Hershey Dog Training

Dog training is an important part of pet ownership, but it's not always easy to do on your own. Greenlin's Hershey location can provide you with personalized support and a fresh start courtesy of certified trainers.

Dog Obedience Training Tailored to Your Unique Pet

dogs showing of their learned sitting skills at greenlin hershey dog training

Every dog has unique needs, and every owner has their own personal goals. That's why Greenlin Pet Resort dog training programs avoid trying to make one-size-fit-all. Our certified trainers are well-versed in multiple dog behavior training techniques, enabling us to tailor our approach to best fit your objectives. Not only that, but it also ensures that your dog has fun during the process!

We have classes and one-on-one training available for multiple aims. Whether that's obedience training, behavior modification, socialization, or mastery of specific commands, we want to help you and your dog reach new heights of enjoying life.

Schedule your free training evaluation with our Hershey dog training school today to learn how your journey towards a happier home starts together. Call (717) 844-6569, contact us online, or visit our location at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown PA, for more information.

We Believe in Paw-sitive Approaches

At Greenlin, we make training not only effective but also a good experience for owner and pet alike. Every dog has their own innate set of goals, interests, and talents. We seek to reach to the root of undesired behaviors while also finding the motivators that bring out the best in your pup.

Our personalized training programs all hold three main objectives:

  • Introducing your dog to cues and verbal commands in an approachable way
  • Working with owners so that they can continue to maintain and improve upon training progress
  • Providing households with ongoing support and training resources to help lessons become lifelong learning for both animal and owners

Free Evaluation For Dog Training School!

taking a break outside at greenlin hershey dog training

A critical part of our dog training process is to start with a thorough evaluation and owner interview. You get to tell our trainers your current status quo, what you hope to accomplish, and any unique factors that help us get to know your pet.

To get you started, we offer a free training evaluation. You'll meet one-on-one with a Greenlin Pet Resorts certified dog trainer to tell us your goals and get answers to your questions. Tour our facility, and get to know everything we have available to help your pup on their journey. Flexible hours are available to suit your busy schedule.

Enroll to Improve Your Relationship With Your Pet

Dog training classes at Greenlin Pet Resorts are the opposite of a "quick fix." Instead, we provide a curriculum that sees your beloved pet go from freshman to first-class family member over the course of several classes taught each week.

We encourage owners to enroll their animals in a multi-day package. Having back-to-back training courses allows us to fully evaluate the animal, diagnose the underlying cause of problem behaviors, understand prime motivators, and then tap into these motivators to bring out the best in each dog. We also seek to build a core of commands and baseline behaviors that act as a foundation for further learning.

The multi-day approach ensures that every animal is not just introduced to the basics of behavior and obedience commands — they begin to master it! Our trainers then build a program around maintaining progress within the home environment. Follow-up lessons can then re-instill training and also apply it to new situations or concerns that emerge.

Learn How to Reinforce Lessons Learned at Home

Training is something the entire family can participate in! At the end of each initial round of courses, we encourage owners and everyone in the household to come in for a very important demonstrations. During these sessions, we demonstrate the learning developed between trainer and dog, including any commands or behavioral reinforcement strategies.

By seeing the progress made in action — and giving everyone a chance to try it out for themselves! — everyone in the home can embrace the positive progress made and work towards improving and reinforcing it in the home.

Greenlin Pet Resorts Makes Classes Fun and Rewarding

Our training philosophy seeks a balanced approach to positively reinforcing desired behaviors while developing strategies to interrupt and redirect undesired ones.

Each canine student has a custom curriculum built around their personal needs and the goals of the owners. At the same time, many of our new students will undergo a similar process that takes them from uninitiated to understanding, enabling them to know what is expected and how to best achieve it.

A typical training process for a new dog school student may go through the following five main steps:

dog in training at greenlin hershey

  • Evaluation - Evaluations are critical for getting to know both dog and owner. Everyone is different, canine and human alike. We all have a different situation we're coming from, and we all have a different destination we want to reach. Our FREE evaluation sessions allow us to understand both: we develop a preliminary profile of your dog's current standing and an outline of the benchmarks for future success.
  • Behavior Shaping - Every dog comes with a set of instinctual and learned behaviors. Our goal is to shape these behaviors in light of their needs and their instincts using a foundation of new expectations. Dogs will learn how to focus, how to avoid distractions, how to restore focus when they get excited or tempted by something, and how to generally find their center of calmness in situations. It's here they'll be introduced to the tasty rewards and personal satisfaction that comes with good behavior!
  • Imprinting (Teaching Commands) - Imprinting involves developing more sophisticated sets of expected behaviors, often triggered on command. The lessons learned in shaping come into play as the dog learns how to combine their sense of self-driven focus with a set of fun and functional exercises. Come, sit, stay, drop it/leave it, and other commands will be taught, with reference to the dog's unique personality and the owner's personal set of goals.
  • Proofing - Proofing is the process of taking commands and behavior shaping to the next level. Essentially, desired behaviors are tested in a variety of situations and environments. The lessons learned become extended into more challenging situations, including those with distractions, common behavioral triggers, and other complicating factors. The "stay" command may be reinforced through longer durations or within the presence of tempting objects like toys, for example, while recall will be tested at further distances and in various noise levels.
  • Maintenance - Knowledge gained must be maintained! Maintenance involves not only refreshing commands but also reinforcing expectations through novel environments and situations. As dogs mature, new factors may arise, or old habits may resurface as a result of changes in routine. Maintenance training allows both dog and owner to continue to work at progress made and to build a stronger and stronger relationship over time bounded by clear expectations and rewarding desired behaviors.

Greenlin Pet Resorts Dog Training in Hershey

For dog owners concerned less about baseline obedience and more about particular behavioral issues, Greenlin Pet Resorts can serve as the perfect testing lab to discover underlying causes. Our environment makes it ideal to get to the root of common concerns like overexcitement, fearfulness, anxiety, attention-seeking behaviors, and even combativeness.

We'll seek to diagnose the root cause while uncovering the unique motivators that drive your dog. Behavior shaping can be combined with gradual exposure to triggers in a safe, controlled environment to reach new levels of confidence and calmness. The knowledge gained is then shared with owners along with tailored recommendations to improve behavior and develop a happier relationship in and out of the home.

Our goal at Greenlin Pet Resorts is to make learning fun and rewarding for everyone involved! Learn more about our packages and what training opportunities await when you call our Hershey dog school at (717) 844-6569 or contact us online.