Middletown Puppy Academy

Dogs are everyone’s best friend, and our lives improve with each one we adopt into our family. Training is a crucial part of a young dog’s life to integrate them into society with manners. Start your puppy’s life off right with boarding and training in one. Help them build the skills they need to be stand-up canines of society!

Our Methodology Shapes Confident and Respectful Pups

It’s important to start your relationship off strong when you have a new puppy in the house. A puppy’s first few months are an essential part of forming habits and behavioral traits that stick with them throughout their whole lives. 

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Training puppies is extremely hard and stressful work. Puppy Academy combines daycare socialization with one-on-one training, giving your new canine the skills they need to confidently explore the world and approach each situation with composure. This training will strengthen your relationship and make building relationships with other humans and animals much easier. Your dog will learn how to socialize respectfully, understand boundaries, and other skills that are important for their safety and quality of life. 

We’ve put together an inclusive training program that begins teaching good behaviors, socialization skills, and obedience. Puppies are young and excited about the new world around them, so it is important to help them embrace these new experiences with the tools to process them in a healthy way. 

Call (717) 944-9848 or contact us online to learn more about our puppy training program. In the area? Check out our spacious facility for yourself! We’re located at 600 Schoolhouse Rd. Middletown, PA 17057.

Middletown Puppy Lodge & Learn School for all Young Learners

We encourage all parents of young pups to start training early because fully-trained dogs typically have more fulfilling lives with exciting experiences and privileges, so starting them off young is a real advantage! 

The Benefits of Puppy Lodge & Learn

When your puppy stays with us throughout their training program, we’ll be able to better evaluate their behaviors across various controlled environments and tailor their experiences more personally to your initial goals. The highly structured days have an effect of focusing their minds towards learning. Dogs that board with us while they train typically retain the skills they’ve learned faster and hold on to them more naturally. 

Your pup will have the chance to make friends, new experiences, and memories at Greenlin! We have put together customizable packages, so their stay fits their real personality and normal lifestyle. 

Your Puppy Will Live in Luxury Staying at Greenlin Middletown

When dogs board with us, they receive top-quality care with 5-star amenities fit for royalty. We’ve got customizations for all puppies, from lazy lumps to hyperactive fluff balls. Everything they could possibly need is available through our trusted caregivers and boarding staff. Plus, we’ll always update you on their progress. 

  • Privacy is Our Paw-licy - Your puppy will never have a roommate staying at Greenlin’s boarding resort. We know that privacy is important, so your pup will be guaranteed a safe and private living suite for the duration of their stay. This is where they’ll snuggle up with fresh bedding every night, enjoy mealtime, and lounge around.  
  • 5-Point Wellness Checks - Every day one of our responsible caregivers will conduct a comprehensive wellness check on your pup to ensure that they are comfortable and that all of their needs are consistently satisfied. Puppies also receive additional observation for their safety and extra relief breaks for hygienic safety. 
  • Gourmet Meals the Way They Like - We will feed your dog what they like to eat and on their schedule. We know that your dog’s eating habits are linked to their general health and overall well-being, so we encourage all pet parents to bring a supply of their usual diet and feeding instructions. A premium in-house option is also available for a small charge.   
  • All the Comforts of Home - We want your dog to feel comfortable in their home away from home. Some of our puppy suites are set up with television access for dogs who love to lounge and relax, and we’ll provide attention-loving puppies with extra time and snuggles with a caregiver daily. Your pup can even be tucked in at night with a bedtime story and cuddles that will help them peacefully drift off into doggy dreamland.   
  • Well-Rounded Daily Schedule - A young pup needs to have a balanced schedule of fun and engaging stimulation, learning experiences, socialization, and rest. With your help, we’ll put together a schedule that compliments your dog’s normal day-to-day life but also invites them to enjoy their new experiences at boarding school. 

We Take Safety Seriously

The most important aspect of working with dogs is keeping them safe while ensuring they enjoy their time. At Greenlin, we’ve taken every possible precaution to minimize the risk of hazards and emergencies. 

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Vet-Recommended and Locally Trusted Facility

Over the last 15 years, we have built a reputation for being one of Harrisburg’s leading pet care facilities. From winning awards in local magazines to working closely with local veterinarians as a trusted reference for boarding and training, we set high standards for pet care businesses in PA! 

Top-Quality Instructors are Trained In-House

We only hire the best, brightest, and most loving animal caregivers that have a passion for enhancing a pet’s quality of life. All of our staff have different backgrounds in pet care and have different reasons for being so passionate about the business, but what we all share is a love for four-legged furry creatures! Our staff is trained in-house and expected to complete multiple certifications and safety programs, including First-Aid/Canine CPR certification.  

Strict Sanitization Standards

We go above and beyond to ensure the cleanliness of our facility. Our sanitization procedures run like clockwork, with consistent sanitization of common areas, a daily scrub down of all toys and equipment, and a strict suite cleaning process. Everything that pups and humans come into contact with is disinfected regularly. 

Top-of-the-line Air Purification and Climate Control Systems

We have installed an air purification system that filters out pet hair and dander to ensure that our guests and staff are always breathing clean air. Also, our climate control system creates a comfortable environment through all weather conditions, so unpleasant temperatures never affect our guests.   

Behavioral Evaluations for All Guests

All of our guests are separated for group play by size, age, and temperament level. Before a dog ever trains with us, we will conduct a thorough behavioral evaluation to assess their social skills and determine if it is safe for them to interact with other guests or if some behavioral modification training is in order first. 

What to Expect Out of Puppy Training Classes

There are many benefits to professional training, but what can you expect us to do for your pup that creates the benefits you see at home? 

  • We’ll observe their current behaviors and set expectations and boundaries to help them learn proper behavior and responses 
  • We will help your dog recognize their good behaviors by rewarding them
  • We can develop verbal cue response skills in an engaging and motivational environment 
  • We’ll offer you tools and feedback to continue maintenance training at home which will help their lessons stick as they grow and mature 
  • We will also involve the whole family in the training experience to maximize support and maintenance training at home

The 5-Step Method Helps Training Stick 

A peer-revied study conducted by researchers at Plos One Journalism found that puppies with less socialization experience were more likely to develop anxious behaviors that create confidence problems later in life. Our training method can help your dog retain stimuli processing skills more efficiently, and our boarding option gives puppies more chance to socialize in controlled environments.   

puppies playing outside at the greenlin east puppy academy

  • Evaluation - The first step of this training method is to evaluate the puppy’s current skill level and general personality. We will look at their response and attitude through various situations and put together a training plan from that data. 
  • Behavior Shaping - Before we introduce any commands, it is important that your dog understands the baseline of behavioral expectations. We start by introducing concepts that help commands stick, such as staying calm while in the presence of something distracting, like a toy or other dogs. This phase is where they’ll learn to find a state of calm and how to focus their attention on their caregiver even with so many exciting things around. 
  • Imprinting (Teaching Commands) - This phase enforces the good behaviors that we shaped in the previous training stage, along with specific actions prompted through cues and verbal commands. Puppies will start with basic commands like sit, stay, and leave it, but can then advance to more customizable commands or even tricks. Rewards like treats, praise, and adoration are important in making this stage successful. 
  • Proofing - After we determine that your dog has a general understanding of the introduced command, we can test it. During the proofing stage, we add more complicating factors — such as distance, temptations, or distractions — to see if the pup has fully grasped the command.
  • Maintenance - It is important to continue the learning process well past the initial training. As a dog grows and matures, they may lose some of the discipline that they’ve built and need a refresher or to build new cues off of the commands they’ve already learned. Maintenance techniques are critically important for owners, and they can enable learning to continue as the animal matures and encounters new situations.

Puppy Training is for the Whole Family

After your dog completes a training course, we will invite the whole family down to witness all the progress that they’ve made throughout their time in the puppy academy. It is important for the household to join in on this group class to take home some valuable resources for maintenance training. This is also a great tie to praise your dog for all of the hard work that they’ve put into learning these skills.   

Greenlin’s Puppy Academy in Middletown, PA Brings Out the Best in Your New Pup!

The world is an exciting new place for your young puppy, and you can give them the skills they need to face the world confidently and with good behavior through training programs like our puppy academy. By boarding and training, we have more of an opportunity to maximize learning potential and ensure that the lessons they’ve learned carry into their everyday lives. 

Call (717) 944-9848 or contact us online to learn more about our puppy academy program and schedule your puppy’s next learning adventure.