Hershey Dog Bathing & Spa

Get your dog squeaky clean, and have them come home healthier, happier, and more handsome than ever. Greenlin's dog bathing services are always gentle and suited to accommodate each guest's comfort level. Combine with boarding or day camp for a full spa experience!

Hershey Dog Retreat and Spa

dog having a bath at greenlin hersheyWho could turn down a relaxing bath, brushout, and nail trim after a full day spent among friends? That's just one of the many services we offer at Greenlin's Hershey pet resort location. We can give your dog a bath, a premium wash, a nail trim, a brushout, deshedding, or any combo of the above. These services can be added to your posh pet's daycamp or boarding stay, as well as in combination with training.

Come see why all the pups love our dog bathing station in Hershey! Call (717) 844-6569, connect with us online, or come visit us at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA.

Easy to Reach From Hershey Park, Hummelstown, Skyline View, and I-83

Locals can take advantage of our convenient location for dog baths, dog daycare, boarding, and training in any combination. Simply take Hershey Road (Route 39) towards Hanoverdale.

Those traveling north from Hersheypark Road can take a left onto Red Top Road, about a 0.5 mile from the GIANT food store. Visitors from Skyline View will take a right onto Red Top after passing through Hanoverdale. Greenlin Pet Resorts is then on the left, just past Red Top Storage. Look for the blue barn building!

We can also be reached conveniently from east Harrisburg and I-83. Take Exit 41 off I-83 and head east down Union Deposit Road. Turn left onto Nyes, then right onto Red Top Road. You will pass the Deer Valley Golf Course on the right before arriving at Greenlin about a mile later.

Services Available at Our Premium "Paw Spa" in Hershey

We offer a multitude of dog bathing options to freshen up your precious pup. Services are available to dogs of all ages and sizes, and we can make it as relaxing as possible for them. Customize your visit between our various bathing packages and professional a-la-carte offerings.

Our salon menu includes:

  • Premium or basic bath
  • Nail trim
  • Brush-out
  • De-shed treatments

Remember to Wash Your Hounds! Why Dog Baths Are Important

Getting regular baths is an essential part of hygiene for hounds (and all other breeds). While many dog coats are thought of as self-managing, the truth is that they trap dirt, oils, and grime, in addition to odors over time. They also all need a thorough brushing regularly, which Greenlin is more than happy to do!

dog bathing at greenlin hershey

The American Kennel Club and other experts recommend dog bathing every 4-6 weeks.

  • Remove Excess Dirt and Oils. The buildup of oils, dirt and other materials interferes with your dog's natural insulation, meaning they may have more trouble staying warm or cool in seasonal weather. Allowing these substances to cling to their skin can also lead to inflammation, itching, and even infection after long periods of neglect.
  • Restore Fur Functioning. Some dogs need a base layer of oils for their fur to work properly, such as layers with double coats like Siberian huskies, labradors, and other water dogs. But even these breeds will need a bath every so often to remove dirt and give the body a chance to restore oils evenly across the hair surface. Excess buildup can lead to mats or, in extreme cases, clogged pores and other skin issues.
  • Eliminate Odors. No one likes a smelly dog! Yet, over time dirt and natural oils will combine to create a rather, shall we say, earthy odor that can diffuse in your home and car. Strong smells can also indicate skin, coat, or health issues, so giving them a bath and thorough brush-down is step one in addressing hygiene.
  • Get Rid of Hair Mats. Hair matting can be painful and tends to get worse once it starts. Also, severe mats can trigger skin conditions and ruin the dog's ability to insulate naturally. Our experienced professionals will remove existing mats and keep fur silky smooth to prevent future matting.
  • Reduce Shedding. Most dogs have multiple layers of fur; the coat you like to pet is just the tip of the furry iceberg. Professional brushing tools are designed to reach your dog’s undercoat and loosen hair from these innermost layers, leaving the coat more comfortable and with less hair to shed.
  • Tend to Nail & Paw Health. Canine nails grow nonstop and need regular trimming to prevent them from getting too long. Excessively long nails can cause discomfort and interfere with your dog’s natural posture and paw health.
  • Monitor Their Health. A routine part of a professional bath is thoroughly screening the coat, skin, and paws. Our staff is trained to look for any signs or abnormalities that might suggest a more serious health concern.

Combine Hershey Dog Bathing With Daycare, Boarding, or Training

What better way for your pup to spend their day than enjoying activities before a nice, refreshing scrub and brush? Greenlin provides you with the unique opportunity to drop off your pup for Hershey dog daycare and pick them up later, not only well-exercised but also looking sharp!

Dog baths can also be combined with Hershey dog boarding. We'll wash them up at any point during their stay. We encourage nail trims early on to make their kennels comfier, and we can provide them with a luxurious bath the day you come to bring them home.

There's even the opportunity to train and bathe on the same day! Ask about our combined packages to schedule your pup's perfect day spa experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions regarding our dog bathing and nail trim services.

pug getting a bath at greenlin hershey

Is Dog Grooming Available?

We cannot clip or trim your dog's fur. However, we can brush them thoroughly, including a de-shedding process designed especially for thicker and double-layered coats or a brushout to help your dog feel fluffy and fantastic.

Are Dogs Restrained or Muzzled During Bathing?

Dogs may be leashed during the spray-off period and other moments of a bath. Depending on the comfort level of your dog and their behavioral history, we may use certain other restraints at our discretion for the safety of our staff and our spa guests.

How Long Does Dog Bathing Take?

A typical bath can last anywhere from 25-50 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the services rendered, size of the dog, and the extent of the job. We may also be extensively booked on particular days, meaning our bathing facilities will have a queue. We recommend you book a time slot for your dog and drop them off at least 10 minutes before this time so that all services can be completed to our high standards and you can pick up the dog without a prolonged wait.

Have Your Dog Feeling Ruff-reshed at Greenlin's Hershey Dog Spa

Nothing's better than picking up your companion who's feeling so fresh and clean (so fresh and so clean!). Dog bathing is just one of the many valuable services we offer to simplify and improve your life with your pets.

Get answers to your questions, or book a sudsy dip for your dog when you reach out to our Greenlin Hershey location. Call (717) 844-6569, connect with us online or come visit us at 7945 Red Top Rd, Hummelstown, PA.