Hampden Township Puppy Daycare

Puppies love to come and play at Greenlin! We pull out all the stops to make their visit an enjoyable experience, with extra attention, plenty of bathroom breaks, and many options for play, socialization, and learning.

Greenlin Puppy Daycare

You can’t always be there to watch after your little darling. You may have a job to go to or errands to run. Even if you work at home, you’ll probably have a project that requires your full attention every now and then. Or maybe you just need a day off!

That’s okay. Greenlin Pet Resorts is here to help you look after your pet. Our puppy daycare will keep a close eye on your four-legged friend and will provide it with new opportunities to explore, meet new friends (both the four-legged and two-legged varieties) and play.
Schedule your pup’s next play date now, or find out more about our services, when you call Greenlin Lambs Gap at (717) 297-6396, use our online contact form, or visit for a tour at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd.

Find Us Easily from Wertzville, Good Hope, and I-81

Greenlin Pet Resort Lamb’s Gap is located at 1810 Lambs Gap Road, south of Wertzville Road, just minutes away from State Route 581 and I-81. We’re easy to reach from anywhere in Central Pennsylvania.

A Great Place for Puppy Socialization

Puppy daycares can be a positive that helps your pup develop into a healthy, emotionally well-rounded dog. A little time away from its owner helps a puppy gain confidence and minimizes separation anxiety: the nervousness that a dog can develop when left alone. Good puppy socialization means your pet will be calm around other dogs without being afraid or hostile.
The best time for a dog to start meeting other dogs is during puppyhood. That’s when your pet is learning fastest and starting to form habits.

Greenlin Puppy Daycare allows your furry little friend to meet up with many friendly dogs under our staff’s close supervision. They will get to interact in a lot of different environments: indoors in our playrooms, outdoors in our sprawling four-acre fenced yard, and even in the water at our indoor dog pool. All this time around other dogs and people will mean your puppy will have more positive interactions with others: less barking and growling and more tail-wagging playfulness.

Safety First!

We take every precaution we can to make sure your pup is safe. We check vaccination records so that diseases don’t spread, and Greenlin’s trained staff monitor all play sessions. Group play is broken up by age and size, so your little pup can enjoy their time among like-sized and like-minded friends.

All the common indoor areas are cleaned and sanitized daily using pet-safe cleaners so your little friend is safe from viruses and germs.

All our staff knows the basics of canine first aid and CPR, so they can respond fast if an accident occurs. And we keep a low animal-to-staff ratio; there’s always at least a couple of two-leggeds around, so someone will be able to step in. And naturally, they’ll ensure your puppy gets all the potty breaks it needs.

There’s Never a Dull Moment at Greenlin Puppy Daycare

There’s no shortage of activities that you can sign your puppy up for. Our puppy academy will teach your pet basic skills like coming when called for or sitting still. The Lambs Gap resort also has an indoor, dog-sized swimming pool. If your puppy is a born swimmer, it will have lots of fun in the pool; if it isn’t, we give swimming lessons. (Some of these may require an additional fee — call ahead or check with our front desk for details.)

Plenty of Room for Puppy Socialization and Play

Greenlin Pet Resort at Lambs Gap has a four-acre yard with a high, sturdy fence. There are lots of fascinating structures like ramps and tunnels to go through or over and plenty of toys to play with. There are shady spots to cool off and sprinklers to run through on hot days.

If your puppy prefers to stay indoors, or the weather outside isn’t all that great, there’s a 3,000-square-foot indoor playroom, complete with toys and playsets. Puppies are full of energy, but Greenlin puppy daycare has many ways for your baby to work that off.

Our large yard and indoor playroom are great places for puppy socialization. Your pup won’t be bored!

We take care of our guests in many ways that they probably won’t notice but you’ll undoubtedly appreciate. Furry animals can shed a lot of hair and dander, so the air inside our facility is thoroughly filtered. You and your puppy will breathe easier in the clean atmosphere.

Requirements for Puppy Day Camp

We take puppies as young as six-to-eight weeks, assuming they are up to date on vaccinations.

Generally speaking, to join our puppy daycare your pup needs to have gotten its first round of shots for distemper and bordetella. (Puppies usually get these at six-to-eight weeks of age anyway.)

We will usually allow owners to wait until their puppies are 16 weeks old before they get their rabies shots, but we will examine your puppy for signs it is at risk for rabies. Puppies over 16 weeks old must be vaccinated against rabies to participate in puppy daycares or training.

Combine Their Stay With Engaging Puppy Programs

Greenlin offers a “stay and play” option for puppies being boarded at our facility. If you’re leaving town or just need a watchful eye on your puppy for a few days, we’re here to provide them with a positive and enjoyable experience. They’ll enjoy a comfortable stay in our luxury pet suites at night, and their days can be packed with group play and other fun activities.

We also offer our Puppy Academy option for owners who want their pups to get their life started out on a solid foundation. Your puppy will learn the basics of good behavior and then build an understanding of commands and other exercises. The whole family can participate, with a special demonstration and instruction session available on your puppy’s last day of boarding school.

If you want your pup to come home smelling and looking better than they did when you dropped them off, Greenlin also offers pet bathing and nail trimming services. There’s no shortage of options to make your puppy’s stay wonderful while helping you manage the hard work that goes into raising a young dog.

Your Puppy Will Love Playing at Greenlin Pet Resorts

At Greenlin Pet Resorts, we do everything to ensure your four-legged baby gets all the attention it needs and has plenty of fun along the way. We provide a wide range of activities and places to explore so your puppy’s growing mind and body have every chance to grow.

We can give your puppy a stimulating environment full of friendly humans and canines, so your pup is socialized and at ease. Whether your pet is playing inside, out in our spacious yard, or taking a dip in our pool, your puppy will be active and safe. We take every precaution to keep the environment clean and healthy. Our trained staff is ready to step in at a moment’s notice if your pet looks like it might get into trouble.

And when you’re ready to pick up your puppy, you can count on seeing a contented pup ready for cuddles and kisses and maybe a nice long nap after a busy day of learning and fun.
Schedule a stay — or a free tour! — when you call (717) 297-6396, contact us online, or visit our location at 1810 Lambs Gap Rd.