Hampden Township Dog Training

Dog obedience training is a key part of giving your dog a healthy, well-rounded life. Without it, dogs have a higher risk of developing anxiety or undesirable habits later in life. Our trusted team of trainers works extensively to build personalized training strategies that compliment each canine’s unique personality.

Lambs Gap Dog Training Classes

We know that your dog is an important member of the family. Our approach is different for every pup because each dog family has unique objectives for training, and they also bring their own expectations to the process. We’ll meet with you and your pup to assess their skill level and learning style. We'll also review your goals to ensure we can offer the best training experience possible.

Greenlin’s comprehensive training methods, dedicated staff, and spacious learning environment will give your dog memorable days in training camp.

Is your pup ready to learn? Call (717) 297-6396 to learn more about our facility, or stop by and see it yourself! We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, just minutes away from a locally trusted animal hospital.

The Right Trainer Can Make All the Difference

One of the most important aspects when choosing a training facility is the trustworthiness of the staff. Our instructors go through extensive pre-requisite training programs and receive multiple safety certifications like AKC and GCG certificates before they work hands-on with any of our students. Each trainer is taught in-house to understand our training methods and must be canine First-Aid and CPR certified in order to work with your dog.

Our mission is fairly simple. We’ve put together our thorough and trusted training structure to:

  • Teach your dog verbal commands in a positive way
  • Help you and your family maintain & improve your dog’s training at home
  • Provide additional training resources and ongoing support to make sure that training is retained permanently

There are different options for class set-up when your dog joins Greenlin Lambs Gap. Your dog can participate in one-on-one or group training sessions. Tailored goals can focus on socialization, obedience, behavior modification, or even mastery of specific commands.

Customizable Obedience Training for Dogs

When it comes to dog training, there isn’t one correct approach. This is because dogs come with a wide variety of personalities, and they learn in many different ways. Some dogs will require more individual attention than others, and they will all make progress at different paces. Our goal is to provide your dog with a safe and engaging place to learn life-long skills.

We have put together a 5-point learning structure that engrains the skills we teach your dog into their daily life. Whether you are looking to modify undesirable behaviors, teach your dog advanced tricks, or learn basic commands, our experienced trainers can help. We’ll also offer resources so you can continue training independently, ensuring that they retain the skills they learn with us.

1. Evaluation
When you come in for your pup’s first day, you’ll meet with a certified dog trainer that can conduct an in-depth evaluation of their initial skill level, sociability, and general temperament. These assessments will help us understand what combination of training strategies will be the most efficient for your dog. We also want you to share your goals for training. What progress do you want to see in your pup? Are there certain commands you insist they learn? Your dog’s evaluation is the perfect time to share these thoughts.

2. Behavior Shaping
The world is a fascinating place for dogs, with new sights, smells, and sounds at every corner. This can make it hard to remain attentive and receptive to verbal cues or commands. To combat the natural urge to follow sensory inputs, we use behavior-shaping techniques. These improve your dog’s willingness and desire to respond. Your dog will learn to focus, avoid distractions, and redirect their attention back to the caregiver in this stage of the program. We’ll give your dog tools to find a center of calmness, making future milestones possible.

3. Imprinting (Teaching Commands)
Imprinting is the process of developing expected behaviors into your dog’s natural rhythm, typically with a cue like a verbal command. Imprinting can start with basic commands like "sit," "stay," "drop/leave it," and others before eventually moving on to more advanced responses. With higher-level canine students who’ve already mastered these cues, you’ll have a wide variety of options to tailor commands and objectives to your pet's challenges and your lifestyle needs together.

4. Proofing
In dog training school, the proofing stage of the training process makes commands and learned behaviors easier to reproduce across a broad range of settings. Initial imprinting teaches the pet to respond in ideal conditions, whereas proofing introduces factors like distance, delay, extended duration, distractions, or other challenges. The goal is for the dog to understand how to reproduce the expected behaviors on cue, regardless of the environment.

5. Maintenance
As your dog spends time away from the training facility and grows in the world around them, maintenance training allows them to refresh their training experience. Dogs strengthen the training they’ve previously built and learn how to apply it alongside any new factors in their life. From moves to new pets to health challenges that come with advancing age, maintenance ensures you and your pet are ready for a full, rewarding life in each other's company.

We Encourage Owners to Participate in Class

When you enroll your dog at Greenlin, you and your entire household gain the knowledge needed to reinforce and extend training in the home setting, and everywhere you go. After your pup has completed their initial dog behavior training program, you’ll be invited to participate in a demonstration that informs everyone about the new skills acquired. Not only will this class give you the tools you need to further training at home, but it is also a wonderful celebration of your dog’s achievement. Having family to cheer and watch them show off their newly developed skills is important for their confidence.

Dog School Packages

You have a busy life, so we have conveniently put together multiple scheduling options for pet parents. Spending so much time away from your dog while they train may be difficult, but the improvement you’ll see once they complete their training program is worth the wait.

Lodge & Learn

Pair training with our luxury overnight lodging package. This package involves a 10 or 20-day overnight stay where your dog is immersed in skill-developing training and engaging stimuli daily. They’ll enjoy all the lavish amenities of Greenlin Pet Resorts, like spacious play areas, cozy private suites, and gourmet treats. One benefit of overnight lodging is that you typically see results faster, and it also allows you to maximize the value of the time they spend when you need to board your animal.

Play & Train

For social butterflies, our Play & Train program is a dream come true. Spend the day learning life-long skills while enjoying playful activities and time with new friends. We offer multi-day packages to encourage rapid progress, and new guests have a required minimum of three training sessions a week to maximize advancement.

AKC Certification Programs Available

The AKC’s reputable Canine Good Citizens program represents the gold standard for good dog behavior. This certification highlights the hard work that your pup put into their training, and in some cases, may be necessary for your lifestyle. A landlord might require a training certification for tenants with dogs, for example, or they may find it easier to trust you as a tenant because of it.

AKC testing is available at Greenlin, and we can set a goal during your pet's training to help them achieve good scores in all ten target areas.

Stellar Dog Training at Greenlin Lambs Gap

Your dog has a unique personality, and we want to help them learn in a way that makes the most sense to them. Our personalized approach allows dogs to progress important skills in a safe and comfortable way. By offering such a positive environment, we encourage pups to retain their learned skills faster and more efficiently. That's one big reason we're recommended by vets, and trusted by locals — earning us Harrisburg Magazine's "Simply the Best" decade award!

Call (717) 297-6396 today to learn more about our 5-star facility.