Hampden Township Dog Boarding

The dogs play when humans are away! Instead of leaving them behind, give your dog the benefits of luxurious amenities and consistent supervision when you leave home. Greenlin in Lambs Gap is a spacious facility equipped with extensive resources to help your dog feel like they’re in a home away from home.

At Greenlin Lambs Gap, It’s a Dog’s World After All!

Leaving your dog behind is never fun, but sometimes it isn’t possible to take them with you. Instead of leaving them to lounge around at home unsupervised and with inconsistent care, give them a unique adventure with the ultra-customizable overnight dog boarding stays at Greenlin Lambs Gap! Our facility has everything from five-star amenities to discounted play packages and professional recommendations.

You know your dog better than anyone, so give them a special stay put together by the person who loves them most. Couch potato? Hyper socialite? We have amenities for every personality that will keep them entertained until you come back! Call (717) 732-2255 or come in person to see our facility for yourself. We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, just minutes away from a locally trusted animal hospital.

Pups Are Treated With High-Quality Care and Can Enjoy Luxurious Amenities at Greenlin’s Boarding Lodge!

We pride ourselves on having gone above and beyond to provide pups with everything they could need and more! They’ll feel all the luxuries of home while enjoying vacation-like amenities and the service of multiple loving caregivers. Let your dog feel your love even while you’re away with our trusted caregivers available to keep them happy.

Spacious Private Quarters

Every guest is given a private living suite where they can lounge around until their next scheduled play session, potty break, or meal time! These spaces are kept in pristine condition, with daily laundering and sanitization. Your dog can’t miss their weekly TV program? That’s no problem because some of our suites even have television access!

Room Service? Yes, Please!

We encourage all pet parents to bring a supply of their dog’s traditional diet, along with feeding instructions. We can offer gourmet treats as well.

Always Fresh, Filtered Water

Hydration is an important part of your dog’s daily routine to keep them happy and healthy. We’ll make sure that their water bowl is always full of fresh, cold water. Water stations are replenished multiple times a day and thoroughly cleaned with each swap.

Customizable Comforts Keep Your Dog Cozy

Couch potatoes, music lovers, and attention seekers, we have customizable add-ons to make every pup feel more comfortable in their temporary living space. In addition to television access with various popular networks available, your dog can enjoy the soothing music that plays throughout the living quarters or the extra attention and affection our loving caregivers offer at your request.

Look No Further Than Greenlin Pet Resorts For The Safest Overnight Stay in Town

It can be unnerving to leave your dog in the hands of another caregiver, but have you ever thought about the dangers of leaving them at home with an unproven friend or pet service? That can be much even scarier! Our responsible team at Greenlin Pet Resorts is trained in emergency pet care and practices thorough safety procedures that ensure your pup is in the safest place in town they can be when you're not home.

Vet-Recommended and Locally Trusted Facility

Our facility is located just minutes away from a locally trusted veterinarian’s office. All of our locations are in close range to community animal hospitals. We have built close relationships with local vets to make sure that we are always doing everything we can for the safety of your pets. We are “Simply the Best” at what we do according to Harrisburg Magazine and the pillars of our community. Come check us out for yourself!

All Staff Are Prepared and Trained For Emergencies

You must leave your dog with a qualified team of caregivers, which is why we take animal handling safety very seriously. Every member of our trusted staff is required to complete vigorous training that prepares them for emergencies and common scenarios to be ready for. On top of our in-house training, the staff is required to complete animal First-Aid and canine CPR training before they work hands-on with pups like yours.

Strict Sanitization Procedures

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of pet care, especially when you have a high volume of guests all running around at the same time. All common areas, play equipment, toys, and living spaces are disinfected and sanitized regularly to keep all resources hygienic for guests to use. We only use pet-safe sanitizers and disinfecting products.

State-of-the-art Air Filtration System

Regardless of the weather, your pup will always be comfortable at a Greenlin facility. We have implemented state-of-the-art filtration systems in our locations that regulate the air temperature and filter our dander and fur to ensure that every guest is always breathing clean air.

Comprehensive Wellness Checks

We conduct a 5-point comprehensive wellness check on every dog boarding guest twice daily. This procedure helps us keep tabs on their condition, update you on our findings, and adjust care if necessary. This is just one of the important tactics that we use to care for our guests and ensure their general welfare while in our care.

Overnight Monitoring

Even though our team of caregivers goes home at the end of the day, that doesn’t mean your dogs go unwatched at night. We have 24/7 remote surveillance that lets us keep a watchful eye on your pup through the night. Dog boarding can be worrying, but our constant surveillance might help you sleep better knowing your dog is never really alone.

Accommodations Can Be Made For Puppies, Seniors, and Dogs With Medical Needs

Our special packages available for seniors and puppies allow more frequent bathroom breaks, closer supervision, and for seniors, comfortable orthopedic bedding to help them sleep better through the night. If your dog has special needs or requires medication, our team members will be happy to accommodate them according to your prior instructions (additional fees may apply for certain care practices).

Required Immunizations to Ensure the Safety of All Guests

One of our preventative care measures to help ensure the safety of all guests involves certain vaccine requirements. All guests are required to be up to date on their distemper, Bordetella, and rabies vaccines to prevent the spread of such harmful diseases. Puppies under 16 weeks may be exempt from their rabies vaccine requirement after a successful risk assessment is conducted.

Exciting Add-ons and Discounted Packages Make Their Stay More Memorable

Boarding dogs don’t necessarily have to be bored dogs! Give your pup something fun to do while they stay at Greenlin. We have endless customizable play opportunities and activities that your dog can partake in to create life-long memories and new furry friends. We even have activities for antisocial pups like extra long walks and safe independent playtime with a caregiver that helps them feel less overwhelmed by the idea of other guests.

Take a Dip in the Indoor Pool!

Our specially-built indoor dog pool is just what pups need on a hot day. Your dog can splash around with their new friends in a safe, monitored environment. Eager pup with no swimming experience? Add swimming lessons to their customizable stay and your dog will come home a more confident swimmer because of what they learned from one of our trusted swim instructors.

Customizable Play Packages

From energetic pups to dogs who love one-on-one human time, we have a play package for every pup. Regardless of if your pup prefers running around with friends, jumping through hoops, or napping on the couch, we can make sure that they’re stimulated in a way that’s comfortable for them.

Your Pup Will Always Get a Kiss Goodnight

Boarding your dog can be difficult, knowing that you aren’t there to snuggle them close while they adapt to a new environment. Our loving caregivers can be there to supplement your love with nightly bedtime stories, individual attention, and of course, a kiss goodnight.

When You Take a Trip Away From Home, Don’t Leave Your Pup Behind! Give Them an Adventure of Their Own With Dog Boarding at Greenlin Lambs Gap!

Even though it can be hard to leave your dog while you go out of town, boarding for dogs is a safer option than leaving them at home with an untrained caregiver. We know you don’t want to take your dog away from their home, but our locally trusted and highly recommended facility offers all the comforts of home with the safety qualified care on-site.

Ready to book? Call (717) 297-6396 or come in person to see our spacious facility and luxurious amenities for yourself. We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, just minutes away from a locally trusted animal hospital.