Middletown Puppy Boarding

Your puppy will have the time of their life, boarding with us at Greenlin Middletown. We love puppies, and we have special accommodations to keep these youngin’s safe and comfortable throughout their stay. Our responsible caregivers at Greenlin can’t wait to meet your pup!

Puppies Have A Pawtastic Time Boarding With Us! a puppy boarding guest playing outside at greenlin east

Boarding a puppy requires a different approach than boarding an adult dog. Puppies need extra care and attention from their humans. Our pet boarding lodge has top-quality resources and 5-star amenities to keep your new puppy happy and comfortable.

The experiences young dogs have can shape their confidence and behavior patterns later in life, so we know how important it is for your pup to have a good experience with us. Our loving caregivers are attentive and well-trained to recognize and fulfill a pet’s every need while they stay with us. We’ve got everything your puppy needs to feel the luxuries of home while you’re away. Just because you can’t take your pup with you while you go out of town doesn’t mean they can’t have a vacation of their own!

Interested in learning more about our cozy suites and awesome activities? Give us a call at (717) 904-3557 or stop by and check us out in person! We’re located at 600 Schoolhouse Rd. Middletown, PA 17057, conveniently off the PA-283.

Special Boarding Accommodations for Young Pups

Young dogs typically have less training and experience with the outside world than older pups, so Greenlin has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that your young puppy will be safe and cared for while you’re away.

Pet boarding is more than offering a clean room and relief breaks; your pup deserves a good experience. Boarding can help them feel more confident with kennels, humans, and other dogs in the future. Our luxurious puppy lodging facility goes above and beyond to keep guests happy.

You’ve got a lap dog who loves to hang out with you on the couch? Well, extra cuddles and a suite with television access it is! Social pup who loves making new friends? Opt-in for group play! Is your puppy untrained? Enroll them in our training program! You can customize almost every part of your puppy’s stay so they’ll never be bored, and you won’t have to worry while you’re away. We’ll even play classical music in their suite, which can have soothing and calming effects. greenlin east puppy boarding guest playing indoors

  • Private Suites for All Guests We guarantee your pup’s privacy with their own clean and spacious suite. Each unit is safely closed off from other dogs, and shy dogs who aren’t very social won’t have to worry about overstimulation. Every pet has their own unit (unless they’re from the same family and their owner opts for a shared room).
  • Comprehensive Wellness Checks We conduct a daily 5-point wellness check to determine the welfare of your pup while you’re gone. This thorough check assures their comfort and overall health, and it is always conducted by a well-trained staff member.
  • Our Feeding Schedule Is Your Feeding Schedule We recommend all pet parents bring their dog’s usual meals from home with portion and serving instructions, and we’ll ensure that they’re fed on your desired schedule. Don’t forget the treats! We also offer an in-house food option at a small charge.
  • Puppy Boarding Quarters Are Constantly Supervised Puppies receive special care and are under close supervision to quickly resolve any urgent needs like potty breaks. Puppies are more frequently checked on to make sure that they’re comfortable. And don’t worry, we’ll always give you updates!
  • Extra Bathroom Breaks! Younger pups are more prone to accidents, and getting a dog fully potty trained is a process, so we pay close attention to the signs that your puppy needs a relief break and act promptly.

Nothing is More Important Than Your Pups Safety

We have detailed safety protocols and strict supervision that will grant you the peace of mind you need while away from your puppy.

  • Vet Recommended With Over 20 Years Of Experience We’ve been in business for over a decade, perfecting our caregiving skills along the way. Our stellar service has earned us Harrisburg Magazine’s decade award for “Simply the Best,” and we’re a locally trusted facility being recommended by veterinarians all over the area. Pro Pet Hero
  • All Staff Members Are Specially Trained Each member of our staff is CPR and First-Aid certified. They are well-trained for emergencies, and trusted caregivers all with their own unique backgrounds caring for pets like yours.
  • State-of-the-art Air Purification In a place with hundreds of dogs circling in and out each month, air purification is important. We’ve invested in a top-of-the-line filtration system that keeps the air quality in your pup’s living quarters in excellent standing. They’ll always breathe clean air, free of dander and other pet hair.
  • Thorough Sanitization Procedures Greenlin has strict sanitization procedures that keep your pet’s living space hygienic and safe to inhabit. After every guest, we clean the unit with pet-safe products, and every night your puppy will have freshly laundered bedding to snuggle with. Common areas are sanitized daily. Water bowls are replenished and refreshed consistently throughout every day of their paw-tastic stay!
  • Group Play Participants Undergo Behavioral Screenings Pups just wanna have fun! We love social puppies, and we have 40 acres of fenced outdoor space for them to make new friends in (and a 3,000 sqft indoor puppy playground). All dogs also undergo a behavioral screening that determines their level of social skills prior to being entered into groups, so that each group can feel safe and comfortable. We have this inspection to ensure the safety of every pet that stays with us.
  • Multi-Point Check-In Evaluation When a pet checks in, we’ll conduct an initial examination to determine their general health and temperament, and learn more about their personality. Also, before your pup comes to stay with us, we’ll have you fill out a thorough questionnaire that helps customize their visit to their personal needs.
  • Immunizations Help Keep Our Facility Safe All guests are required to be up to date on their distemper, Bordetella, and rabies vaccines as a safety precaution for all guests. Puppies under 16 weeks may be exempt from their rabies vaccine requirement after a successful risk assessment is conducted and no risk is found.
  • We Welcome All Pups! Special Needs Can Be Accommodated Every puppy deserves a comfortable stay! We happily welcome puppies with medication or other necessary accommodations. All special needs must be relayed early, so we can make sure we are equipped to care for your pup.

Discounted Play Packages And Other Fun Add-Ons Available!

At Greenlin, there’s more than just boarding for puppies. We have everything you need to customize their best (and possibly first!) vacation. We want their experience to be amazing, so you have access to 5-star amenities and special discount packages that will make this trip unforgettable for them.

  • Make Friends With Group Play Activities Your dog will have lots of fun with activities like long walks, fetch, toys, and group play! All group play sessions are supervised, and dogs are grouped by age, size, and temperament. Puppies with social experience from a young age typically grow with more social confidence than pups that don’t, and if your pup is untrained, we have something just for you!
  • Training Academy When you come home, your puppy could have mastered tricks, learned essential commands, and built social skills from our training academy. We’re more than a pet boarding service at Greenlin; we want to enrich your pup’s life with classes that will help them build positive behavioral habits. outside playtime for a greenlin east puppy boarding guest
  • Take a Dip in The Outdoor Pool Is it really a vacation without a pool party? Our lodge offers an in-ground pool specially designed for aquatic pups. All pool time is supervised, and untrained pups that are excited to get heir paws wet are more than welcome to sign up for swimming lessons with one of our certified instructors!
  • Room Service! You can request room service for your pup, and we’ll serve oven-baked treats right to your dogs suite on-demand. Our treats have nothing but natural ingredients and are baked fresh daily so they’re sure to get two paws up!
  • Full-Service Spa Does your pup love being pampered? Add the spa package to their stay. We have a full-service bathing service in-house that will have your pup looking impressively cute when you return.
  • Snuggle Up For A Bedtime Story There’s nothing better than snuggling with a puppy at the end of a long day. They miss cuddle time with you just as much as you miss them! Our loving caregivers can tuck in, cuddle, and read to your puppy every night to help them doze off into sweet dreams.

Planning A Trip? Choose Greenlin Puppy Boarding In Middletown, PA

Leaving town without your furry friends can be really stressful, but Greenlin can take some of that stress off your hands with our luxurious amenities that keep pets happy and comfortable while you spend some time away from home. Pets deserve vacations too, and with our customizable packages and extensive features available for your puppy’s comfort, they can have the best vacation ever!

Call us at (717) 904-3557 to check availability or stop by and check us out in person! We’re located at 600 Schoolhouse Rd. Middletown, PA 17057, conveniently off the PA-283.