Hershey Puppy Daycare

Let your puppy enjoy some socialization — while you enjoy some time off — by bringing them to Greenlin puppy daycares! We provide the special care and attention young dogs need to get exercise safely, make new friends, and form happy memories.

Hershey Puppy Daycare

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Your new puppy is constantly learning from the world around it. Each new experience invites growth, development, and deeper understanding. Puppies who come to Greenlin's Hershey puppy daycare can enjoy these life lessons in a fun, safe, supportive setting. We separate play groups by age, size, and temperament so that every guest can equally enjoy their time here.

With games, group activities, great staff, and lots of space to get moving, we offer the perfect way for a puppy to safely spend an afternoon. Ask about our options and rates, or book your puppy's next stay at Greenlin now! Call (717) 844-6569, connect with us online, or visit us at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA.

Located Close to Hershey, Hummelstown, Skyline View, and I-83

If you live in Hershey or nearby, we are an excellent local option for bringing your pup in to socialize and play while you get on with your busy day. Our facility is located on Red Top Road, off Hershey Road (Rt. 39), just past Red Top Storage.

You can also reach us from the eastern Harrisburg area by taking the Union Deposit Road exit from I-83 or riding Highway 322 to Hershey Park. No matter where you're coming from, we're easy to get to!

Puppy Socialization and New Friends Galore Are in Store!

There are many benefits to bringing your puppy to Greenlin. We have experienced staff and lots of new playmates for them to meet!

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  • Build Important Experiences at an Early Age. For dogs, it's never too late to learn. But the experiences they gather in the first 3-6 months of their life have a formative effect on their personality, especially when it comes to their comfort in unfamiliar situations. "By recognizing the critical time frame in which canine socialization develops, you can help to ensure a healthy social attachment to people and other animals, including other dogs," write professional veterinarians Debra Horwitz and Gary Landsberg.
  • Get Tons of Exercise. Whether enjoying the 10,000 sq ft indoor play gym or one of the outdoor play yards in our 4-acre double-fenced compound, your young pup can enjoy all the space they need to romp, roam, and get their energy out.
  • Discover New Activities and Interests. Puppies have distinct personalities that develop in response to their environment, as well as their unique preferences. At Greenlin puppy daycare, they'll have infinite opportunities to encounter new experiences, try different forms of play, and learn fun games from their peers.
  • Give Your Puppy a Safe Space to Spend the Afternoon. Puppies have boundless energy and curiosity. That can sometimes spell trouble when left to their own devices during the day. They could even get into dangerous situations. At Greenlin, they'll be supervised by trained, experienced staff and surrounded by an environment purpose-built for puppies.
  • Get a Well-Deserved Break. Puppies are a lot of work! While you love every moment you spend with them, you also have errands to run and plans to enjoy. Get shopping done, visit Hershey Park with the family, or just enjoy an afternoon to yourself.
  • Banish Boredom. Puppies get bored more easily than mature dogs and crave near-constant stimulation. It's impossible to be bored at Greenlin's Hershey dog daycare! With so many friends around, so many toys to enjoy, and lots of activities available, your puppy will be guaranteed to have a ball — and go home well-rested.

Health and Safety Are Priority One at Greenlin

Greenlin has a reputation for safe practices and comprehensive procedures to ensure the well-being of our guests. These protocols apply doubly to special guests, including young puppies and senior dogs. You can rest assured that your puppy will be in safe hands during their visit.

  • Comprehensive Evaluations and Play Group Separation. One of the most common causes of issues at dog parks and other places is the mixture of dogs of all sizes, ages, and demeanors. At Greenlin, we group animals into like-minded, similarly sized cohorts so they can enjoy themselves to the maximum possible extent.Pro Pet Hero
  • All Staff Are CPR and First-Aid Trained. Every single puppy daycare staff member at Greenlin is ready and able to intervene in the event of a medical emergency. They receive CPR training and learn vital First-Aid response techniques so that life-saving care can be administered quickly.
  • Toys and Activities Extensively Evaluated. Our Hershey location is our newest facility, but we've been in the business for over 15 years! We carefully pilot new toys, equipment, and activities before introducing them to daycare groups. Day-to-day experiences also tell us which entertainment options are most popular and least likely to compromise the safety of our guests.
  • Environments for All Weather. We're ready for play on any day, no matter what weather comes our way! Our expansive grassy fields and artificial turf paddocks provide options for outdoor fun and games. On days when it's hot, raining, or snowy, dogs can still enjoy themselves in our 10,000 sq ft climate-controlled indoor play gym.
  • Close Supervision and Small Staff-to-Dog Ratios. Greenlin staff is responsible for groups of manageable sizes, and they know precisely what signs to watch out for to avoid unpleasantness.
  • Daily Sanitization Practices. Not only are our facilities continually fed fresh air via state-of-the-art filtration systems, but they are also cleaned daily by our staff using only pet-safe products. We ensure that all public areas, dog equipment, and toys are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Bring Home an Aquadog After a Dip in Our Puppy Pool

Introduce your puppy to swimming in a safe, supervised environment courtesy of our indoor, in-ground swimming pool designed especially for dogs. With different depths for dogs of a range of sizes, puppies can get their paws wet or enjoy a few laps.

We'll be happy to teach them if they've never been swimming! Swimming lessons are available as part of their puppy daycare stay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hershey Puppy Daycare

Here are some of the most common questions we get from our guests before they bring their puppies to our daycare.

playtime at greenlin hershey puppy daycare

What Age Can I Start Bringing in My Dog?

Once puppies receive their initial immunizations, they can join our play groups. That includes their DA2P shot, which they'll typically receive at the 6-8 week mark. If your puppy is not well socialized or you are hesitant to enter them into daycare, we have puppy training services available to help them acclimate. Your puppy must have their rabies vaccination by 16 weeks of age in order to attend.

What Vaccines Are Required to Attend?

All dog guests must be immunized against distemper, rabies, and Bordetella. Puppies must have rabies vaccination by 16 weeks of age in order to attend.

Do I Need Vet Approval to Bring My Puppy to Daycare?

We do not require vet consent for your puppy to come to our facility, but we require that your puppy has gone to a veterinary practice in the region that can verify their immunization records and offer care if needed.

How Do I Prevent Unpleasant Experiences at Daycamp?

Socialization is a learning process, and puppyhood is the best time to get started. If your puppy is fearful or overexcited in the presence of people or other dogs, bringing them to puppy training and then having them attend dog daycare is an excellent opportunity to cultivate positive new habits that could last a lifetime.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your puppy's needs. Rest assured, we have an excellent track record and a positive reputation with local vet practices.

Bring Your Precious Pooch to Puppy Daycare in Hershey!

Greenlin is excited to meet new guests, especially cute, cuddly puppies. We have a bevy of returning guests ready to show them the ropes and new enrollees always looking for new friends.

Give your puppy the positive experiences they need to develop into a confident, considerate dog. Drop them off at Greenlin, or enroll them in our puppy academy to combine training with boarding or daycare stays for the ultimate action-packed activity package!

Get answers to your questions, and start the process of booking your puppy's next stay when you call (717) 844-6569, connect with us online, or visit us at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA.