Hershey Puppy Obedience Training

Get your puppy started off on the right foot (or paw!) with comprehensive but approachable training classes. Master the basics of good behavior and core commands while laying a foundation for lifelong happiness.

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Hershey Puppy Training Classes


Dogs can enjoy learning at any age for lifelong well-being, but the moments when they are puppies are especially critical. There is a one-year window where lessons learned can have a profound effect on obedience, confidence, self-discipline, and a strong mutual bond with owners.

Greenlin Pet Resorts sets your puppy up for success with multiple training programs to benefit your young dog. Our puppy obedience school provides a series of courses all aimed at teaching your pet the basics of being well-mannered. Enroll in small group classes, enjoy one-on-one specialty training, or send your puppy to our “puppy academy” for intensive (yet fun) puppy boarding and training program.

Our expert certified puppy trainers have the knowledge needed to improve life for both owner and dog for years to come. Call (717) 844-6569, contact us online, or visit us at our Hershey location at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA to learn more or to book your next appointment.

Early Learning for Lifelong Wellness

Puppies are always learning. They explore the world around them with their eyes, ears, nose, and teeth. They imprint upon everything they are exposed to, learning lessons their owner will appreciate — as well as some unintentional lessons the owner may like less, like “chewing shoes is a fun way to alleviate boredom.”

Since your puppy is already learning, you may as well fill their curriculum with positive, productive lessons! Enrolling them in Greenlin’s puppy training program exposes them early on to the foundations of positive behavior shaping, fearless socialization, and obedience to important owner signals. Overall, their experience builds expectations while teaching the most pivotal lesson: training can be fun!

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Socialization and Exposure Make Puppies More Comfortable in the Home

Research from the Ontario Veterinary College revealed that early exposure to different environments and processes like training had the net effect of creating friendly, happy dogs. Socializing experiences encountered at six weeks or younger appeared to be especially critical.

“This period is a sensitive time for the development of long-lasting social attachments and foundation memories,” an analysis of the study concluded. “Without positive social experiences as puppies, dogs are less likely to be the friendly, confident companions pet owners anticipate.”

Puppy Classes Improve Confidence Around Strangers

One major contributor to undesired behaviors in dogs is apprehensiveness around strangers. It can lead to submissiveness, anxiety, ignoring commands, and even unhealthy attachment to a select few handlers.

A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Science found that puppies who attended behavioral classes were significantly more likely to express a positive response to strangers compared to dogs who took classes later in life or who did not take classes at all. Taking classes also had a net positive effect compared to simply socializing the young dogs in “puppy parties.”

And, as expected, puppies and adult dogs who attended training classes were more responsive to commands and more likely to be obedient in general compared to dogs who never took any classes.

Enjoy American Kennel Club (AKC) Certified Training Programs

There are many ways to learn at Greenlin! That includes specialty programs created by the AKC to ensure that every pup has access to the basic life lessons and personal care they need to grow up happy, healthy, and well-behaved.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program

Available to puppies one year and younger, the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Program consists of six fun and educational sessions in a group setting taught by an AKC Canine Good Citizen Approved Evaluator. Class size is kept small to ensure an optimal learning and growth experience! The main goals of this program are:

  • Providing socialization
  • Providing basic training for skills that are the foundation for all other learning
  • Teaching owners about the appropriate amount of exercise and activity for their puppy
  • Teaching owners how to be responsible dog owners

Graduation from the program includes a frameable certificate, listing on the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy database, the AKC puppy handbook, a discount to enroll in Companion Animal Recovery Corporation, the monthly “Your AKC” newsletter, and skills for life!

How Greenlin Builds Better-Behaved Pups

Our approach encompasses a mixture of positive reinforcement, redirection/refocusing, and the establishment of baseline behaviors. The primary goal is to introduce the animal to the concept of learning as a fun exercise, not a chore. 

puppy obedience training session at greenlin hershey

  • A Solid Foundation for Further Learning – Puppy pupils will learn the importance of self-regulation, which allows them to collect themselves and be calm while awaiting further guidance from owners in the midst of unfamiliar situations. They will also be introduced to basic commands, like come (recall), sit, stay, lie down, stop, and drop it/leave it.
  • Testing and Proofing Amidst Distractions – Greenlin Pet Resorts is the perfect environment to put lessons learned to the ultimate test. Once puppies have a firm grasp on basic behavior shaping and commands, they will be asked to perform as expected even when there are complicating factors. These include distance, distractions, and the presence of other temptations like food or new potential friends.
  • Small Classes Sizes for Focused Learning – We keep our puppy classes small. Not only does this minimize the potential for chaos, but it also allows trainers to monitor progress for each animal and provide individual attention when needed.
  • Lots of Options and Activities – Within our proven puppy training system, there’s plenty of room for trying out possibilities. Depending on the class (or individual puppy), your dog may be introduced to new types of situations, including games, fun challenges, and more complex commands.
  • Combine with Daycare, or Puppy Boarding and Training – Between our puppy daycare program and the option to combine boarding with training at our puppy academy, there’s no limit to the fun your young dog can have at Greenlin! Give them the opportunity to enjoy extra playtime, socialization, and exercise at our indoor/outdoor puppy daycare. Or give them a stay they’ll never forget as they enjoy a highly structured day filled with learning and play at our puppy academy.

Our Canine Students Are in Good Hands

Safety is job #1 at Greenlin Pet Resorts, especially regarding our youngest guests. We provide them with a safe and secure experience in multiple ways.

  • Free Evaluations for Class Placement – Before you bring your puppy in for classes, you can enjoy a free preliminary evaluation appointment where we get to know you and your dog. This visit introduces them to all the fun possible activities at Greenlin. It also allows us to see what program would best-fit their needs and what group classes they would enjoy the most based on their size, age, and current progress.
  • Constant Monitoring and Supervision – Whether learning in class or enjoying a stay in our daycare, your puppy is always under the watchful eye of Greenlin’s trained staff. Every team member is trained in supervising safe play, and all of our certified trainers know the best activities for fun, engaging learning. Pro Pet Hero
  • Staff Trained in First-Aid and CPR – In the event of an emergency, every trainer and every member of the daycare and boarding staff know how to act. Each has been trained in both First-Aid and CPR techniques for small animals, enabling them to stabilize the guest before seeking the most appropriate medical treatment.
  • Facilities Cleaned and Sanitized Daily – All of our common areas, daycare facilities, and training facilities are cleaned daily using pet-safe products.
  • Indoor Play Gyms Mean Learning Even on Rainy Days – Our Hershey location boasts a 10,000 square foot indoor play gym and other activity rooms, with purified air and climate controls. That means lesson plans can continue, rain or shine!
  • A Reputation for Excellence – We’ve been voted “Simply the Best” by Harrisburg Magazine for a decade and counting! We also have a positive reputation among local vets and other animal care professionals in the area.

Keep Coming Back for More Lessons!

Puppy training classes typically consist of a six-class lesson plan. However, there’s no limit to the amount of learning your puppy can enjoy! We can provide one-on-one follow-ups or individual classes at any age, allowing your puppy to grow into a star pupil into adulthood. 

Reinforce behaviors and training, or address new situations as they emerge to ensure that you and your dog can enjoy a positive, mutually loving relationship from puppyhood into old age.

Enroll in Puppy Pre-School for a Howling Good Time

Your puppy will love making new friends and learning new lessons with our engaged and experienced staff. We go above and beyond to provide everything a puppy needs to feel confident and be prepared for nearly anything life throws their way.

The best learning starts early, so act today! Schedule your FREE evaluation to find out what classes your puppy could enjoy when you call (717) 844-6569, contact us online, or visit us at our Hershey location at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA.