Hershey Pet Boarding

Give your precious pet a safe, comfortable home away from home. Our Hershey pet boarding facility is located off of Hershey Road and offers many options for your pet to enjoy their stay.

Stays at Greenlin’s Hershey Pet Boarding Are Always a Treat

pet boarding guest at greenlin hershey

Your pet will enjoy the best treatment when staying at Greenlin pet boarding services. From five-star accommodations to outstanding amenities, we pull out all the stops! Our guests enjoy one-on-one daily care, including fresh bedding, multiple bathroom breaks, and time to stretch their legs. Comprehensive wellness checks are also given daily, assessing the health and happiness of each animal. Optional packages can give your pet access to group play, swimming, house-baked treats, personalized attention, or even bedtime stories and nightly tuck-ins. Dogs and cats in Hershey give us two paws up, and they love the friends they make. Come see why we’re heads — and tails — above the rest when you call (717) 844-6569 or visit us at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA.

Conveniently Located Near Hershey, Hummelstown, Skyline View, and I-83

Just minutes from Hershey Park, Greenlin’s Hershey pet boarding service is right here when you need us most. You can find us by taking Hershey Road north and then take a left just ½ mile from the GIANT food store. Our facility is just past Red Top storage; look for the big blue barn building on your left!

You can also reach us from I-83 by taking Union Deposit Rd. exit to the west, taking a left on Nyes Rd., then turn right onto Red Top Rd. Follow past the Deer Valley Golf Course on your right, continue a mile, and then you’ll see us on your right.

We Treat Your Pet Like Our Extended Family

Leaving your animal behind is always hard, but we know how to make their stay enjoyable and go by fast. Know that they are in good hands, with someone to watch them and supervise their safety and well-being.

  • Private, Roomy Quarters. Our guests get enough room to move around, stretch, and splay out. Their compartments are checked daily, cleaned, and given fresh bedding. Fresh, filtered water is always on-hand and replenished several times daily. Some units even feature TV viewing with all the best cat and dog channels!
  • Daily Breaks for Dogs. When nature calls, we answer! Dogs are given multiple relief breaks and a chance to stretch their legs. Activities and group play packages are available.
  • Wellness Checks Ensure Happy Guests. Every pet staying at Greenlin receives a comprehensive, five-point wellness check at least once a day. Staff is available for monitoring during business hours, and 24/7 surveillance allows us to keep watch at all hours.
  • Feeding and Snacks Right on Schedule. We take into account your pet’s preferred feeding schedule, and we happily provide their familiar diet when it’s brought in. A premium in-house option is also offered at a small charge.
  • Fine Feline Comforts for Cat Guests. Cats are always welcome at Greenlin! Each kitty gets its own condo with multiple compartments, lit during the day by natural sunlight. The litter is scooped daily. Cat facilities are kept separate from our canine guests to ensure comfort. Games, activities, and one-on-one snuggles are available.

Vet-Recommended, Pet Approved for Safety

Guest safety is the name of the game at Greenlin! We use multiple levels of supervision, staff training, and daily protocol to promote the health, wellness, and security of every pet. Since the start of the first Greenlin location, we’ve been boarding pets for 15 years and counting.

  • Every Staff Member Is Trained and Ready. Every single member of our daycare staff and wellness boarding staff is trained and ready inPro Pet Hero the event of an emergency. They are CPR and First-Aid certified, and there are multiple animal hospitals within a 5-10 minute drive if emergency care is needed.
  • Filtered Air and Climate Controls. State-of-the-art air purification systems keep air clean and hygienic. Climate controls make sure guests remain comfortable throughout the duration of their stay.
  • Privacy Guaranteed. Your pet will never have to share quarters with another guest, and dogs can be leash-walked during every bathroom break to ensure they stay separate and safe. Of course, if they love meeting new friends, there are options for group play, activities, and more for dogs and cats!
  • Comprehensive Evaluations and Daily Wellness Checks. All new guests are evaluated extensively to ensure their needs will be met. We provide a detailed questionnaire to determine their tendencies towards people, other animals, and their typical daily routine. Every animal is also evaluated through a multi-point evaluation to assess their health and comfort level.
  • Accommodations for Medications and Special Needs. We’re happy to administer medications, provide supplements, and attend to any special care needs required during your pet’s stay (extra charges may apply for certain care requests).
  • Facilities Sanitized Daily. All of our common areas are cleaned and sanitized daily, and each guest unit is cleaned thoroughly between pet stays and multiple times a week. The bedding is refreshed daily.
  • Supervised Activities. There’s lots of fun and new friends with available activity packages! Rest assured that every play session is fully supervised by trained staff, following a behavioral pre-assessment of each pet.

Every Dog Has Its Day With Greenlin’s Boarding for Pets

happy dog at greenlin hershey pet boarding

Pups love coming to stay with us! We have many options available to make their visit as enjoyable as possible.

  • Individualized Care and Comfort. Your dog deserves to feel as happy as they would at home, so we do everything we can to accommodate them. Through pet-parent conversations and observation of the animal, we gather information to tailor each stay to the pet’s particularities. That includes their interests, need for affection, health considerations, and expectations of comfort.
  • Discounted Play Packages Available. Greenlin’s Hershey facility makes pet boarding an adventurous event! We have massive double-fenced outdoor play areas, air-conditioned indoor play gyms, and lots of games or activities going on each day. All playgroups are separated by size, temperament, and individual dogs’ needs. Dogs can also enjoy extended walks, outdoor play, and other activities each day.
  • Enjoy the Hotel Pool. Greenlin Hershey features an indoor, in-ground swimming pool designed for dogs’ enjoyment and safety. Water play is always supervised, with activities and space available for dogs of every size.
  • Tuck-ins and Stories. You’ve heard of a turndown service; well, we offer a tuck-in service! Optional packages provide your pup with nightly tuck-ins and extra cuddles before bed. We can even read them a story before wishing them a well-deserved good night.

Puppy Boarding and Senior Dog Boarding

Greenlin Hershey pet boarding is ready to wow guests of any age. We offer special packages for puppies as well as senior dogs, including increased bathroom breaks, more-frequent wellness checks, and administering of any needed medications.

Lodging for the Fanciest of Felines With Hershey Cat Boarding

cat guest of greenlin hershey pet boarding

Got a particular puss? Or a cuddly cat? We’re happy to take in all feline guests and provide them with accommodations to meet their deservedly high standards.

Cat guests at our Hershey pet boarding service get their own individual condo, access to natural sunlight, and litter scooped and refreshed daily. Packages are available for one-on-one play, group play for kitties that enjoy company, and other special treats and activities.

Book a Luxurious Vacation for Your Pet at Greenlin Hershey

We love meeting new guests and seeing the return of old friends. Your pet will be in good hands the entire duration of their stay, and you can bet they’ll want to come back for more!

Learn all about the customizable stay options we offer, and get answers to your top questions when you fill out our online contact form. Call (717) 844-6569 or visit our Hershey pet boarding facility at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA.