Middletown Dog Training

Comprehensive training is essential in keeping your dog safe and growing their confidence to explore the outside world. Some dogs naturally take to training, and others require additional attention to excel. Greenlin’s personalized approach to training allows dogs to learn in ways that make the most sense to them. 

Greenlin’s Gold-Star Dog Obedience Training in Middletown

We structure our training style around you and your four-legged friend. All owners have different objectives when seeking out training for their furry family. We’ll take the time to understand your goals, your dog’s current skill level, and their learning style to give you and your pup the best training experience possible. We have comprehensive training methods, a loving staff of certified trainers, and a spacious environment to keep your dog stimulated. 

dog training at greenlin east location

Our goals are simple. At Greenlin’s dog training school, our mission is to:

  • Teach your dog verbal commands in a positive way
  • Help you and your family maintain & improve your dog’s training at home
  • Provide additional training resources and ongoing support to make sure that training is retained permanently

We offer one-on-one and group training sessions that focus on a wide range of behavioral targets like socialization, obedience, behavior modification, or even mastery of specific commands. 

Call (717) 944-9848 or contact us online to learn more about our dog training program or schedule your free consultation. Have questions about our facility? Schedule an appointment to stop by and check it out for yourself! We’re located at 600 Schoolhouse Rd. Middletown, PA 17057, on the East Shore conveniently off Route 283 at the Toll House Road exit.  

Our Certified Trainers Can Make All the Difference 

All dog training staff undergo thorough pre-requisite educational programs and receive multiple training and safety certifications before they work with our guests. For an added safety precaution that keeps your dog safe, all instructors are canine First-Aid and CPR certified as well.  

Customizable Dog Training With a Positive Approach

There is not one correct approach when it comes to training dogs, as every pup has a different style of retaining information and building trust with its instructor. Dogs are all unique, and we want to work with you and your dog to personalize our training style in order to create a positive environment for your dog to learn. Our certified trainers are knowledgeable in multiple training techniques that they combine and customize to help your dog learn faster and more efficiently. 

training a dog to sit at the greenlin east location

Balance Training Technique

We are looking to engrain what your dog has learned into their daily behavior, so our training methods revolve around addressing the root of anxious, hyperactive, or problem behavior during early sessions. We want to understand why your dog is looking for fulfillment through these behaviors and give them the skills to communicate their needs or process their surroundings in a healthier way. 

There are three main ways that our instructors will initially address problem behavior; relationship building, interruption, redirection, correction and counter conditioning to begin changing how they feel about the object of their aggression or fear. These are some of the most direct techniques that face the problem head-on and create long-lasting solutions. These methods paired with our five-step training process create a strong foundation for life-long skills. 

1. Evaluation

Before your dog starts their training journey with Greenlin’s Middletown dog school location, you and your pup will meet with one of our certified trainers. They'll conduct a preliminary evaluation to assess the animal's current skill level while helping get to know more about their unique personality. You can share your goals with the instructor, who will then draft a plan of action for training.

2. Behavior Shaping

The world is an exciting place for dogs. A constant array of new sights, smells, and stimuli, makes it hard to maintain consistent focus and receptiveness to cues and commands. This is why we take the time to adjust your dog’s willingness to respond through behavior shaping. Your dog will learn to focus, avoid distractions, and redirect their attention back to you in this stage of the program. We’ll give your dog tools to help find a center of calmness, making these milestones possible.  

3. Imprinting (Teaching Commands)

Imprinting is the process of developing expected behaviors into your dog’s natural rhythm, typically with a verbal command. Your dog will learn sit, stay, drop/leave it, among other commands that bring us closer to your original goals. Your dog can learn fun tricks through verbal commands, too! A dog trainer at Greenlin is equipped to fulfill specialty command training and certain goals like complex tricks.  

4. Proofing

Now that your dog has a general understanding of the commands we’ve introduced, they’ll be expected to endure more complicating factors, such as obeying a "stay" command for longer periods of time with increased distractions. The proofing stage of training essentially acts as a final exam that proves their readiness to execute all they’ve learned in everyday situations with you. 

5. Maintenance 

As your dog grows and gains more experience processing the world around them, maintenance training can refresh commands and strengthen training even through new factors. All maintenance can’t be done in a training facility, though. Dog parents are encouraged to keep their standard of expectations clear and to never compromise on taught skills.  

Family Members Can Participate!

When your dog finishes a training course, your whole family is invited to partake in a crucial group class that will give you resources to maintain what they’ve been taught at home. We’ll demonstrate what they’ve learned and allow you the chance to try the commands out for yourself. These group sessions display the progress that your pup has made with dog behavior training and help you learn how to effectively communicate and direct your furry friend in real-life situations. 

Your Training Evaluation is Free!

dog training session at greenlin east

Your dog’s training evaluation appointment with us is completely free. This orientation allows us to get to know your pup better and understand what goals your family has set for them. We’ll tour the facility, answer any pressing questions, and review a training plan that fits your desired outcome. 

Our evaluation appointment is essential for tailoring a customized training approach to your family’s needs. We’ll evaluate your dog’s current behavior and make assessments about their personality type and learning style to give our instructors a clearer picture of the best way to approach training for success. 

Dog Training Packages

We know that the same training schedule won’t work for every family, so we have multiple options that appease different schedules and lifestyles. 

Dog training classes are not only a financial investment, but an investment of time as well. It’s hard to have your pup away from home, but the improvement you see along the way should hold you over until their training is complete. 

  • Lodge & Learn This package involves a 10 or 20-day overnight stay where your dog is immersed in skill-developing training and engaging stimuli every day. There are many benefits to temporarily taking a dog out of their home to train like the ability to restructure a dog’s learning processes and get rid of bad habits. This method often leads to faster results as well. 
  • Play & Train​​ This fun package combines training sessions with our exciting day camp so your dog can learn and play at the same time. We offer multi-day packages to encourage rapid progress, and new guests have a required minimum of three sessions a week to maximize advancement. 

AKC Certification

The AKC’s reputable Canine Good Citizens program represents the gold standard for good dog behavior. This certification is important because it highlights your dog’s obedience and all the hard work that they put into training. 

In some instances, this certification can be a valuable resource that helps you reach your own personal goals. For example, a landlord may require this certification for prospective tenants with dogs, or they may simply find it easier to trust you as a tenant because you’ve taken the responsibility to have your dog trained. Sometimes you can even get discounts with this certification! 

Greenlin Dog Training in Middletown Gets Two Paws Up

 All dogs learn in different ways, which is why we have built a personalized approach that allows every dog to learn in a way that makes them feel comfortable. By giving dogs a positive environment, we can help them retain their learned skills faster and more efficiently. Vets recommend us, and our community trusts us. 

Call (717) 944-9848 or contact us online to learn more about our enriching dog training program, or come and see our facility for yourself! We’re located at 600 Schoolhouse Rd. Middletown, PA 17057 off the Toll House Road exit.