Hershey Dog Daycare

Conveniently located off Hershey Road (Rt. 39), our newest location offers MASSIVE indoor and outdoor play areas for your active pup.

Playtime Is Always Sweet at Greenlin's Hershey Dog Daycare

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Opened in Spring 2020, our state-of-the-art facility was built from the ground up to satisfy even the most discerning pooch. With four acres of double-fenced outdoor fields and a 10,000 sq ft indoor play gym, there's no shortage of space for dogs to run, play, and enjoy their day.

Pet owners in Hershey, Hummelstown, and Skyline View can bring their dog to their new favorite daytime hangout seven days a week. We offer safe supervision from our trained and safety-certified staff members, along with games, activities, and more! Your dog can even make a splash in our indoor swimming pool designed especially for doggies.

Call (717) 844-6569 or visit our location at 7945 Red Top Rd., Hummelstown, PA, to see why so many of our patrons get excited to stay a day at Greenlin.

Getting to Our Convenient Greenlin Hershey Location Is Easy!

Greenlin's Hershey location resides on Red Top Road, just off Hershey Road (or State Route 39). Clients from Hershey and Hummelstown can turn onto Hershey Road just off Hersheypark Drive, at the Giant Center intersection. Red Top Road is the next left, past the GIANT food store, just at the Crosswinds Winery. You can see our blue building past the Red Top storage facility.

Those traveling up I-83 can also exit at Union Deposit Road, headed east. Take a left on Nyes Road, then a right on Red Top, and we're less than five miles down on the right.

Amenities Available at Greenlin's Hershey Doggy Daycare

Lots of Room to Roam With 4 Acres of Fenced Land

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Our Hershey location boasts one of our largest outdoor acreages. All areas are bordered by high fencing and are separated to ensure safe supervision and play, depending on the group. An astro turf area is provided for bathroom breaks, followed by a large enclosed space perfect for games and activities. A special agility course is provided for dogs who love to perform.

There's also plenty of pasture for dogs who just want to run, run, run. We open these areas up depending on the weather and the mood of our guests, and we always keep doggy daycare attendees within eyesight to ensure their safety.

  • Climate-Controlled Indoor Play. State-of-the-art air filtration systems and climate controls ensure that dogs can enjoy active play on any day inside our 10,000 sq ft. gym. We keep play groups small enough to monitor safely, and groups are rotated every few hours to give everyone access to the best spots for toys, nap time, and making new friends.
  • Swim Time! If your dog loves swimming, they'll love doggie daycare at Greenlin Pet Resorts Hershey. Our indoor pool has plenty of room for laps and shallow areas for aquatic amusements. These facilities are supervised and monitored by trained staff who know CPR and basic first aid for dogs and other small pets.
  • Games and Activities Galore. We're always trying something new: new toys, new games, new activities, and new equipment. All are evaluated for safety and fun-factor before being introduced to our patrons. We also have returning favorites and surefire hits, including field-length fetch, tug of war, and more.
  • Special Days at Greenlin. There's always a good excuse to celebrate! From dog birthdays to holidays to other special events, our guests enjoy exciting, special days spent among their friends.
  • We Don't Candy Coat Our Safety Record. We love our guests and know how much they mean to our owners. To protect them, we implement safety best practices throughout the facility.
  • Picking the Perfect Playmates. One of our most important safety measures is to ensure that each dog can enjoy playtime equitably and with as much enthusiasm as they want. New guests are evaluated for their preferences, temperament, and favorite types of activities. We also take into account their size and any medical concerns. Dogs are then separated into appropriate groups so that the risks of injury — or unhappy campers — are minimized. Dogs that are not feeling social are given space to relax and feel comfortable on their own, with plenty of supervision and ongoing attention. More-active dogs are given activities to enjoy and as much fun as they can handle.
  • Accommodations for Every Pet. If you have any specific concerns or medical needs, do not hesitate to let us know. We can provide medications or other necessary care (additional charges may apply for more-involved guests) to ensure a happy, healthy stay at Greenlin. We also have plenty of options for guests who need to feel out their confidence or who may want a break from all the stimulation. Every camper is a happy camper at Greenlin dog daycare!
  • Our Staff Knows Their Safety. All staff is rigorously trained forPro Pet Hero health and safety best practices at Greenlin. They are CPR and First-Aid certified. They also receive observation and animal handling training to spot trouble before it starts and respond quickly in case of any potential incident.
  • Small Guest to Staff Ratios. Greenlin always has plenty of dog daycamp "counselors" on staff to supervise and manage playgroups. Multiple staff are always available to conduct activities, accommodate individual animals, and provide plenty of attention and affection to each guest.
  • We Keep Things Squeaky Clean. All facilities, equipment, and toys are sanitized daily. The premises are regularly inspected and monitored to ensure all needed maintenance is provided to ensure the health and safety of our guests.
  • A Watchful Eye on the Skies. Weather never dampens spirits at Greenlin. We keep track of the day's weather reports and updates to plan the perfect schedule for our dog daycare Hershey guests. With an indoor play area, an indoor pool, and other play spaces available, our guests can anticipate a fantastic day, rain or shine, hot or cold!

Get More From Your Visit With Our Extensive Hershey Dog Care Services

Want to get more out of your dog's stay at Greenlin dog daycare? This location also offers:

Why Choose Hershey Dog Daycare?

Doggie daycare at Greenlin Pet Resorts is extremely enjoyable for dogs who need to stay stimulated and engaged. Pet parents love knowing their dog is romping and playing with other canine friends while they’re at work or away for the day. Even better is picking up a tired, content dog that’s ready to relax when you are. Find out why pet parents across the globe are catching onto the invaluable benefits daycare provides!

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Benefits of Dog Daycares

  • Physical & Mental Stimulation. Dogs need exercise and mental engagement to stay happy and healthy. Doggie daycare is a fun place for dogs to get all the socialization they crave while spending energy and having a great time!
  • Dogs Need Socialization. Social animals by nature, dogs thrive when properly socialized. Daycare is a safe place for dogs to interact with other dogs (and humans!), ultimately leading to greater confidence and composure.
  • It Prevents Boredom. Dogs can grow bored when left alone for long hours. You might come home to find your favorite furniture chewed up or a “present” on the carpet. These common canine challenges can be avoided by keeping your dog busy & entertained in our daycare program.
  • Safer Than the Dog Park or No Supervision. Unlike dog parks, we are accountable for the health and safety of our guests, and we know the signs to watch out for to prevent conflict or risky play. Our staff are also all CPR and First-Aid certified.

Book Your Stay at Greenlin's Doggie Daycare in Hershey

We're always happy to accommodate new guests, and we love seeing our returning favorites. Every dog has its own special personality, and those personalities can really come alive at Greenlin! Whether running through the field or enjoying a cooling dip, they'll be sure to come home well exercised and happy — and ready to return again!

Call (717) 844-6569 or use our contact form if you have any questions or want to book a stay. Or come visit us at 7945 Red Top Rd., Hummelstown PA (services available subject to capacity).