Hampden Township Dog Bathing & Spa

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Regularly scheduled dog baths are a great way to improve your pup’s skin and coat, check their general wellness, and reduce shedding.

Ruff Day? Refresh With Our Luxurious Dog Retreat and Spa

Dogs love a bit of pampering, too. Your dog is constantly growing new layers of fur while shedding old layers off. This process can lead to a buildup of shed fur after a while, and your dog could be walking around with extra weight that they don’t need to carry.

At Greenlin, we offer a selection of baths, nail trims, and brush-out treatments to maintain your dog's coat while helping them feel clean and refreshed. How long has it been since your pup’s last bath? Did it include a brush out and nail trim? We can help! Your dog is in good hands with our caring dog bathers.

Call (717) 732-2255 to learn more about our dog bathing services, or you’re welcome to come and see us in person. We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, neighboring one of the most locally trusted animal hospitals in the surrounding area.

Services Available at Greenlin Lambs Gap

When your dog visits our facility, we want to offer more than just a place to board, train, or play. Our passion is pets, and we love to pamper them. We’re locally trusted and vet-recommended because of our commitment to excellent care.

We’ve carefully put together an extensive list of amenities for our cherished guests, and dog spa services are available to all, whether you’re here to board, train, or simply play!

Our salon menu includes:

  • Premium or basic bath
  • Nail trim
  • Brush-out
  • De-shed treatments

Dog Bathing is an Essential Part of Your Dog’s Health

Even with a balanced diet, loads of exercise, and consistent hydration, without skin and coat maintenance, your dog could be suffering in silence. By scheduling regular dog baths for your beloved pet, you are helping to prevent serious skin and coat issues down the line.

Our trained professional can help you avoid preventable damage, like matting, and keep your dog feeling comfortable in their own skin.

  • Protect Their Skin, a Sensitive Organ — One of the first general indicators of your dog’s health is their skin and fur. Bad skin and coat health can be a sign of unidentified issues. Skin is the largest organ that most animals have. When cared for, it acts as a strong barrier of immunity from outside germs, and healthy skin increases comfort during an animal’s day-to-day life. Our professional dog bathers are trained to help nurture your dog’s skin and coat–even if their skin is extra sensitive–-giving them the opportunity to thrive.
  • Reduce the Amount of Shedding — Sometimes, you can spot a dog owner from a mile away simply by the state of their clothes. The excessive amount of fur that clings to you can be bothersome. It can also be time-consuming to go over your whole body with a lint roller you leave the house. There has to be a better solution! Regular dog bathing and de-shedding brushouts can actually help eliminate excess shedding, so your dog’s coat is always fresh and stays off your clothes.
  • Prevent Matted Fur — Matted fur is a term used to describe tangled clumps of fur that bunch at the base of the follicle. These mats can be extremely uncomfortable, and they won’t resolve on their own. Matts must be treated, or your pet may start to blister, bleed, and scar. This is considered a dangerous medical condition. While removing mats is a task best left to a vet, our gentle dog bathers are equipped to help keep your dog in optimal shape, avoiding this painful skin concern.
  • Minimize Odors and Dander — We love our dogs, but aside from fur clinging to your clothes, dog odors also travel with their owner. Dog bathing can help reduce or eliminate the overwhelming scent of dog odor so that your home and your clothes start to smell like you again.
  • Four Paws Up — Paws are one of the most overlooked aspects of at-home pet care because it usually isn’t the most comfortable for your pet either. Unless your dog is used to nail clippers, this tool can be a cause of anxiety in some pets, so owners can easily make a habit of skipping this step. Paw and nail maintenance are crucial because your dog spends their whole day on their paws and without proper care that can become painful.

Why Should I Choose Greenlin Over At-Home Care?

In theory, it may seem like the simpler option to bathe your dog at home, but it isn’t quite that easy in practice. Our professional dog bathing stations have ample space, safety restraints, and tools and equipment that you may not have at home. Without proper equipment, you may find yourself semi-successful with a wet dog and a very messy cleanup. Sometimes, it really is better to leave it to the pros. We offer best-of-breed care for dogs of all sizes and coat styles.

  • Wellness Check With Every Dog Bath — One of the first indicators of your dog’s overall wellness is the state of their skin and coat. Our trained dog bathers can assess the health of your dog’s skin and identify any abnormalities in their skin, coat, or paws. This is one area of dog bathing that most dog owners cannot try independently because they may not be keyed into what to look for. Don’t leave it up to chance, let us help. When it comes to skin problems, early detection is critical to prevent the issue from rapidly progressing in the future.
  • Our Dog Bathers Are Prepared for Nervous and Hyper Pups — Let’s face it, sometimes we have no idea how to control our pets. At Greenlin, we have the proper equipment to help your dogs stay safe and feel comforted even with intimidating tools like blow-dryers, brushes, and nail trimmers. Our loving bathers can nurture nervous pups while still corralling in the hyperactive ones and keeping them still for a spa day.
  • No Messy Clean Up — Dog bathing at home can lead to quite the aftermath! During bathing, your dog may escape, get you and everything around you soaked, and transfer their dripping dirt to your drains and clean floors. There’s nothing like snuggling a freshly pampered pooch, but not at the expense of your home. Keep the cuddles, ditch the mess. We can help you avoid all of that with our mess-free bathing services.

We’ll Return Your Pup Squeaky Clean With Our Dog Bathing & Spa at Greenlin Lambs Gap

There is a long list of benefits that come with a regular bathing schedule to help your dog live a comfortable and fulfilling life. Dog bathing services are available to all canine guests, so after a long day of playing in our facility, they may need a little freshening up. Add spa services to your dog’s next visit with us, and we’ll bring them back to you cleaner than how they came to us.

Are you ready to book your dog’s next stay or training session? Add the amenities of our luxurious retreat and spa center to their customizable visit to help them feel as good as new when they come home to you.

Want to learn more about our 5-star facility? Call (717) 732-2255 to speak with one of our staff members about our dog bathing services, or stop by in person. We’re located at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, neighboring one of the most locally trusted animal hospitals in the area.