaging and motivational environment.
  • All imprinted commands and behavior routines are trial-tested during our proofing process, making them “stickier” and more likely to be recalled in a variety of settings.
  • We’ll offer you tools and feedback to continue maintenance training at home which will help their lessons stick as they grow and mature.
  • We will also involve the whole family in the training experience to maximize support and maintenance training at home.

Set Them Up For Success With Our Puppy Academy At Greenlin Lambs Gap!

This world is an exciting place for young puppies, but without the proper tools to face it, the world can be equally intimidating. Help your dog grow with confidence and positive behavioral habits by introducing them to accelerated early-life training programs.

Are you ready to help your dog flourish into a well-rounded and well-behaved member of the family? Call (717) 732-2255 to learn more about what our facility can offer your family, or come by and see our amenities at work for yourself! We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, just minutes away from one of the area’s most trusted animal hospitals.