Dog Training at the Greenlin Lambs Gap Location

Every dog-and-owner partnership has a unique set of dog training goals and challenges. That’s why our certified trainers build custom programs using proven methods you and your dog will understand and benefit from. Canine pupils of all ages, breeds & needs can find success at Greenlin Pet Resorts.

Our Dog Training Philosophy

The certified trainers at Greenlin Pet Resorts know one size doesn’t fit all. All of our trainers are experienced in multiple proven training techniques with dogs of all kinds. This lets us find what your dog responds to best while having lots of fun along the way. Whether you need obedience training, behavior modification, or socialization, we’ve mastered it all (and so will you)! Our ultimate goal is to lead you and your dog to a richer & more fulfilling relationship built on trust and respect.

At the heart of every personalized training program are three main objectives:

  • Teaching your dog verbal commands in a positive way
  • Helping you and your family maintain & improve upon your dog’s training at home
  • Providing training resources and ongoing support to ensure the training holds
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Call to schedule your free training evaluation!

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The First Step is on Us

Our training programs begin with a Free Training Evaluation, where you’ll meet one-on-one with a trainer team member. This helps us draw the complete picture of your training situation and answer your questions. You’ll tour our facility and go through our comprehensive options for meeting your goals. We offer flexible hours to suit busy schedules.

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Lodge & Learn — Fun Training Camps for your Dog!

If your dog needs an introduction (or a brush-up) on the basics, we’ll help him develop the fundamental skills and behaviors that make the perfect furry family companion. Soon enough you’ll have a dog that responds to commands the first time, comes when called, walks calmly on the leash, and greets your guests politely.

Our action-packed training camps improve lines of communication between you and your dog, making way for a lifetime relationship of love and understanding. While your dog enjoys a stay in our award-winning lodging accommodations, we’ll provide daily training sessions tailored to your specific training goals. Another benefit of our Lodge & Learn program is we have more distractions to hone your dog’s awareness and establish greater focus. Come pick-up time, we’ll equip you with all the knowledge you need to reinforce your dog’s new training.

Resources for Lifelong Success

Your training experience doesn’t end when you leave Greenlin Pet Resort. Our training graduates enjoy invaluable perks to carry them through to total mastery of their new skills in the home and beyond. Our ongoing guidance includes follow-up lessons, training tools and resources, easy & fun training “homework,” and phone support to ensure lasting results.

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