Hershey Puppy Academy

Establish a long, loving, and respectful relationship with your new puppy by sending them to our Hershey puppy boarding and training program. They'll enjoy many rewarding activities and lessons during the day and then retire to their own private room at night.

Hershey Puppy Training Boarding School

puppy playing at the greenlin hershey puppy academy

Getting a new puppy is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Your puppy will need to learn discipline to remain safe and content. You'll need to establish boundaries while still showing love and affection.

Let Greenlin Pet Resorts reduce the overhead. When you bring your new puppy (under six months of age), they can be introduced to the basics of good behavior and obedience in a highly structured and engaging setting. Owners will also learn how to continue reinforcement and boundary establishment in the home setting. These lessons can compress months of puppy training into a single rewarding experience for dogs and owners alike.

Discover why so many young dogs love coming to Greenlin's puppy school!  Call (717) 844-6569, contact us online, or visit our location at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA, to get answers to your questions and book your puppy's stay.

A Method for the Madness of New Puppy Adoption

Owners who bring a new puppy home are excited to get in all the cuddles and playtime they can. At the same time, these first few months are a crucial impression period for puppies. You may lack the time and emotional energy needed to fully commit to a complete introduction to all the basics of behavior and obedience.

Greenlin Puppy Training School to the Rescue

Modeled after a school-like schedule and structure, we shape puppies into well-mannered family members while helping jumpstart the puppy training process for owners! 

Our goal is to relieve the stress of puppyhood from new puppy parents. We offer exceptional support and training services that take away the time-consuming burden of traditional training methods. Owners also get the chance to participate in the last few lessons, simultaneously building confidence in their ability to easily manage their pup at home and in public. 

During the puppy pupil's highly structured day, we will work on walking on leash training,  desensitization to social stimuli, familiarization with different environments, socialization with humans and puppies, basic obedience, appropriate group play, and behavior during grooming and handling.

We Roll Out the Red Carpet for Hershey Puppy Academy Guests

Puppy academy guests enjoy full room and board during a 10-day or 20-day stay. Their boarding package not only includes puppy training classes but also a host of luxurious amenities:puppy learning how to sit at the greenlin hershey location puppy academy

  • No Bunk Beds Here! Each guest enjoys having a private room with indestructible upgraded bedding. 
  • Top Notch Cuisine at Our Canteen Puppies receive meals delivered on schedule with their favorite at-home diet (or a premium in-house option at a small additional cost).
  • Health and Happiness Checks Every Day Our boarding staff takes the time to examine every guest as part of our five-point daily wellness checks.
  • Highly Stimulating Learning Environments Puppy Academy pupils get the most out of each day. Their schedules include learning, fun, socialization, and positive reinforcement.
  • Meet Fellow Puppy Friends Campers get the chance to intermingle in groups selected for similar size, age, and temperament. There are opportunities for games and group play galore. It's the whole camp experience, minus the singing (although that can be arranged!).

Puppy Training Classes in Hershey to Meet Your Dog Where They Are

We evaluate each puppy based on their disposition and current learning level to create a unique curriculum customized to them.

Every guest receives the foundations of all behavioral and obedience areas, each in their own way. We take extra time in baseline behaviors and proofing as needed, and puppies can enjoy mastering their favorite commands.

We Cover All the Crucial First Steps

Research shows that puppies who receive obedience training respond better throughout their lives. They also experience less fear and anxiety around strangers or unfamiliar situations.

Greenlin understands the critical time window available during a puppy's first six months, so our puppy academy training program pulls out all the stops to lay a solid foundation for a fulfilling relationship, step by step.

  • Evaluation - Every training journey for every dog — no matter what age — starts with a thorough evaluation of where they're at right now. We observe them in various situations to determine what training can best fit the owner's goals and the general standard of a remarkable, well-behaved dog.
  • Behavior Shaping - The basis of an enduring positive relationship between humans and canines doesn't start with commands. It starts with an understanding of expectations. Teaching puppies baseline expectations like "remain calm and attentive" and "don't jump up on people" happens during the process trainers call behavior shaping. It involves rewarding specific behaviors and redirecting the puppy towards those behaviors in various situations.
  • Imprinting (Teaching Commands) - Imprinting involves reinforcing behaviors made on command. Dogs are highly motivated to imprint new behaviors based on the rewards of tasty snacks, praise, and adoration. Greenlin will introduce your puppy to basic commands like "sit, stay, come (recall), leave it," and others. These introductory lessons serve as a primer for further advancement and training.
  • Proofing - One can think of "proofing" as bug testing or quality assurance. Puppies may pick up on expected behaviors and respond to commands in ideal conditions, but proofing ensures that they understand their training applies everywhere. Proofing involves reinforcing commands and strengthening responses through various situations, including environments with noises, long distances, other animals, other humans, tasty temptations, or other distraction factors.
  • Maintenance - Maintenance is the continual learning process that happens with each passing day. Greenlin gives owners the knowledge to continue teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors in the home and out in the world. Maintenance also guides new challenges or unexpected situations.
  • Owners Get in on the Fun! - The last step before you take your puppy home from their exciting journey into a well-behaved housemate is to get everyone in the household involved. They'll receive a demonstration of what the puppy learned and instructions on how to best raise the puppy to be healthy, happy, responsive, and respectful of other house members.

A Safe Learning Environment

Puppies are always treated like family and honored guests during their training school stay.

playing outside at the greenlin hershey puppy academy

  • Highly Vetted Staff All boarding staff is screened and selected for outstanding potential as animal caregivers. Trainers receive multiple checks for experience, credentials, capabilities, and ability to adhere to Greenlin's high standards.
  • First-Aid & CPR Trained In the unlikely event of an emergency, all Greenlin animal staff are prepared with training for CPR and small animal First-Aid.
  • Sanitary Facilities Every guest room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between stays and has bedding laundered daily. Common areas in Greenlin are cleaned daily using pet-safe products and best practices for sanitation.
  • Climate Controlled Indoors Boarding facilities and our indoor dog play gym are treated to fresh air filtered using a state-of-the-art purification system. Temperatures are comfortable year-round, so play and training can continue in all seasons and all types of weather.
  • Daily Wellness Checks Every guest is routinely checked daily for tail-to-snoot health and overall enjoyment of their stay.

We Can't Wait to Meet Our New Hershey Puppy Training School Students!

Enrollment is happening year-round, and there's no need to register for classes. Simply contact us to discuss our program and learn what could be in store for your new furry family member. We provide free tours and can let you observe puppy training classes going on that day.

Get excited for the day you bring home a better-behaved and well-adjusted pup ready to make a new life with his new family! Reach out to Greenlin to learn about our programs or book your puppy's boarding school adventure when you call (717) 844-6569 or contact us online.