Hampden Township Dog Daycare

The staff at Greenlin Lambs Gap are committed to providing an exceptional visit for all canine guests. Our team will utilize resources like exciting activities and spacious play centers to give your dog an enriching and full day of fun.

Greenlin Turns Ruff Days Into Spectacular Stays

Do you hate leaving your dog at home when you go to work or run errands? It can be one of the toughest parts of pet ownership, watching their sad little faces as you guiltily walk out the door. Many dogs actually crave consistent stimulation, so leaving them to lay around the house all day isn’t necessarily the best option for their health and vitality. Regardless, all dogs love constant attention, and our Hampden Township pet daycare services can help them blow off some energy while making both human and canine friends!

Our pet resort is like an amusement park for dogs. It's got all of your pup’s favorite things brought together in one place. Your dog can enjoy enriching activities with our qualified caregivers, a dip in the pool, acres of fenced-in land to run around, and socializing with other daycamp pups!

Our location is open seven days a week, so come check us out! Call (717) 275-9420 or come in person to see our facility for yourself. We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, just minutes away from a locally trusted animal hospital.

Why Bring Your Dog to Play at Greenlin Lambs Gap?

Our doggy daycare is the best. No, really! Our facility has been named “Simply the Best” by Harrisburg Magazine for a decade and counting. We are trusted by the community, vet-recommended, and passionate about pets; your pup will receive quality care at Greenlin.

Our commitment to excellent care is extended to every pup, and we take important measures to ensure that all of our guests have a great time with us.

  • Strict on Cleanliness. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility, with strict sanitation procedures carried out daily. All common areas and play equipment are sanitized daily, and toys are disinfected regularly. On top of a daily cleaning schedule, all guests must be updated on their distemper, Bordetella, and rabies vaccines. This acts as a preventative measure to keep all visitors safe from harm.
  • Extensively Trained Staff. Each staff member will undergo intense in-house training along with completing a canine First-Aid and CPR certification course before working hands-on with your pup. The vigorous animal handling training that every staff member must complete will help our counselors spot potential hazards or threats and stop them before they escalate into worrying situations or emergencies.
  • Accommodations for All Pups! We know there are many dog daycares available for your furry friend, but Greeenlin wants every pup to feel welcome and comfortable in our resort. Your dog’s requirement for extra care shouldn’t stop them from days full of adventures and life-long memories. This is why we go above and beyond to provide accommodations for dogs with special needs, medication requirements, or otherwise need unique assistance. (Additional charges may apply for extra care)

The Benefits Of Daycare

  • Physical & Mental Stimulation: Dogs need exercise and mental engagement to stay happy and healthy. Doggie daycare is a fun place for dogs to get all the socialization they crave while spending energy and having a great time!
  • Dogs Need Socialization: Social animals by nature, dogs thrive when properly socialized. Daycare is a safe place for dogs to interact with other dogs (and humans!), ultimately leading to greater confidence and composure.
  • It Prevents Boredom: Dogs can grow bored when left alone for long hours. You might come home to find your favorite furniture chewed up or a “present” on the carpet. These common canine challenges can often be avoided by keeping your dog busy & entertained in our daycare program.
  • Safer Than the Dog Park or Being Left at Home: Dog parks cannot regulate how dogs interact with each other, or which ones play together. Leaving your dog alone at home means they’ll have no supervision and no way to monitor what they are doing or if they’re safe. We are responsible for maintaining the well-being of our guests, and we can keep your pup safer than these options.

We Take Safety Seriously

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a daycare for your pup is the extent of safety precautions that the facility takes.

At Greenlin, we understand how hard it can be to leave your dog with another caregiver, but we can assure you that we’ve thought out every fine detail when it comes to your pet’s safety. Even the location of our facility has benefits for your pet’s safety! We are just minutes away from a trusted animal hospital that we keep close contact with, just in case of the rare event of an emergency.

  • Small Guest to Staff Ratio. Your dog will constantly be under watch by our skilled staff of caregivers. Every activity and playgroup is thoroughly monitored by multiple staff members, and dogs are never left unattended without supervision. We promise to keep an eye on your pup while you can’t!
  • Fencing Surrounds Our Yards. One of the best parts of doggie daycare is the spacious play areas that offer way more room to run around than they would have at home. To keep your dog safely inside our facility, we have implemented a fencing system that ensures their containment to the resort’s outdoor land.
  • Doggy Play Groups Match Likely Friends. As we’ve mentioned before, all dogs are welcome at Greenlin! We have guests of all sizes, ages, and breeds, which means that to keep playtime safe, we group dogs of similar backgrounds together. Before dogs participate in group activities, we will take the time to meet your dog and learn more about their personality so that we match your furbaby with other pups that they’re more likely to get along with.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas. Sunny days or pouring rain, we’re ready for all types of weather! Nothing will stop your dog from having a day of enriching and fun activities, not even unpredictable weather. On rainy days, we have special activity plans to keep dogs stimulated without any outdoor exposure, but sunny days are meant for running through the grass!

Greenlin Is More Than Just a Daycare Center!

The best part about our facility is the diverse range of activities and additional amenities that we have available to all of our guests. We like to believe that we have something for every pup, as we’ve put together a long list of customizations and add-ons that can make your dog’s day a little more personalized and a lot more special.

  • Celebrate Puppy Parties With Greenlin. Birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever you’re celebrating, we’ve got the puppy party for you! You can make any event more special for your dog by inviting all their friends to enjoy a day of customizable activities and delicious treats with your pup at the center of the action and attention.
  • Indoor Doggy Pool! Our built-in-ground indoor dog pool was designed especially for pups. Does your dog love to swim? They can take a dip and doggy paddle around our monitored pool with all their new friends! For pups with less experience in the water, we offer swimming lessons with one of our qualified instructors to help them gain more confidence in the water, learn basic techniques, and even do fun tricks and play games.
  • Pair Daycare With a Training Session. Dog daycare is much more than a caregiver looking after your dog’s basic needs. You can pair our daycare services with a skill-enhancing training session that has your dog actively learning while they play! When your dog trains with us, they can master basic commands, learn new tricks, and gain enriching behavioral tools. Dog training is an important part of establishing a high quality of life for your dog and can help you better communicate with each other!
  • Special Training for Puppies Available. Younger dogs require more special attention while they’re learning, and our trainers can help you jumpstart your puppy’s life of learning with training sessions that increase their confidence and ability to understand verbal commands. We’ll help your puppy master basic commands that other dogs may not learn until they’re much older, which can set them up for success when they grow into adult dogs!
  • Add Spa Services to Your Dog’s Next Daycare Visit. After a long day of running around, training with one of our instructors, or even taking a dip in the indoor pool, your dog may need a pampering treatment! Our spa offers brush-out (de-shedding when necessary), bath, and nail trim services for all guests. We can help your dog look and feel paw-tastic before going home after daycare!

Stop Leaving Your Pup Behind When You Go Out! Enroll Them in Dog Daycare at Greenlin Lambs Gap!

You don’t have to feel guilty whenever you leave the house without your pup. Instead, give them an adventure of their own! Greenlin offers dogs everything they need, along with exciting activities they didn’t even know they wanted until they came to us. By sending your dog to our top-of-the-line daycare, they’ll have enriching stimulation and be carefully attended to even when you’re away!

Call (717) 297-6396 or come in person to see our extraordinary amenities for yourself. We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, just minutes away from a locally trusted animal hospital.