Hershey Cat Boarding

We welcome cats with open arms at our Hershey cat boarding facility, located conveniently off Hershey Rd. just minutes from Hershey Park.

Cool Cats Love Sleeping Over at Greenlin

comfortable cat boarding at greenlin hershey

Your cat deserves to be treated like royalty, and the royal treatment is exactly what they’ll get at Greenlin’s Hershey cat boarding lodge. Every guest enjoys their own private kitty condo, with multiple compartments and lots of room for play and exercise. Cat naps are a dream, too, with natural sunlight and a purrfectly comfortable climate-controlled environment. Every guest is provided with fresh water, daily fresh-scooped litter, and meals on their preferred feeding schedule. Social cats can enjoy the play lounge and snuggle with staff. Book your household a stay for your household prince or princess when you fill out our contact form, call (717) 844-6569 or come visit our location at 7945 Red Top Rd., Hummelstown PA.


Conveniently Located Near Hershey Park and I-83

If you live in Hershey, Hummelstown, Skyline View, Colonial Park, Rutherford, or anywhere else nearby, Greenlin’s Hershey facility is just minutes away! We are located on Red Top Road, just off Hershey Road. Hershey Park and the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum are just a few miles down the road. We also provide convenient access to our facility from I-83, Highway 322, Highway 22, and I-81.

We Board Cats! Give Your Kitty the Five-Star Treatment

Boarding cats is as much of an art as it is a service. Most feline guests have high expectations, and they often have trouble coming out of their shells. Rest assured that the friendly folks at Greenlin are here to cater to your cat’s needs and to ensure that we pull out all the stops during their stay. boarded cat playing at greenlin hershey

  • Guest-Centered Care. Have a shy kitty? A real snuggler? Someone who likes to have a chat? An avid TV watcher? We provide you with a questionnaire and evaluate each guest to really get to know them. We then seek to accommodate their specific needs so that everyone can be happy, comfortable, and purring away their entire stay.
  • Stay in the Suites. Each kitty is provided with their own condo space, complete with multiple compartments and an area specifically for their litterbox. Each unit boasts plenty of space to move around, explore ledges, play with toys, stretch out, and take grade A cat naps while bathed in natural sunlight.
  • Meals and Fresh Water On-Demand. Your cat can enjoy their preferred feeding schedule, whether that means timed, portioned meals, or all-you-can-eat free feeding. Bring their own diet for maximum comfort during their stay, or opt for our in-house premium cat food option for no additional charge.
  • Afternoons and Cat Naps in the Lounge. Each cat can be given solo time in the cat play area/lounge, which is purrfect for fun and relaxation. Guests that enjoy the company of staff will enjoy affection filled sessions, toy time, and other games.

No Claws for Concern: The Safest Place for Your Pet to Stay

Many cat owners opt to leave their animal at home, often unsupervised. Know that this is not a safe situation for your pet compared to having daily checks, attentive staff, and around-the-clock monitoring during cat boarding.

  • Staff Trained in CPR and First-Aid. All animal boarding staff at Greenlin are trained in emergency pet care, including CPR and First-Aid for dogs and cats. In the event of an unlikely emergency, we can respond quickly, stabilize your pet, and get them into the hands of a vet ASAP.Pro Pet Hero
  • Escape Proof Condos and Facilities. Our kitty condos have secure latches and are only opened during scheduled checks and optional activities. Facilities feature multiple levels of security, including atrium doors between facility areas, surveillance, and comprehensive staff protocols to ensure guest safety.
  • Daily Comprehensive Wellness Checks. Each guest is given a five-point wellness check to ensure they are happy, healthy, and having a good time.
  • Highly Experienced and Locally Recognized. Greenlins’ facilities throughout Central Pennsylvania have been around for over 20 years, and we have been the recipient of “Harrisburg’s Simply the Best Award” for over a decade! Pet owners and animal care experts alike recommend us for our knowledge, experience, safety record, and thorough attention to detail.
  • Daily Sanitation Practices. Each condo unit is thoroughly cleaned between guest visits and may be cleaned several times during your pet’s stay. Litter is scooped and refreshed daily. Our facilities as a whole receive daily scrub downs with pet-safe sanitizer solutions and other health best practices.
  • Medications and Other Accommodations As-needed. We can accommodate special medical or care needs of guests (added charges may apply). Staff has experience with administering oral medications. Care instructions are followed to ensure your kitty cat enjoys every moment of their stay.

We Love to Board Cats at Greenlin Hershey! happy cat boarded at greenlin hershey


Our promise is that we do everything we can to help your kitty enjoy their cat boarding stay at our five-star facility.

Come see why we are the cat’s meow and have so many guests reporting home with glowing reviews. Schedule your kitty’s next stay when you call (717) 844-6569, contact us online, or come visit our facility at 7945 Red Top Rd., Hummelstown PA.