Middletown Puppy Obedience Training

You can set your young pup up for a life of confidence and respectful relationships by giving them the tools available in puppy training classes. Learn from certified instructors, make great friends and memories, plus enjoy an inclusive facility that offers dogs everything they need for a fun day.

You’re Giving Your Pup the Best When They Grow Up With Greenlin

puppy in greenlin east puppy obedience training course

Young pups are enthralled by all the new experiences they are exposed to daily. Learning the world through new smells, sounds, and feelings can come with some big reactions, and you can easily pick up bad habits along the way. 

Puppies can learn skills that greatly improve their quality of life from our certified instructors who are passionate about enriching the lives of dogs and their owners. Dogs that go through training from a young age have a chance to learn how to focus their attention, maintain composure, and redirect their energy when necessary. With these tools, they are given an advantage in reversing or evolving undesired behaviors into rewarding ones. They are also equipped to go through life more confidently and with less risk than dogs who lack basic obedience training. 

Learn more about our day-camp training program or our puppy board and train academy by calling (717) 944-9848 or contacting us online! If you’re in the area, we’d love to welcome you for a visit. Check out our state-of-the-art facility located at 600 Schoolhouse Rd. Middletown, PA 17057. 


Puppy Training Sets Young Dogs Up for Success

Some of the most important qualities that a dog can retain for a life of fulfillment are confident socialization, obedience, and positive stimuli processing behaviors. The qualified instructors at Greenlin will take the time to get to know your puppy before setting them up for a class. This way, we can get to know their personality better, understand how they learn, and determine the best ways to teach them the skills they need. 

First Year of Life is Critical for Doggy Development

puppy in his puppy obedience training class at greenlin east

Your dog experiences the most exciting, scary, and unbelievable things in their first year of life. This critical period of time is when they are the most receptive and where their brains spend most of the time developing their behavior patterns and characteristics. 

It is important during the first year of your puppy’s life that you expose them to safe and controlled social settings. When you build a dog’s socialization skills early, you set them up to respond more confidently to training settings because they are more likely to trust their handler. 

Unfortunately, The American Kennel Club (AKC) talks about how many pet parents are not socializing their dogs nearly enough and that over one-third of young puppies barely receive exposure. 

Puppies that train with us at Greenlin are given a balanced schedule of learning and socializing, so they get a fully inclusive and enriching training experience. 

Greenlin’s Goals for Puppy Obedience Training

Our training methods take a comprehensive approach that tackles different learning styles so we can serve dogs with many personality types. We’ve built a diverse and personalizable training program in order to achieve our three main goals on a wider scale. 

We pride ourselves on these three main service goals:

  • Achieve reliable responses to verbal commands.
  • Get the whole family excited and involved in the training and maintenance process.
  • Provide dog families with additional resources and skills to maintain all of the training that your puppy has completed in their everyday lives at home. 

Additionally, we are always here to provide continued support, guidance, and maintenance classes.  

We Offer American Kennel Club (AKC) Certified Training Programs

The AKC is a nationally recognized organization that promotes wellness through its own dog training programs. Greenlin offers specialty programs created by the AKC to give every dog the opportunity to learn helpful lessons and retain skills that young pups should know for a fulfilling life experience. 

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program

This program consists of six fun and enriching lessons taught in small groups by an AKC Canine Good Citizens Approved Evaluator

Available to pups one year or younger, the training program sets a standard of expectations and manners for young puppies to follow and retain throughout adulthood. 

Puppy training is a group effort, and while your young dog is learning, you will be too. Adjusting to life with a puppy comes with some additional work that owners should be prepared for, and the S.T.A.R Puppy Program can help puppy owners understand how to build a strong relationship with and give their puppy an exciting life. This AKC puppy training program has objectives for both puppies and owners, such as:  

  • To provide socialization
  • To provide basic training for skills that are the foundation for all other learning
  • To teach owners about the appropriate amount of exercise and activity for their puppy
  • To teach owners how to be responsible dog owners

What Do We Do to Help Pups Excel in Their Learning Environment? 

It is important for young dogs to feel comfortable in the environment that they train in. An uncomfortable or anxious pup won’t be able to focus on their lessons and may leave with a bad relationship with training in general. This is why we take all precautions to keep our learning environment motivating and fun for all pups to learn in. 

  • Strong Foundation From Personality Assessment – Before your dog trains with us, we’d like to get to know them a little better. We will conduct a thorough evaluation that lets us better understand your dog’s personality and learning type, along with their likes and dislikes. This way, we can create a training plan that allows your dog to learn in an environment that they’re comfortable with. 
  • Test Their Learned Skills Across Various Situations –One of our training stages is called “proofing.” This is where we take the commands we’ve taught a dog and amplify the distraction to see if they understand that commands are more important than other factors present. By putting your dog in different situations to prove their mastery of a command, we’ll see better results in the usage of the command in everyday life outside of the training session. 
  • Small Trainee-to-Trainer Ratio – It is essential that every puppy gets the attention they need during training, so to ensure that the environment maximizes learning potential, we keep class sizes small and intimate. 
  • Customizable Activities –We have exciting activities for social butterflies, energetic youngsters, and even pups that are still coming out of their shell.
  • Expand Their Learning Opportunities With Combined Boarding or Day Camp Packages – Train, play, and have a luxurious stay! Greenlin Pet Resort in Middletown is so much more than a training facility. Our other services like our boarding and day camp packages are exceptional pairings with our training program. They allow us more time with your dog to maximize skill retention. The puppy boarding and training bundle is an all-inclusive package that turns ruff manners into rewardable behaviors. 

Safety is at The Top of Our List

It is stressful to leave your pup in the hands of another caregiver, and we understand that. Our team at Greenlin has taken extensive measures to make sure that all pets are safe while they are in our care. 

puppy obedience training in progress at greenlin east

  • Consistent Supervision of Classes and Common Areas – We always have multiple staff members on hand to assist class instructors by acting as extra eyes on your dog. They’ll never be left alone during training, play time, or socialization. All outdoor play areas are also well-secured. 
  • Specially Trained Staff Every staff member is trained in-house and expected to complete multiple certifications, such as First-AId and Canine CPR. We take these added precautions to ensure the safety of all of our guests and prepare for various emergency situations. 
  • Cleanliness is an Important Priority – With dogs running around all day, things are bound to get hairy! Greenlin has a strict sanitization procedure that maintains the cleanliness of all common areas and equipment. We use pet-safe disinfecting solutions regularly on all toys and clean frequently used spaces daily. We even have an exceptional filtration system that rids the air of pet hair and dander leaving our facility with crisp, fresh air. 
  • Bad Weather Won’t Stop Your Pup’s Day of Learning – Our spacious facility has multiple acres of outdoor land and 3,000 square feet of indoor space. We are prepared with a training area for every weather condition that still allows your dog room to play freely. 
  • We Are a Locally Trusted Facility – For over a decade, we have been voted “Simply the Best” by a local publisher, the Harrisburg Magazine. We are constantly connected with our community, working with nearby vets as a trusted recommendation for boarding ad training.  

Ready to Advance into Adult Training

Puppy training is a great way to ensure that your dog is ready for advanced training by the time they reach adulthood. Your dog could be ahead, learning complex tricks and impressive commands long before their expected time!  

Greenlin’s Puppy Obedience Training in Middletown, PA Trains Pups in a Motivating Environment

We are committed to skill-building, and our facility is equipped with an expert staff and a spacious learning environment to help the puppies of our Harrisburg community grow with confidence and good manners. There’s so much for a dog to do at Greenlin! 

Call (717) 944-9848 or contact us online to learn more about our inclusive and customizable training packages.